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It's 7:30 PM on October 31 and I'm sitting alone with a large bowl of candy. No, I'm not binging, well, maybe a little. But last I checked, October 31 is Halloween. The day when tons of small children are supposed to storm my door begging for candy. And I give the good stuff - Peanut M&M's, Peanu...
So the economy has been bad for 3 years now. What has been the impact on office leasing? There are a few trends that have become apparent. First, tenants are trading up to nicer space. When rental rates fall companies often move into higher class office buildings for close to the same price as th...
How many of us go downtown for shopping, entertainment or to live? Very few I expect. I lived in downtown Dallas in 1985 for about a year. Not because it was cool to do so at that time, but because the company allowed me to use an upstairs office as a bedroom while I finished college. We do despe...
So what's the best way to get new business? By new, I mean new clients with whom you haven't worked before.  In my business as a Corporate Real Estate Advisor (tenant rep), my ideal clients are companies which already lease office space in the Plano/Dallas area. Most of my competitors make tons o...
A strange thing happened to me today. But first a little background.  I received a call on Friday from a woman starting a new business. She had been working with an agent at a reputable company, but she wasn't confident that the agent was experienced enough to negotiate the lease document itself....

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