real estate sales: Marketing-Related Topics on Real Estate Agents’ Minds Right Now - 01/25/18 02:37 PM
If you already subscribe to our IXACT Contact blog, you know that we publish new content every week that covers a wide range of topics for real estate agents - everything from email marketing, to agent websites and lead generation to Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), and much more.
We’re always interested to know what marketing-related topics are top-of-mind for real estate agents. To find out, we took to Google Analytics to explore our blog performance data and see which of our blogs real estate agents read and love the most.
We thought you might like to know what your fellow … (0 comments)

real estate sales: How to Execute a Real Estate Transaction with Excellence - 09/07/16 01:40 AM
On any given day, a real estate agent has a hundreds of tasks on the go. Between your listing presentations, open houses, contract drafts and phone calls, it can be easy to lose focus on the kind of service you’re offering your clients.
Do you put a lot of effort into being nice to your clients? Personable and friendly? That’s important, but being nice isn’t enough. A professional REALTOR has to be outstanding at their job, relentless about meeting deadlines, professional in communications, and knowledgeable about executing a transaction.
You’re assisting people with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. You are the … (2 comments)

real estate sales: 3 Fast Solutions for More Money this Month - 07/27/16 11:18 PM
How would you like to make more money in the next 30 days? How would you like to make more home sales this month?  Real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith is here to show you how to do it in this short video. Check it out.
Here’s the solution. Do what you FEAR. Here’s how this works…if you’re avoiding doing certain things, I’ll guarantee you the bulk of the competition in your marketplace is avoiding doing exactly the same things. So when you step up to the plate…it gives you a big advantage (& this will = more $$$).
Let me … (8 comments)

real estate sales: The 3 Deadly Sins of Real Estate Salespeople - 04/27/16 11:22 PM
Why does the profession of Selling Real Estate pay so much to some and so little to the rest? What’s the secret of top producers? What do they do that is so different?
The answer is to STOP committing the Three Deadly Sins of Real Estate Sales.  Let’s start by identifying the 3 most common “crimes” REALTORS commit.
The Three Deadly Sins of Sales are:
Not Prospecting consistently Not Prequalifying properly Not following up with past clients effectively I call them the “Three P’s.” In this overview we will review each one and I’ll tell you how to overcome them.
Sin # 1.  Not Prospecting ConsistentlyAll real … (1 comments)

real estate sales: Real Estate Prospecting: What You Need to Know - 04/14/16 04:55 AM
The topic of real estate prospecting is one that many REALTORS love to hate.  While a lot of real estate professionals achieve moderate success in the early years of their career, it’s common to hit a wall when your well of leads starts to dry up.
It’s clear that more leads need to be generated so that you can close more sales, but the prospecting process can be a daunting one for many Realtors. There are a lot of strategies out there, but most of them are a marathon – not a sprint. It often takes some time before you begin to … (1 comments)

real estate sales: 5 Great Sales Tips from Steve Jobs - 05/01/15 01:43 AM
I'm pleased to share this post from Real Estate Trainer and IXACT Contact Partner, Bruce Keith.
Here are 5 great Sales Tips from Steve Jobs that I know you will enjoy: 1. Do not compete on price – compete on value… Consider the way retailers like Costco operates. Almost everything is discounted from the competition. Their televisions are sold primarily based on price. Very few purchasers spend time checking out the various features offered by the manufacturers – the lowest price is the main buying criteria. Now translate that concept into you having a listing agreement signed at full commission. When you show extra value, your Seller … (3 comments)

real estate sales: [VIDEO] The Secret to Real Estate Sales Success - 12/17/14 12:08 AM
“Success is never an accident.” Powerful words from one of the most widely admired real estate coaches in North America. IXACT Contact partner Richard Robbins is an author, business mentor and a sought-after expert in the fields of personal and professional performance. In this video, he describes the factor that differentiates successful, top producing agents.
Richard describes the idea of the “Great Mystery.” Why some agents can absorb valuable advice, recognize it as valid and useful, and then walk away and never think about it again. There are a lot of reasons that agents may neglect good advice, lack of time, resources, forgetfulness, … (0 comments)

real estate sales: The Little Known Key to Success in Real Estate Sales - 09/11/14 06:40 AM
The highest-earning real estate sales professionals share a common trait. This trait enables them to climb to the top of their markets and remain dominant. Year after year, these upper-percentile performers list and sell more homes than several of their competitors combined! This is all because they are consistent in their marketing, communication, service and relationship management.
Consistent marketing, no matter the direction of the real estate industry, is a key element in lead capture. Consistent communication is a critical step in converting prospects to clients. Consistent service and relationship management creates repeat business and referrals!
Client retention is among the foremost concern … (2 comments)

real estate sales: 4 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Stand out From the Competition - 08/14/14 01:09 AM
Today we have a guest blog post by Carrie Gable, President and CEO of RealSupport, a leading real estate virtual assistance company:
As the real estate market rebounds, so does the number of new agents! A recent article by the Associated Press reports that the number of real estate applications has doubled in states like Florida and California, where rising home prices are grabbing headlines. Newcomers to the industry are lured by the impression of a big payday with a relatively low barrier to entry.
Real estate sales has always been a highly-competitive industry. With tens of thousands of new agents expected to … (3 comments)

real estate sales: Your Wicked-Awesome Client Bank - 05/20/14 05:14 AM
Below is a great article by Amanda Ross, owner of RealtyBoost. It was originally featured in REM Magazine. Amanda is so right when she says failing to do what you say you’re going to do, such as return a phone call, follow-up at a specific time, or attend an event, will have negative impacts on your business – far worse then perhaps you imagine – because you’re weakening the trust and credibility the client feels towards you.
In fact, not keeping your word or missing appointments or commitments makes it very difficult to build a referrals-based business. Be sure to use your REALTOR® … (0 comments)

real estate sales: It’s 2014 and My Real Estate Sales Business Needs a Boost! - 02/04/14 02:09 AM
Do you want to increase sales? Get more real estate leads? Can you think of one thing you can do within the next two or three weeks to help you achieve that goal? The answer to all of these questions is likely “Yes.”
If you think about it, there are probably many things you can do right away, or in the next few weeks, that’ll help you generate more leads, get more referrals, and/or grow your repeat business.
Here are some ideas:
Introduce yourself to another business professional that could be a good referral source. Use your CRM for Realtors more. Update your real estate … (4 comments)

real estate sales: The 3 Ultimate Ways to Get More Testimonials - 01/30/14 02:37 AM
Testimonials are a powerful business-building tool. In fact, they’re one of the best credibility indicators in your real estate marketing arsenal.
Real estate leads expect you to be biased but they trust that other buyers and sellers will tell it like it is. That’s why testimonials are so powerful; a bunch of great ones on your website can easily sway a lead to pick up the phone and give you a call.
But a steady stream of great testimonials doesn’t “just happen.” Even if you’re providing top-notch service, some clients don’t think to give you testimonials/ don’t realize how important they are … (3 comments)

real estate sales: Eight Secrets Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know for a Successful 2014 - 01/07/14 04:55 AM
In this article, Chris Kiel, the Director of Strategic Partnerships with, discusses eight important things every REALTOR® should be doing to ensure success. We particularly like point number two (build a reliable network), point four (nurture past client relationships), and point five (audit your business). Remember that a real estate CRM is instrumental to keeping a consolidated database and effectively building it over time, staying in touch with past clients, and gaining key insights into your business.
Enjoy the article:
Real estate sales tend to slow down around the holidays, but if your goal is to increase your brokerage’s profitability in 2014, the end … (0 comments)

real estate sales: Satisfied Customers to Loyal Customers – Your Key to Real Estate Sales Success - 12/31/13 03:25 AM
In this blog post, top real estate virtual trainer and IXACT Contact affiliate, Pamela Cendejas, explains how to turn satisfied customers into loyal ones – the kind of clients who bring you referrals and repeat business, year after year.  As you’ll read, communication and keeping in touch is key.  Be sure to use your real estate contact management software to take a multi-channel communications approach and automate some of the work involved in maintaining contact and building long-term relationships with your sphere of influence.
Enjoy the article:
In your business approach, do you strive to have satisfied customers or are you going beyond “satisfied” to … (0 comments)

real estate sales: What You Wear Matters More Than You Might Think When It Comes to Getting Real Estate Leads - 12/10/13 12:43 AM
You need some landscaping done, so you start looking for the right professional for the job.
You meet two potential contractors.
The first greets you wearing jeans and a dirty t-shirt. The brochures he shows you are dog eared. His truck is old and caked in dirt. Although he may be a skilled contractor, he doesn’t look like he cares about details or is a particularly successful businessperson.
The second contractor, by contrast, looks like the picture of success. He’s well groomed and friendly. His truck is tidy and has a professional-looking sign on the door. The brochures, samples and other … (2 comments)

real estate sales: 10 Ideas for Real Estate Sales Success - 09/12/13 06:49 AM
In this blog post, Bruce Keith, the “Results Coach” shares some awesome best practices for running a successful real estate sales business. A lot of what Bruce suggests ties back to effective contact management. If you’re not using a real estate contact management software to store all of your clients and leads, and nurture them over time, you’re missing the boat.
Your sales engine needs to run smoothly. If there is sand in your gearbox, the engine doesn’t run very well. The alternative is to add oil periodically to keep things fresh and clean and running smoothly. How often do you add … (4 comments)

real estate sales: 5 Business-Building Tips for Buyer’s Representatives - 09/04/13 04:18 AM
We wanted to share this important post with you from The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). It originally appeared in RETechnology. In addition to re-blogging the article, as you know, we love providing our “real estate contact management perspective” as well. So enjoy the article with our commentary below each point in the numbered list.
Here it is:
Polishing your buyer-representation skills builds your reputation as a trustworthy, knowledgeable real estate professional who adds value at every stage in the home buying process. Here are five ways to grow your buyer-representation business.
1. Become a community expert Recognition as a community expert wins referrals and … (2 comments)

real estate sales: Creating Real Estate Sales Success through Questions - 08/27/13 02:04 AM
Instead of our usual blog post, today we’re sharing a video from Dirk Zeller, renowned real estate trainer and founder of Real Estate Champions. Take your day from good to great by asking yourself four key questions Dirk discusses in the video.
Remember that an easy to use real estate contact management software, like IXACT Contact, will help you free up time by automating some of your marketing communications and “keep in touch” work. And it’ll help keep you organized and in-control by reminding you when key dates arise and when important tasks need to be completed!

Will you take … (0 comments)

real estate sales: It Pays to Be Optimistic in Real Estate Sales - 07/30/13 12:48 AM
Today’s blog post is a video by real estate coach and trainer and IXACT Contact affiliate, Richard Robbins of Richard Robbins International. Richard writes that it pays to be optimistic and he means that literally!
If you’re cringing thinking about how long it may take you to learn how to use a real estate CRMor worried that you may not have enough time, this negative thinking simply does more harm than good!
Here is Richard’s prelude to the video:
I read a study recently that revealed optimistic sales professionals outperform their pessimistic counterparts by as much as 56%. It clearly pays to be … (0 comments)

real estate sales: One Easy Way to Build Client Loyalty - 07/17/13 02:33 AM
There’s a good chance you work hard to keep in touch and build relationships over time with your past clients and sphere of influence (SOI). You’ve comitted to using a real estate contact management software and are using it to send out a monthly e-Newsletter and actively promote your just listeds and just solds.
But in addition to everything you’re already doing, there’s one big loyalty builder and value-add that you may be missing.
You should be offering to do a pre-home staging inspection.
This is where you go through the property and provide tips and suggestions for making the home more sales … (0 comments)

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