real estate referrals: Are You a Real Estate Relationship Building Rock Star? - 08/10/16 06:57 AM
If you’re hoping for more repeat and referral business, building relationships with your real estate clients and prospects is crucial.
You likely know that you need to take time to build rapport with every client, but putting that truth into practice isn’t always so easy. REALTORS® have hectic schedules and are often juggling multiple buyers and sellers at once. They also have to constantly consider nurturing the relationships of those they’ve worked with in the past, as well as new clients and referrals.
Are you doing a good job of building meaningful relationships that lead to more repeat and referral clients? Read on … (13 comments)

real estate referrals: 4 Reasons You’re Losing Real Estate Referral Business - 02/02/16 12:29 AM
92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising (RETechnology).  And when someone is thinking of making a huge decision like buying or selling a home, you can be sure they seek advice from trusted friends and family.
Referrals are a powerful source of leads for real estate professionals.  No matter how much time, effort and money you invest in other forms of advertising, referral leads are highly sought after.  Referrals are valuable because they come to you (rather than you chasing them down), they are usually warm or hot leads, and they enter your relationship … (1 comments)

real estate referrals: 4 Foolproof Tips for Building Your Sphere of Influence - 07/15/15 04:59 AM
How much of your real estate business comes from referrals? If you’re anything like the many REALTORS® I speak with, it could be 60-80% of your business.  That’s a massive amount of your livelihood coming from one source!
While I happily sing the praises of prospecting phone calls and social media marketing, it can’t be denied that real estate is a business built on relationships, and your strongest relationships, or your Sphere of Influence (SOI), are your most reliable referral source.
Ready to increase referral business? Start by increasing your Sphere of Influence. Here are 4 foolproof ways to further build your SOI … (1 comments)

real estate referrals: Customer Service Mistakes REALTORS Make - 05/13/15 12:29 AM
On any given day, a real estate agent has a thousand tasks on the go.  Between your listing presentations, open houses, contract drafts and phone calls, it can be easy to lose focus on the kind of service you’re offering your clients.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – real estate is about relationships.  You’re assisting people with one of the biggest decisions in their life.  Clients may be anxious, overwhelmed, and full of questions.  In order to have a positive experience that results in repeat business, you need to offer the best possible customer service as their REALTOR®.
Here are … (1 comments)

real estate referrals: The 7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate Referral Marketing - 03/01/15 11:58 PM
Like most real estate agents, you likely have a busy schedule – more hectic, in fact than most other independent professionals. You have a lot of balls in the air. You’re juggling meetings, hosting open houses, fielding offers, making phone calls, and plowing through paperwork.  It’s very easy to miss something and inadvertently create roadblocks to your own success without realizing it.
Referrals are one of the most valuable assets to your real estate business. They are high-quality leads that often lead to sales. But many real estate agents are missing the mark when it comes to referral marketing. These 7 … (2 comments)

real estate referrals: Give Your Real Estate Database a Health Check: 4 Simple Steps - 08/21/14 12:38 AM
For 99% of salespeople, the most productive source of business is their personal database (those who know, like, and trust them).
These people may have done business with you or they may have not. Regardless, they likely send business your way. It’s logical to think that the bigger the list, the more business you get. But this is not always true. You still have to call your contacts every 90 days and ask for business (“Who do you know that needs my help…etc.?”).
Here’s the acid test question: Aren’t there some people on your list that you do not want to call … (3 comments)

real estate referrals: How to Get More Referrals from Your Real Estate CRM Database - 07/22/14 02:14 AM
Want more referrals? Well, there may be more opportunity for referrals than you ever imagined right under your nose.
The key is to focus in on yo
ur “personal circle;” friends, family, and acquaintances who may be willing to recommend you to others.
The average homeowner knows three to five people who will move each year. Let’s crunch the numbers a bit. Assume there are 25 people in your personal circle. If that’s the case, you could get 75 to 125 new referrals per year from the people in your real estate CRM!
Once qualified, you need to take the right approach when … (2 comments)

real estate referrals: How to Ask for a Happy Client for a Referral - 07/10/14 12:07 AM
Today’s blog post is by leading real estate sales trainer, Bruce Keith. Bruce is an IXACT Contact partner and founder of Bruce Keith Results. Enjoy:
You should be using your CRM for REALTORS® to personally contact your past clients and centers of influence four times a year. This activity should be planned in advance and entered into your follow up system. At some point during the conversation you should ask, “Who do you know that needs my help to buy or sell a home right now?”
Here’s some good news… there is an even better group of people to ask for referrals from. The best source … (5 comments)

real estate referrals: 8 Incredible Stats about Real Estate Referrals - 06/11/14 12:11 AM
Recently, Buffini & Company brought some key stats to our attention that we’d like to share with you. All of this information underscores how vital it is to stay in touch with your database and build relationships with those in your real estate sphere of influence (SOI) over time.
1. 82% of all real estate transactions come from repeat and referral business.
- Your database of past clients is your most valuable business asset. What are you doing to nurture it in the long haul?
2. 25% of agents generate more than 50% of their business from repeat clients.
-  If you want to be … (4 comments)

real estate referrals: Want More Referral Results? - 04/23/14 03:22 AM
Here’s a great script from IXACT Contact partner and real estate trainer Bruce Keith.
If you feel like you’re not able to properly close the loop on the referrals you get, this blog post from Bruce will help!
Make sure that each time you get a referral, you add the contact to your real estate contact management software. From there, you can assign them to a drip marketing campaign and/ or your monthly e-Newsletter to ensure you’re building the relationship and keeping in touch!
Enjoy the post:
REFERRAL WISDOM...have you ever asked an acquaintance for a referral and then been unable to … (4 comments)

real estate referrals: Amazing Tips for Getting More Referrals in Real Estate - 02/19/14 11:28 PM
We thought we’d mix it up today and provide you with a video blog post. Check out this video by leading real estate trainer Tom Ferry. Like us, he is a big proponent of taking a multi-channel approach to communications, which means keeping in touch with your sphere in a variety of ways, such as direct mail, phone calls, and email. Be sure to use your CRM for REALTORS®to schedule your keep in touch calls, and send your direct mail and emails, including the Just Sold cards Tom mentions.
Part two of this video can be found here.

Did you find these tips helpful? … (2 comments)

real estate referrals: Get Your Free Article: The 3 Keys to Building a Referrals-Based Business - 09/05/13 06:17 AM
Get your free article, “The 3 Keys to Building a Referrals-Based Business,” today by simply following IXACT Contact real estate CRM on Twitter. Once followed, the article will be direct messaged to you. This special promotion is on for a limited time only so make sure you follow IXACT Contact now so you don’t miss out!
We’ve been working hard over the past while on this Twitter promotion, creating an article that’ll be instrumental in helping REALTORS® grow their referrals business. We’re excited for you to read it and we know you'll get a lot of value from the piece.
Not only will you benefit … (0 comments)

real estate referrals: A Simple Trick to Boost Your Confidence and Get More Deals - 07/02/13 04:42 AM
It’s no secret that confidence can have a dramatic impact on your performance as a Realtor®. When you’re feeling self assured, you follow-up on real estate referrals more effectively, make better real estate listing presentations, and close more deals.
However, we don’t always feel the same level of confidence at every moment of every day. Like a barometer, it goes up and down.
For example, what is your level of confidence right now, on a scale of one to ten? Is it a five? A nine? A two?
It can be inconvenient – to say the least – when your confidence barometer reading … (2 comments)

real estate referrals: 8 Amazing Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Past Clients - 06/25/13 01:27 AM
You likely already know why you need to keep in touch with past clients; they’re great sources of referrals and can bring repeat business to you year after year. And remember, it takes five times more time and money to retain an existing client then to go out and get a new one.
But think about all of your past clients. It’s probable that a small percentage (perhaps 20%) of these clients give you most (80% or more) of your referrals and repeat business. This is an example of Parato’s Principle; the so-called “80-20” rule.
How well you keep in touch … (3 comments)

real estate referrals: Our Real Estate Contact Management Social Media Promotions are Live! - 06/04/13 01:48 AM
IXACT Contact is giving away two free resources; one on Facebook and the other on Twitter!
One is a white paper, entitled, “5 Surefire Steps to Getting More Leads, Referrals, and Repeat Business.” To download it, simply follow us on Twitter and we’ll message you the download link.
Click here now to be directed to our Twitter page. Simply click the “Follow” button once on the page.
The other is our Ultimate List of Resources for Keeping in Touch with Past Clients. To get a copy of this, simply go to our Facebook page and complete the fun quiz we put together, called, “Are You a … (2 comments)

real estate referrals: 3 Reports in Your Real Estate Contact Management Software That Deliver Real Business Value - 04/25/13 12:34 AM
If you’re using a real estate contact management software, you’re likely aware of the importance of using the software to generate key reports. These reports help you glean important insight into your business so you can make smarter business decisions moving forward.
You may be thinking, “Which reports are the most popular? Which ones should I make sure I view on a consistent basis to make certain that I’m fully understanding all aspects of my business and maximizing the effectiveness of my business-building efforts? In this blog post, I'll explain.
3 High Value Reports in Your Real Estate Contact Management Software 1. … (6 comments)

real estate referrals: Great Experiences Trump All in Pursuit of Client Loyalty - 04/23/13 12:40 AM
Today I'm re-blogging an article in Inman News written by Austin Allison, CEO of dotloop. We like the article because it’s very in-line with what we tell people here at IXACT Contact every day: relationships are everything and you need to focus on strengthening those relationships and providing your existing clients with a top-notch experience.
Austin says that “…great experiences are the best way to grow a business” and as we’ve seen with the most successful businesses, you need to focus on connecting personally with your clients so you can keep them for life.
If you’re not using a real estate contact management … (2 comments)

real estate referrals: Why You Should Be Planting the “Referral Seed” - 04/18/13 05:25 AM
There is a myth among many REALTORS® that clients will recommend you to friends and colleagues if they are happy with your services. “Why wouldn’t they give me a referral?” a real estate agent might ask. “I did a great job for them! I’ve been keeping in touch thanks to my real estate CRM.”
Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.
A recent survey in a similar industry (financial planning) showed that the majority of clients do not proactively recommend their advisors — even though they are happy with the service they receive. The reason? They didn’t know their advisor wanted any referrals.
This may … (4 comments)

real estate referrals: How to Use Stories to Get More Referrals - 02/12/13 12:18 AM
Today I'd like to share a great blog post with you by Austin Sams from Agent Inner Circle. It’s a great reminder of one truly effective technique for securing those coveted referrals! And it’s so easy! Read the article below and leave a comment at the end letting us know what you thought.
While you’re reading the article, keep in mind that in order to get satisfied clients talking about you over time and continuing to create buzz and spread positive word of mouth, you need to practice effective contact management. The bottom line is that a good real estate contact management software is essential to keeping … (0 comments)

real estate referrals: Why Honest Agents Finish First - 01/29/13 12:36 AM
You’re an honest real estate sales professional. Of course you are.
But have you ever:
Failed to draw your client’s attention to an undesirable characteristic of a potential new home? Exaggerated (just a little) on the selling price you claim you can get for a property? Persuaded a client to make a quick decision about a home just so you could get the transaction closed before month’s end? Pointed out the advantages of a neighborhood, but not the disadvantages? Invented an excuse as to why you didn’t return a phone call promptly? In the fast-paced competitive world of real estate, it’s … (5 comments)

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