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Preparing to sell your home, here is one small tip. If you have an electric range with the coils you can replace the burner trays and make quite a difference. You can soak the old ones and scrub and scrub or just replace them with new shiny chrome. We bought a four pack at Lowes that contained tw...
I had a great experience with Tanya & Rodney helping them to find a home. Actually we were looking for a home for a while and I could tell that they didn't really want someone elses old house. I suggested we look at some new construction and boom, they jumped in with both feet. We settled on McAr...
So it looks like I am going to make it to 100,000 points.  is an amazing place. I have to say I don't get on  as often as I would like to. It is a wonderful and safe place to be. I have met great people here. Many I consider to be friends, or mentors. I learn from you everytime I log on. You may ...
There is an animal in there, you may have to look twice. I did
I was out showing ahouse this morning then was off to do a little research for a post, I looked north and this is what I saw. I was glad I was at a distance, they looked pretty menacing. It didn't take to long for the snow to hit after I got in the car from taking the pictures. This is looking to...
I received a message from a client the other day. "Would you like to see what we have done to our house?" It was a young couple, first time home buyers. I spent several months out looking at Short Sales, Home Path, HUD homes and everything in between.  I think you probably know the drill.  We fou...
As a Realtor® I feel I have an obligation to communicate. I communicate with clients both buyers and sellers. I communicate with my broker, with other agents, and I am always trying to build my business by blogging, facebook, twitter, linkedin, email, texting and it goes on and on. Then there are...
When Would you Want the Value of Your Home to drop? The question is a little absurd. Why would you ever want your home value to drop? Well actually you really don't want the value of your home to drop. But when the tax man is looking at your home that is the time when you want your home to have t...
You can see a virtual tour at: http://www.cpgtours.com/15338
My son is part of the Churchill Jr. High Ballroom Dance Company. He has been having a blast and learning tons. They performed this dance for possible incoming 7th Graders along with many students and parents. They had fun with this one. Churchill Jr. High is a great school. Great academically an...

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