service: 2 Amazing Ways to Build Deep Bonds with Your Clients - 06/21/12 01:06 AM
As a real estate sales professional, it’s extremely important to create deep bonds with your clients. In this article, we’ll discuss two simple but powerful ways to forge strong relationships and show you how your REALTOR® CRM can help facilitate this.
When you create strong bonds with clients and build long-lasting relationships, you’ll benefit from referrals, positive word of mouth, and repeat business.
The first way to create a deep bond with clients is to recognize their birthdays. It seems so simple, but its impact is larger than you may realize.
Less than 2% of all service businesses recognize birthdays. So when a … (3 comments)

service: Building Loyalty Through A Client Appreciation Event - 05/10/11 09:36 AM
"What did you do this summer?" a friend asks. Chances are your answer will relate to an event you attended, such as a trip to a theme park with the kids, a family reunion BBQ, or participation in a golf tournament.
People remember events. That's why hosting a client appreciation event can be so effective. It makes clients feel special just to be invited. Even those who don't attend will rarely forget the extra effort you've made.
There are many types of events from which to choose. You can host a:
Morning at the movies BBQ get-together Family bowling tournament Bingo … (5 comments)

service: An Easy Way To Get Client Testimonials - 05/04/11 05:09 AM
Testimonials accomplish two important things in Referral & Repeat Marketing.
First, testimonials tell prospects and colleagues that you have a reputation for building long lasting, solid relationships with clients.
Second, testimonials make all your marketing communications and presentations more believable. Let's face it. Clients expect you to be at least a little bit biased when talking about yourself. But they'll trust their fellow home buyers and sellers to tell it like it is.
However, many REALTORS® find it difficult to ask for a testimonial. "I don't want to make my client feel uncomfortable", many say.
So how do you ask for … (2 comments)

service: 8 Easy Ways To Make Your Customers Love You - 04/28/11 07:49 AM
This is a re-blog of a post by Judith Aquino of American Express OPEN Forum. It's a great article that is highly applicable to REALTORS® and the real estate industry. It's also in perfect alignment with the IXACT Contact philosophy of relationship-building through adopting a contact management approach.
Everyone knows you can't have a business without customers. However, one of the worst mistakes any business can make is focusing its marketing efforts on attracting new clients while neglecting past and current customers. Studies have shown that the cost of acquiring a new customer is far greater than what it costs to … (13 comments)

service: Closing Gifts: The Best of the Best - 04/14/11 04:56 AM

Many of you may have seen some of my blogs on ActiveRain. In fact, I’m quite active in this online community. I was reading through various blog posts and came across some great ideas for closing gifts. I thought I’d share some of the ones that particularly stood out in my mind:
Dawn A Fabiszak of Denver, Colorado supervised the construction of her client’s new home and documented the process along the way, creating a beautiful photo album. You can imagine how surprised and elated the client must have been when she received this unexpected gift! Tammy Lankford of Lake … (2 comments)

service: Top 5 Ways Real Estate Sales Professionals Can Generate Referrals and Real Estate Leads - 04/07/11 04:57 AM
1. Keep in touch with past clients through a combination of direct mail pieces, phone conversations, and face-to-face meetings or events. After you sell your client’s home or find their dream property, the buyer-REALTOR® relationship shouldn’t end. The average person knows 3-5 people who will move each and every year.
2. Have a contact management system so you know who to contact and when. A contact management system will also give you the means to create drip and mass emails (drip marketing) and letters and labels. With a good real estate software, keeping in touch becomes something you enjoy doing versus a chore that … (11 comments)

service: The Amazing Business-Building Power of a Business Directory - 03/28/11 06:20 AM
I think we’d all agree that for long term success, one of the most important things you need to do as a Realtor is to add value to your client relationships over time.  Of course, clients expect you to do a great job as their agent during an actual purchase/sale transaction.  But doing a great job alone is not enough to ensure referrals and repeat business down the line.  Instead, it’s just the “price of entry”.
You need to offer support and services that add value when you’re between transactions.  Why would a client want to speak to you if they’re not buying or … (0 comments)

service: "Reg? Are you angry with us?..." - 12/20/10 12:38 AM

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the importance of visiting past clients at least once a year, and gave some suggestions for overcoming common obstacles.  One of the best comments came from Reg Gupton on ActiveRain, and I thought it was so good I would feature it as its own blog post.  So here it is – enjoy.  Thank you Reg!
A long time ago when I had just started out in real estate, while out for a stroll on the Downtown Boulder Mall, I saw coming my way a past client couple. We had closed their transaction a few … (3 comments)

service: Avoid This Common Phone Calling Mistake - 10/28/10 05:20 AM

One of the key ingredients to a successful referral and repeat marketing plan is phoning your past clients at least four times each year.
But this doesn’t mean you’re making a sales call.
In fact, the biggest mistake many realtors make when calling a past client is focusing too much on getting another listing. They say things like, “I was wondering if you’re thinking of moving again?” Or, “Do you have any friends who might need a realtor?”
Calls like these are a turnoff to most clients. It will place you firmly in the “pesky telemarketer” category. Not a good place to … (1 comments)

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