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  You signed a lease for an office for your company a few years ago, but it will expire in a couple of months. You really want to either move or at least do a market study to be sure that you get a fair deal if you stay and renew.  There is other vacant space in the building so you are sure your ...
I recently saw an email from a guy in Knoxville, Tennessee asking about how to market an office building for lease which hadn't been built yet.  He had received a lot of advice about how he should canvass all the businesses in the area, mail flyers to the businesses, and generally waste his time ...
  Estoppel.  Sounds like a medical condition you don't want to talk about in polite company.  Or something you'd need a medicated cream to clear up.  Think of the embarrassment of checking out at the grocery store when the cashier gives you that knowing smirk. But an estoppel is really nothing to...
  We have just added a new page to our website which features listings for the excess space which our clients no longer need.  These properties may be for sublease or sale.  The current inventory includes a 2,226 square foot office condo in Plano near Coit & Legacy, a 1,442 SF retail store in Pla...
I have owned a rental house in Plano, Texas west of Highway 75 for the last several years and have recently decided to sell it instead of leasing it again.  My logic is that there are more owner-occupants than there are investors so I'm not going to lease it and miss out on that market.  The hous...
I came across the following quiz and thought it put things in perspective fairly well.  I don't know who the author of this was, but I like it.  Your thoughts? Take the following quiz: 1. Name the 5 wealthiest people in the world2. Name the last 5 Heisman trophy winners.3. Name the last 2 winners...

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