Confessions of a Recovering Landlord

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Just when you think you live in the greatest place on earth, someone comes along to pop that bubble. I live in Plano, Texas and have my business based here. It's a great suburb of Dallas with 250,000 people so it's a viable city on it's own. We have great parks, recreation, demographics and progr...
I was driving through Dallas the other day with a client and we were talking about how new developments these days are more dense and involve multiple uses - office, retail, apartments - all in the same project. These developments are much more dense than in past years. This has typically definie...
So many times in life we try to do something ourselves because we're too cheap to pay an expert. That's why the floor tile is crooked in my bathroom and the faucet at the kitchen sink is loose. Sure I can do it, but can I do it well and for good. It's the same in business. What am I doing myself ...
One of my corporate clients is growing quickly and plans to expand the office space they lease by about double. I had scheduled to show a sublease space in Richardson to him earlier this week. He had to cancel due to a client meeting of his own, but I told the agent listing the space that I'd sti...

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