olympia commercial real estate: I'm having trouble getting lending. - 03/04/08 04:02 AM
Is there anyone out there that can help me with financing.  We are having extreme trouble finding financing for a fantastic McMansion that my clients just can't live without.
Please help us figure out how to put this package together.  I can tell you it won't be easy but I think if we can find a way we might find the secret to affordable housing!!!

olympia commercial real estate: Are you opening yourself to a lawsuit? - 11/21/07 10:23 AM
As we move to a more litigious society and people are suing everyone for anything does it hurt to take some precautions?  Of course everyone agrees the answer to this is NO, of course not.  We will mitigate our risk however we can if it doesn't cost alot of money.
As investors to multifamily or commercial properties you could be opening yourself up to a whole host of issues depending on how you take title.  Obviously as agents we are not lawyers and must not try to act as such, but wouldn't we be neglect in our duties if we didn't at … (11 comments)

olympia commercial real estate: Commercial Vs. Residential One on One - 11/20/07 04:20 AM
Often I am asked about how my job as a COMMERCIAL agent differs from associates in the residential world of real estate.  Generally speaking they don't mean the lending structures, the business aspect and/or any of the nitty gritty details of each deal.  People want to know, what do I do differently in my day versus my counterparts.
I can tell you the single largest difference is my job is not only that I work business hours like a banker but that my job is BLACK and WHITE.  Completely, honestly in many ways my job is easier although I have to wait … (4 comments)

olympia commercial real estate: Is commercial real estate in danger of the credit crunch? - 11/20/07 03:56 AM
Depends on who you ask is the simple answer.  Many commercial analytics are showing a property decline in parts of the country, although others are showing a general increase.  No matter who you ask the answer could be different depending on how they evaluate their data.  Apartments have decreased, Retail property has increased, Industrial sites have increased, Raw Land has decreased - but some raw land is classified residential in some studies even if it is development land for subdivisions.
The value of commercial real estate as a whole, which nearly doubled in the past seven years, is now starting to decline … (0 comments)

olympia commercial real estate: Are you ready to negotiate your commercial lease? - 11/19/07 02:22 AM
Various types of leases exist - completely understanding the differences between NNN leases and a gross lease can be extremely important. NNN Leases - true passivity for the Investor will help to explain a portion of the NNN lease.  Once you understand the type of lease you are putting together then you must put together a few other pertinent details.
Prior to negotiating the terms of a lease, outline thoroughly provisions that would promote your business. Before entering into a binding contract, decide the term of the lease;
A short term lease yields flexibility and more leeway to change your demands after a given period. … (0 comments)

olympia commercial real estate: Pacific Northwest Region Still Soaring - 11/18/07 03:49 AM
Recently published in the Seattle Times was the Urban Land Institute and PriceWaterhouse survey of landowners, developers, lenders and other industry professionals and the Seattle market is still booming for commercial Real Estate.  In fact they predict this to be the 2nd best commercial market EVER!!
Here's an excerpt from the article -
The experts ranked Seattle second only to New York City in overall prospects for commercial and multifamily investment and development. Seattle placed first in industrial, office, rental apartment and for-sale home development, and second in retail and hotel development.
"Seattle is developing into an exciting 24-hour city smack-dab on key Asian … (1 comments)

olympia commercial real estate: Guitarist suing Real Estate Agent - 11/16/07 10:53 AM
Type in "Real Estate News" into google and the first story you get to read about is guitarist Slash (Saul Hudson) suing their real estate agent and his broker for allegedly lying to he and his wife about size of the home, whether the street is public or private and that title information was withheld from them.
How can you not deduce for yourself if the road is public or private? - Why is it his agents fault regarding size? shouldn't that have been disclosed in the listing as to buyer's satisfaction?
 Why is it that negative news gets such a great placement … (6 comments)

olympia commercial real estate: What is a TIC investment property? - 11/15/07 08:06 AM
Tenant-in-Common real estate investments offer investors the opportunity to share in the ownership of large properties such as shopping malls, office buildings, and housing developments, as well as multi-million dollar industrial complexes. This investment structure is designed to allow you to invest in institutional quality real estate without having to buy the entire property. Differing goals can be accomplished by using this method such as a steady stream of income or aggressive appreciation depending on the product.
According to IRS guidelines, no more than 35 investors may take part in a TIC property. TIC investors have a fractional deeded interest in a … (5 comments)

olympia commercial real estate: Commercial Investing Simplified with a NNN Lease - 11/14/07 02:36 AM
A triple net lease, sometimes called a net-net-net or an NNN, is an agreement where the lessee agrees to pay a net rent and a series of other fees for the right to use a piece of real estate for an extended period of time. In addition to a monthly rental fee, the lessee agrees to pay all taxes, insurance, and costs associated with repairs also known as common area maintenance. Many large national retail chains participate in triple net lease agreements in order to avoid making large capital investments. These companies prefer to keep funds liquid for other investments. A … (0 comments)

olympia commercial real estate: 1031 Like Kind Definition and Examples - 11/02/07 03:04 AM
As I've been placing further 1031 information on the web I've received numerous comments and questions about what like kinds of property are and how might they be able to use 1031's for them.  Well here is the definition from the IRS and let me also give you a few examples.
Like-Kind Property
Properties are of like-kind, if they are of the same nature or character, even if they differ in grade or quality. Personal properties of a like class are like-kind properties. However, livestock of different sexes are not like-kind properties. Also, personal property used predominantly in the United States and personal … (4 comments)




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