referrals: 5 Ways to Get More Referrals - 06/11/18 09:56 AM
As a real estate agent, you know that a referral from a happy client is the ideal source of new business. You don’t have to work nearly as hard on selling yourself to this new client as the referrer has already done a lot of that for you. The trouble is, a lot of agents leave referral business up to chance rather than building a strategy to drive referrals. You don’t have to be one of them. Start implementing these 5 tips and see a boost in that valuable referral business.
1. Help your clients promote you on social mediaAfter you have … (2 comments)

referrals: How a Real Estate CRM can Help Convert Referrals to Clients - 01/31/18 04:57 PM
Digital marketing has undeniably changed the way real estate agents have done business over the years, but there’s one thing that remains constant – referrals are still one of the best ways for real estate agents to boost sales. In one study, 88% of buyers said they would use their agent again or recommend them to others.
Even with all of the digital information and options we have at our fingertips these days, we still look to those we trust for referrals and recommendations. In fact, 84% of consumers say that they almost always trust referrals or recommendations from their friends or … (2 comments)

referrals: Why Your Referral Business Has Dried Up - 08/29/17 07:25 AM
One of the best sources for new business is by way of client referrals. Not exactly a life-altering statement, is it? How about when you take into account the fact that 88% of buyers say they would use their agent again or recommend them to others, and yet only 25% actually do. Now you recognize how important your referral pipeline is or could be to the future health of your business.
If your referral business has dried up, it’s time to refuel it and diagnose the real reason why it stopped flowing in the first place.
How Would You Personally Rate Your Performance? 
It might be … (1 comments)

referrals: 5 Things a REALTOR Should Never Say to Leads - 10/05/16 11:14 PM
Do you ever look back on a conversation and wish you had said something differently? It happens to the best of us. When you’re communicating with real estate leads and past clients, it can be challenging to handle every conversation perfectly.
But being aware of what you’re saying (or not saying) can help you begin to have conversations that lead to more leads, more clients, and more commissions!
Here are 5 things a Realtor should never say to leads, and what you should say instead.
Don’t say: “Have we worked together before?”Do say: “How have you been enjoying your home on Winding Way these … (0 comments)

referrals: 3 Fast Solutions for More Money this Month - 07/27/16 11:18 PM
How would you like to make more money in the next 30 days? How would you like to make more home sales this month?  Real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith is here to show you how to do it in this short video. Check it out.
Here’s the solution. Do what you FEAR. Here’s how this works…if you’re avoiding doing certain things, I’ll guarantee you the bulk of the competition in your marketplace is avoiding doing exactly the same things. So when you step up to the plate…it gives you a big advantage (& this will = more $$$).
Let me … (8 comments)

referrals: 4 Steps for Past Clients & Centers of Influence - 10/28/14 01:13 AM
Recently, one of IXACT Contact partners, Bruce Keith, shared a blog post outlining 4 steps for REALTORS® to take with past clients & centers of influence.  His post highlights what a powerful asset your past clients are to your business for generating referrals and leads. I especially like what Bruce has to say in his Action Steps, offering Realtors specific actions you can take to avoid common errors and maximize referrals.  Many of Bruce’s Action Steps can actually be carried out more quickly and easily by leveraging the power of a real estate CRM like IXACT Contact.  Keeping in touch with your contacts … (2 comments)

referrals: Will I Refer My Real Estate Agent? - 09/18/12 01:36 AM

89% of buyers and 85% of sellers said they would reuse or recommend their real estate agent.
But the reality is only 25% actually do.
Why do you think this is?
Do you think clients…
a)    Forget about their agent or don’t remember how satisfied they were b)    Change their mind about how satisfied they were c)    Hear about another agent that provides “better” service d)    Don’t realize their agent is still in business e)    Other
Please leave a comment! I'll discuss what I think on my next blog post, Thursday, September 20th.
FREE 5 WEEK TRIAL! Sign up … (0 comments)

referrals: New REALTOR®? Get IXACT Contact's Real Estate CRM for Six Months FREE! - 07/12/12 11:40 PM
When you’re just starting out in real estate, the first few months can be financially draining. You’re hit with one expense after another before you’ve earned even a dime of commission income.
That’s why we’ve created our Rookie REALTOR® Program™ - to give you a chance to get your first commission cheque or two before having to pay for a real estate contact management system.
IXACT Contact is a powerful real estate contact management and email marketing solution. It’s perfect for new Realtors:
Designed specifically for real estate agents Easy to learn and use We upload your contact information for you Powerful email … (3 comments)

referrals: New to Real Estate Sales? Try a Great Real Estate Contact Management System for Six Months FREE! - 07/11/12 01:19 AM
When you’re just starting out in real estate, the first few months can be financially draining. You’re hit with one expense after another before you’ve earned even a dime of commission income.
That’s why we’ve created our Rookie REALTOR® Program™ - to give you a chance to get your first commission cheque or two before having to pay for a real estate contact management system.
IXACT Contact is a powerful real estate contact management and email marketing solution. It’s perfect for new Realtors:
Designed specifically for real estate agents Easy to learn and use We upload your contact information for you Powerful email … (0 comments)

referrals: Real Estate Marketing and Software: The Price is Right 2012 - 07/04/12 11:53 PM
Recently, ActiveRain published an article with a corresponding infographic, titled, Real Estate Marketing and Software: The Price is Right 2012. ActiveRain conducted a study in which they surveyed over 2,000 REALTORS® to “understand what software and marketing support real estate agents are using in their business and how much they are spending on these necessary tools of the trade” (such as real estate CRM systems). The data was combined with the National Association of REALTORS® 2012 Member Survey.
The survey findings are very powerful. They underscore the importance of technologies like a real estate CRM and the value it has to success in real estate sales. Here are … (4 comments)

referrals: 2 Amazing Ways to Build Deep Bonds with Your Clients - 06/21/12 01:06 AM
As a real estate sales professional, it’s extremely important to create deep bonds with your clients. In this article, we’ll discuss two simple but powerful ways to forge strong relationships and show you how your REALTOR® CRM can help facilitate this.
When you create strong bonds with clients and build long-lasting relationships, you’ll benefit from referrals, positive word of mouth, and repeat business.
The first way to create a deep bond with clients is to recognize their birthdays. It seems so simple, but its impact is larger than you may realize.
Less than 2% of all service businesses recognize birthdays. So when a … (3 comments)

referrals: 7 Tips to Transform Your Marketing for Realtors - 06/14/12 12:20 AM
Today’s post is a re-blog by Katie Lance, Contributing Editor of InmanNext and Social Media Director for Inman News. She offers some great real estate marketing tips that we believe will prove helpful in taking your marketing to the next level.
Katie advises against “do-it-yourself marketing.” If you subscribe to IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM, you’ll be able to choose from a library of professionally designed templates including templates for just listed e-Cards and e-Flyers and e-Newsletters.
Kate also discusses the importance of knowing what’s working in your business so you can spend your money wisely. Use the Reporting feature in IXACT Contact’s real estate … (7 comments)

referrals: Should I Be Using My Real Estate CRM More? - 06/07/12 01:26 AM
Maybe you’ve signed up for a real estate CRM, like IXACT Contact, but are not using as much as you should. If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the below questions, this is a clear indicator that you desperately need a real estate CRM/ you need to use your real estate CRM more often. We recommend you log into your real estate CRM once a day for at least ten minutes.
I don’t keep in touch with all of my past clients I often feel disorganized and miss important appointments and commitments I don’t know where most of my business actually … (2 comments)

referrals: The Amazing Impact of a Thank You Card in Real Estate - 06/05/12 04:08 AM
It may seem old-fashioned, but a Thank You card — the kind you actually drop in the mail — is a remarkably powerful relationship-building tool in real estate sales.
That may surprise you in these days of email, text messaging and social networking sites. However, when you think about it, a Thank You card is effective because it isn’t a popular form of communication. How many “Thank You” cards do you receive each month in the mail?
The magic of a Thank You card is that just about everyone who receives it reads it. Many will keep the card for a … (8 comments)

referrals: What’s The Value of a Realtor? - 05/29/12 12:11 AM
The below is a re-blog from an article that recently appeared in REM Magazine. The article cites a survey showing that 70 percent of people who don’t use the services of a REALTOR® to sell their home say they would use a Realtor next time. It’s up to you, as a real estate sales professional, to help your real estate leads and prospects understand the value you provide. Hopefully, this article will help you to do just this.
IXACT Contact’s Realtor CRM has been designed to help you build and nurture the relationships that you currently have so you can spend less time prospecting and looking … (2 comments)

referrals: Real Estate Contact Management 101: The Most Important Five Minutes of Your Day - 05/08/12 12:50 AM
What are the most important five minutes of your day? Is it promptly returning a client’s phone call? Sending out a real estate marketing email? Following up on a hot new real estate lead or referral?
Of course, all these activities are important because they are directly related to building your business, income and future.
But there is another activity that some REALTORS® don’t take as seriously. That’s unfortunate because it is just as vital to building a solid business as all the others — perhaps even more.
Let us give you a clue. The activity is real estate contact management related.
It’s updating your … (0 comments)

referrals: Are All REALTORS® Really #1? Differentiate Your Real Estate Marketing - 05/01/12 12:25 AM
Look around you. It’s likely that you’ll see some type of billboard or ad with a REALTOR®’s face on it. But have you noticed that Realtors seem to sell themselves in the same way? “I’m the best!,” “I’m #1,” “I’ve won 10 awards!”
So the question is, how do you differentiate yourself and your services? How do you set apart your real estate marketing from that of your competition?
When all agents are essentially saying the same thing (that they’re the “best” or “top performing”), you need to take another, more effective approach.
Do you go above and beyond for your clients? Have … (0 comments)

referrals: Plant the Real Estate “Referral Seed” - 04/26/12 01:07 AM
When you see a Doctor or Lawyer who has “By Referral Only” on the office door, what is your impression?
Probably that he or she is exclusive, an expert, in demand, and respected by clients and colleagues alike – a highly successful professional.
The psychology is simple.
People believe – for good reason – that if you get referrals, then not only must you be good at what you do, you also must work hard and make the extra effort required to fully satisfy your clients.
There is a mystique that surrounds professionals who build their businesses on referrals.
In real estate, you need to … (4 comments)

referrals: Real Estate Marketing Idea: Schedule a Homeowner’s Check-Up with Past Clients - 04/24/12 01:47 AM
I highly recommend that you personally visit your best clients once a year as a way to keep in touch with everyone in your real estate contact management database.
And you should know that keeping in touch with your sphere of influence (SOI) will help you build your referral and repeat business.
One way to arrange a visit with a past client is by conducting an annual Homeowner’s Check-Up. Conducting an annual Homeowner’s Check-Up is a great real estate marketing idea.
However, it’s not always easy to get a client to agree to one.
A Homeowner’s Check-Up involves meeting with clients to provide services and … (0 comments)

referrals: Accelerate Your Real Estate Marketing with A/B Testing - 04/19/12 12:34 AM
A/B testing should be an important part of any agent’s real estate marketing arsenal.
In this article, I'll discuss A/B testing as it relates to email marketing campaigns.
Take Your Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level
If you’re serious about taking your real estate marketing to the next level, you’ll want to A/B split test your emails.
The process of continually testing, tweaking, and modifying your emails is what will lead to tremendously positive success with your email marketing campaigns.
You need to pinpoint the right message that resonates with your real estate leads, clients, or whoever your sending your email to.

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