ryan haddock: Guitarist suing Real Estate Agent - 11/16/07 10:53 AM
Type in "Real Estate News" into google and the first story you get to read about is guitarist Slash (Saul Hudson) suing their real estate agent and his broker for allegedly lying to he and his wife about size of the home, whether the street is public or private and that title information was withheld from them.
How can you not deduce for yourself if the road is public or private? - Why is it his agents fault regarding size? shouldn't that have been disclosed in the listing as to buyer's satisfaction?
 Why is it that negative news gets such a great placement … (6 comments)

ryan haddock: Will Commercial Real Estate follow the Residential Decline? - 11/10/07 04:45 AM
Depends on who you talk to, however the short answer is NO and here's why.
Each are affected differently, and following is a brief description.
  The market value of commercial real estate is determined by the state of employment and interest rates. Commercial real estate is a business with a profit and loss statement. Hopefully, that profit and loss number is positive and provides cash flow. That number is then transitioned into a capitalization rate and is used as a comparison against other yields of equities and debt.
The value of residential property is also determined by employment and interest rates. However, there is no … (7 comments)

ryan haddock: The Twin Powers Unite to fight GLOBAL NEGATIVITY!!!!!! - 11/09/07 02:39 AM
Just recently two relevently unknown real estate agents took on the world with their blogs.  Very similar to the heroics of Batman and Spiderman these two have taken the world by storm and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.  As of Nov. 5, 2007 these two agents have decided to take on the world media and negative press by blogging constantly about the positives they can find in the market.  Beware of two masked typers in your local area soon.
Pieces of both blogs are available here - Bring on the Positive, I LOVE my job right now! by Renee Burrows and … (6 comments)

ryan haddock: 1031 Like Kind Definition and Examples - 11/02/07 03:04 AM
As I've been placing further 1031 information on the web I've received numerous comments and questions about what like kinds of property are and how might they be able to use 1031's for them.  Well here is the definition from the IRS and let me also give you a few examples.
Like-Kind Property
Properties are of like-kind, if they are of the same nature or character, even if they differ in grade or quality. Personal properties of a like class are like-kind properties. However, livestock of different sexes are not like-kind properties. Also, personal property used predominantly in the United States and personal … (4 comments)

ryan haddock: Even more craigslist comedy - 10/29/07 07:14 AM
More comical craigslist ads from HAWAII!!!!!!!!!
Haiku Maui Hawaii; Five acres with a 5/8's water meter.
Price is $1,100,00.00 reduced from 1.5 I believe we could get this in escrow for less. Ready for Subdivision, CPR and or just cut and sale. Wells have been drilled successfully in this area of Haiku, by Wailani Drilling FIVE acres and an Historical loving post and pier 1963 plantation house 3 bedroom 1.5 bath. They are currently Cattle Grazing this property. There is a small slope in the middle approximately 1.5 acres that easily could be graded and used appropriately. The house is empty and ready … (5 comments)

ryan haddock: 1031 "The Delayed Exchange" - 10/29/07 04:58 AM
Many people have been entering the real estate market as investors for the first time and have been exploring the benefits of tax deferral using a 1031 Exchange.  Speaking with a trusted tax advisor is key to learning the requirements, but many investors have questions about how an exchange will affect their sale and how the process actually works.  Every 1031 Exchange company operates differently, but here is a sample outline of a standard delayed exchange.
Prior to Sale:
Investor decides to sell, contracts a real estate agent, receives and accepts an offer. Add intent to do an exchange to the sales contract. … (4 comments)

ryan haddock: Olympia Washington and the Retail Debate - 10/29/07 03:24 AM
Will the ever changing Westfield Mall lose it's prized retail core status of Olympia within the next 10 years?
Short answer - YES
With new developments along the I-5 corridor approximately 10 miles North in the Hawks Prairie area, national retailers will begin making choices as to which location optimizes their visibility.  Sure West Olympia still has the population and good demographics, but Hawks Prairie is growing, has Fort Lewis troop increases and an ever rising household income.
I believe all these items combined will cause the "new downtown" of Lacey to emerge as the new retail capitol of the Olympia area.  The next … (0 comments)

ryan haddock: AR Community Blogs - 10/22/07 06:30 AM
Through the past few months since joining Active Rain I have noticed some distinct standout performers either in writing style and/or knowledge of their market or niche.
It has been impressive to see these writers dedication to continue their blogs and their routines - here are some of the most recent blogs that I found interesting (in no particular order).
"Is it possible to be TOO transparent?" by Rich Jacobson
Las Vegas NV Real Estate Long-Term Hold Investors: Do's and Don'ts by Renee Burrows
Real Estate Trends Are Local by Adam Waldman
 Another one of the award winners in my opinion should be Steve Harless who … (2 comments)

ryan haddock: Industrial Growth through the South Sound - 10/21/07 05:07 AM
Employment Rates are on the rise - industrial vacancy rates are extremely low and more industries are looking to relocate into the area. 
This is the word from the Economic Development Council as they continue to assist in the local economy of Thurston County.  I can tell you that it is mind boggling taking a look into the presubmission applications for the year for both Tumwater and Lacey and counting up the square footage of industrial projects currently being pursued.  Now the Port of Olympia is also turning over the remainder of their land to brokers to pursue ground leases and … (0 comments)

ryan haddock: Briggs Village Update - 10/19/07 06:20 AM
The 137 acre master planned community is getting closer and closer as each day passes to realizing the dream that the Briggs Family began back in 1991.  Architects NBBJ initiated the first drawings of the master planned community in 1996 and finally with road improvements and the infrastructure in we are seeing some dramatic changes.
Even more exciting is the possible announcement of an anchor and identification of some of the retail components that will be added to the Village within the next year.  As the Development team continues their progress with the Central Phase and the final platting required to move … (0 comments)

ryan haddock: Are you too serious? - 10/18/07 06:34 AM
Isn't it great when you receive 400 comments in one day on a meaningless blog?
Or even better when you get 3 transactions started in one day based on a previous interaction with one individual?
Have you ever wondered why when you are on vacation you receive more calls and typically do more business than when you are trying?
For some reason this has happened to me so many times now that I am not surprised by it but am excited and happy to share the comedy with the world.  I'm convinced your clients can sense the dollar signs in your eyes if you … (11 comments)

ryan haddock: Commercial and Residential Investment Opportunities - 10/17/07 05:54 AM
I have gone round and round with my associates as to the best possible real estate investments.....the argument always comes down to 2 key ingredients.
 1.  On the residential side they are able to leverage their property at typically a higher LTV than the commercial property.
2.  On the commercial side you are able to own a very passive investment that may not require any oversight for 10-20 years.
Great debates on loan rates can sometimes be brought up but a wash can be agreed to by both parties when you consider depreciation rates and the tax advantages.  Overall it seems to come down … (5 comments)




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