tenant rep: Class A Office Occupancy at Highest Level since 2006 - 05/22/14 03:36 AM
Life has been hard for landlords in Dallas for a while. Occupancy rates for Class A office buildings just exceeded what they were in 2006. Cause for celebration? That depends on whether they were happy with the occupancy rate in 2006, right? Well, it's now 83.4% according to an analysis by PM Realty Group (PMRG). So 2006 wasn't so great after all.
That's the sad reality of being a landlord in Dallas. Occupancy rates rarely get above 85%. In fact, according to Costar, since 1982 there has only been one period from 1998 - 2001 when overall occupancy in Dallas/Ft. Worth … (0 comments)

tenant rep: Does Business Keep You Up at Night? - 07/30/13 12:46 AM
The changing economy can adversely affect your sense of personal well-being. It’s natural to worry about your business. But are there tools that you aren’t utilizing that could give you more peace of mind?
Nicholas Sakelaris of the Dallas Business Journal has some interesting tips for easing your business mind at the end of the day. Click here to read his article.
But what else can help enhance your business in turbulent economic times? The easiest answer is to have advocates on your side who are specialists. For example, (shameless plug alert) your second largest business expense is probably your office … (1 comments)

tenant rep: Building Beauty Contest? - 07/25/13 02:22 AM
Dallas is being well represented at the Building Owners & Managers Association’s Outstanding Building of the Year (or TOBY) awards. A building beauty contest? Who knew?
Now these buildings aren’t just being celebrated for how they look – just like Ms. America, right? They are also judged on other factors like Security, Building Management and Community Service. 
Rosewood Court in Uptown is one of the buildings nominated for an award. It is a great building and has the distinction of being the most expensive office building in Dallas with a quoted rental rate of $40.00 per square foot.
Read Candace Carlisle’s … (0 comments)

tenant rep: REATA Client Profile: My Possibilities - 07/10/13 01:24 AM
REATA talks with Michael Thomas from My Possibilities exciting future in their new building! 

My name is Michael Thomas. I’m the executive director for My Possibilities. We’re a nonprofit organization for adults with cognitive disabilities. We’re a continued education center. We pick up where the school system leaves off.
My Possibilities. Each HIPster (Hugely Important Person – the acronym we use for our adults) have a wide variety of different cognitive disabilities. They can range from autism to Down’s Syndrome and cerebral palsy. We have adults who have traumatic brain injuries and really everything in between. Regardless of … (0 comments)

tenant rep: Business Grows in Frisco - 06/25/13 01:05 AM
Candace Carlisle of the Dallas Business Journal covers the Con-way Multimodal office expansion in Frisco. At nearly 10,000 square feet, Con-way increases its footprint at Hall Office Park! 
Now is a great time for expanding business as the economy (especially in the Dallas/North Dallas area) picks up. As one of the fastest expanding economic markets, it’s not surprising that businesses in Dallas, Plano and Frisco need more space! Many companies are reluctant to expand in a down economy. Even though their business may be doing well, they question if it’s sustainable when so many other businesses are weakening. So it’s good … (0 comments)

tenant rep: Office Beat - 05/07/13 01:24 AM
As a former landlord and current tenant broker, it’s impossible not to have a strong admiration for great buildings.  Some have architecture and personality that draw you in and excite you while others just leave you flat and bored. John Alvarado approaches buildings in an interesting way- by giving them musical styles. Read his blog here to see what I mean.
So here are my questions: What’s the musical style of your office? Does the “musical style” of your office follow the beat of your business? 

tenant rep: REATA Client Profile: The Sport Source - 04/30/13 02:15 AM
REATA sat down with Charlie Kadupski of The Sport Source to learn about programs available for student athletes throughout the country. 

My name is Kadupski. I am the CEO and founder of the Sport Source, which is an educational publishing company. Our niche in the market is assisting student athletes in making a college decision and their future decisions.
What we do is have e-learning labs that assist the kids. From 8:30-5:30 Central Standard Time, you can get a live body. We work with youth organizations. We work with independent school districts to assist them in helping their kids transition … (0 comments)

tenant rep: Construction Starts in (One of) My Favorite Parks! - 04/17/13 05:27 AM
One of my favorite office parks, Granite Park at the Tollway and Highway 121, broke ground on a new building. The Granite Park development team shared concept drawings for the upcoming 300,000 SF office building and adjacent conference hotel. Looks like a pretty stylish, modern place to do business. Granite Park IV is scheduled to be finished with construction in the mid-2014. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished and possibly negotiate some leases for the building’s first tenants. Check out the Dallas Business Journal’s article and slideshow of the building designs here.  

tenant rep: REATA Client Profile: Blu Age - 04/11/13 01:13 AM
REATA sat down with Frédéric Vermenouze of Blu Age to talk about international business and breaking into the American market. It's tough enough to start a new location for your business, it's even harder from another country! Having an experienced, local expert on your side can make all the difference! 

Blu Age Corporation is a software editor. We have a software that helps us modernize legacy applications, legacy code like COBOL to new technologies, web technologies like G2E and dot net structure.
We are based out of Paris, France where we have a major part of our staff. We are also … (1 comments)

tenant rep: Shopping in a Landlord's Market - 04/02/13 01:10 AM
On the cusp of job growth and economic stimulation, tenant incentives fly out of the window. Curious about just how dramatic the changes have already been so far? Check out Bill Cawlely’s blog post “Pendulum Shifting in Landlord’s Favor”
What can tenants do about suddenly becoming the underdog? Make sure you have representation on your side. Tenant Reps are one of the most effective ways to shift power on your side of lease negotiations in a growing landlord market. 

tenant rep: REATA Client Profile: ignite partnership - 03/20/13 05:27 AM
REATA sat down with Mike Covert from ignite partnership. Check out the video below to learn how ignite partnership markets some of Dallas' biggest brands!
I’m Mike Covert, President of ignite partnership. We’re a 4 ½-year-old marketing and advertising agency. We have 25 people, a little boutique shop, about ten active clients right now working in a wide variety of industries from telecom to CPG to professional services.
We really do different things for different clients. When our clients come to us, they're looking for insights, they're looking for a creative way of applying a different view of what they … (0 comments)

tenant rep: Forbe's List of America's Fastest Growing Cities - 03/05/13 12:38 AM
Texas dominates the top three fastest growing cities in America according to Forbes. Behind Austin and Houston, Dallas boasts an impressive 2.1% growth rate and 5.7% unemployment. Not too shabby, Dallas. 
What does this mean for businesses already operating in Dallas? We’ve talked before about how more growth equals more business and opportunity for everyone, but this kind of growth also requires tenant to lease more space which brings a healthy sense of competition. This creates demand which can then drive rate increases. 
REATA specializes in connecting clients to the right office. Your office space should work for your business, your … (1 comments)

tenant rep: The Good, The Kinda Bad and the Growth in Dallas - 01/15/13 12:59 AM
Dallas has enjoyed steady job growth and didn’t suffer nearly as bad as much of the country during the economic downturn. Job growth means more demand for commercial space. If more businesses begin to grow and/or move to Dallas, what does that mean for those of us who are already here? Change and growth always bring bad with the good. But really, even the “bad” is pretty good.
The good news: more business in Dallas means more potential clients and more economic growth for everyone and Dallas will begin to skyrocket closer to the top of places to do business … (2 comments)

tenant rep: Speculative Construction is Back in Plano...despite area vacancy - 09/17/12 01:47 AM
Crains are popping up on the skyline of Plano again. And this time it's for construction of new office buildings instead of bridges.
There are currently 7 office buildings under construction in Plano totaling 959,591 square feet (SF). All of these buildings are in west Plano where we have seen rental rates rise dramatically in the last year. That is also the area where it is increasingly difficult to find large blocks of space available. Interestingly, it's also hard to find small space under 5,000 SF. 
Three of the buildings are build-to-suits for large users - Encana Oil & Gas, Tyler … (1 comments)

tenant rep: Will Technology Replace Tenant Rep Brokers? - 08/29/12 02:34 AM
That's the basic question being asked in a Wall Street Journal article yesterday. It's an interesting idea and one that has been asked many times before. In fact, the question has been asked for virtually every industry in the last 200 years. 
I am a tenant rep in the Dallas area focused on Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Addison, and Far North Dallas. So it's important that you know that up front - full disclosure. I am a little biased.
Technology usually works best when applied to a series of repetitive tasks or the collection of data. It's great at increasing the speed at … (2 comments)

tenant rep: Knowledge is POWER! - 08/15/12 01:01 AM
The more imbalanced the knowledge in a negotiation, the more the side with greater knowledge can take advantage of the other side.
So many times in life we try to do something ourselves because we're too cheap to pay an expert. That's why the floor tile is crooked in my bathroom and the faucet at the kitchen sink is loose. Sure I can do it, but can I do it well and without a lot of education and practice.
It's the same in business. What am I doing myself that I should be paying someone else to do? Website? Marketing? … (0 comments)

tenant rep: Specialist or Generalist? What is Your Agent? - 08/13/12 06:24 AM
Several years ago I was talking to a friend in Austin and mentioned that I had sold my house in Dallas as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO).  He was surprised that it was possible to buy or sell a house without a residential real estate agent.  I was shocked that he didn't know he could trade real estate without a broker - however ill-advised that might be.
Brokers can only negotiate the sale or purchase of a house, right?  Aren't they all the same since they have access to the MLS?  Even though I've been in the commercial real estate … (1 comments)

tenant rep: Tenant Rep Advantage - Information - 07/16/12 12:23 AM
One of the most important things that a tenant representative can provide is information. Unlike residential real estate which uses the MLS (multiple listing service), commercial real estate uses several databases including Costar, Xceligent, LoopNet, CityFeet, CommercialSource, and others. Some of these are best for finding space for lease while others are better when buying a property. Some are available only in certain cities. 
Knowing where to find information that is appropriate to a particular client's needs and then how to analyze that information is the real value of an experienced tenant representative or Corporate Real Estate Advisor. The information in … (0 comments)

tenant rep: Help! I’m Running Out of Space - 07/09/12 11:46 AM
You’d be amazed at the number of commercial tenants that run out of space well before their lease term runs out. There are few things that are more chaotic to a business operation than having to work out of multiple locations because of poor planning. That’s why it’s vital that you plan for your growth before you start looking for space.
There are three keys to ensuring that you don’t run out of space before you run out of lease term.
The first key is to conduct a comprehensive needs analysis. And while this might seem obvious, the real question … (0 comments)

tenant rep: The American Business Mantra – Do More with Less - 06/07/12 07:36 AM
Feeling tired and overworked? According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, the average employed American works a 46-hour workweek and 38% of the respondents worked more than 50 hours per week. 
You may be surprised to learn that this contributes to commercial tenants paying far too much when they renew their leases. This can happen when renewing a lease becomes a ‘check box’ item on a To Do list without leaving adequate time to consider the most important negotiating factors.
Being overworked and having too little time are not the only reasons tenants can overpay when renewing their … (2 comments)

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