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As we move to a more litigious society and people are suing everyone for anything does it hurt to take some precautions?  Of course everyone agrees the answer to this is NO, of course not.  We will mitigate our risk however we can if it doesn't cost alot of money.As investors to multifamily or co...
Often I am asked about how my job as a COMMERCIAL agent differs from associates in the residential world of real estate.  Generally speaking they don't mean the lending structures, the business aspect and/or any of the nitty gritty details of each deal.  People want to know, what do I do differen...
Depends on who you ask is the simple answer.  Many commercial analytics are showing a property decline in parts of the country, although others are showing a general increase.  No matter who you ask the answer could be different depending on how they evaluate their data.  Apartments have decrease...
Various types of leases exist - completely understanding the differences between NNN leases and a gross lease can be extremely important. NNN Leases - true passivity for the Investor will help to explain a portion of the NNN lease.  Once you understand the type of lease you are putting together t...
Recently published in the Seattle Times was the Urban Land Institute and PriceWaterhouse survey of landowners, developers, lenders and other industry professionals and the Seattle market is still booming for commercial Real Estate.  In fact they predict this to be the 2nd best commercial market E...
Type in "Real Estate News" into google and the first story you get to read about is guitarist Slash (Saul Hudson) suing their real estate agent and his broker for allegedly lying to he and his wife about size of the home, whether the street is public or private and that title information was with...
Tenant-in-Common real estate investments offer investors the opportunity to share in the ownership of large properties such as shopping malls, office buildings, and housing developments, as well as multi-million dollar industrial complexes. This investment structure is designed to allow you to in...
A triple net lease, sometimes called a net-net-net or an NNN, is an agreement where the lessee agrees to pay a net rent and a series of other fees for the right to use a piece of real estate for an extended period of time. In addition to a monthly rental fee, the lessee agrees to pay all taxes, i...
Great Gag gifts the entire family can enjoy!!  Do you have that oddball uncle who enjoys getting the gag gift every year?  Last year it was a moose that poops Jelly Beans, the year before he got my mother combat boots.  It never ends, so this year I thought I'd try to get prepared....I'm searchin...
Depends on who you talk to, however the short answer is NO and here's why.Each are affected differently, and following is a brief description.  The market value of commercial real estate is determined by the state of employment and interest rates. Commercial real estate is a business with a profi...

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