sound advisors: Pacific Northwest Region Still Soaring - 11/18/07 03:49 AM
Recently published in the Seattle Times was the Urban Land Institute and PriceWaterhouse survey of landowners, developers, lenders and other industry professionals and the Seattle market is still booming for commercial Real Estate.  In fact they predict this to be the 2nd best commercial market EVER!!
Here's an excerpt from the article -
The experts ranked Seattle second only to New York City in overall prospects for commercial and multifamily investment and development. Seattle placed first in industrial, office, rental apartment and for-sale home development, and second in retail and hotel development.
"Seattle is developing into an exciting 24-hour city smack-dab on key Asian … (1 comments)

sound advisors: Guitarist suing Real Estate Agent - 11/16/07 10:53 AM
Type in "Real Estate News" into google and the first story you get to read about is guitarist Slash (Saul Hudson) suing their real estate agent and his broker for allegedly lying to he and his wife about size of the home, whether the street is public or private and that title information was withheld from them.
How can you not deduce for yourself if the road is public or private? - Why is it his agents fault regarding size? shouldn't that have been disclosed in the listing as to buyer's satisfaction?
 Why is it that negative news gets such a great placement … (6 comments)

sound advisors: Too many projects not enough time - 10/27/07 06:30 AM
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?  We can only hope so.
I purchased two homes in July and due to poor contractor work have been unable to finalize the "flips" until just a few days ago.  During that time I have witnessed the market lag and fall, and try to climb and lag again.....hopefully my delays are part of a larger plan.   Worst case scenario means rent until I am comfortable with an estimated selling price or sit on stagnant product waiting for the right buyer. 
Have you had similar experiences?  Where, when?  Are you still in it?
Who's got … (6 comments)

sound advisors: Industrial Growth through the South Sound - 10/21/07 05:07 AM
Employment Rates are on the rise - industrial vacancy rates are extremely low and more industries are looking to relocate into the area. 
This is the word from the Economic Development Council as they continue to assist in the local economy of Thurston County.  I can tell you that it is mind boggling taking a look into the presubmission applications for the year for both Tumwater and Lacey and counting up the square footage of industrial projects currently being pursued.  Now the Port of Olympia is also turning over the remainder of their land to brokers to pursue ground leases and … (0 comments)

sound advisors: Are you too serious? - 10/18/07 06:34 AM
Isn't it great when you receive 400 comments in one day on a meaningless blog?
Or even better when you get 3 transactions started in one day based on a previous interaction with one individual?
Have you ever wondered why when you are on vacation you receive more calls and typically do more business than when you are trying?
For some reason this has happened to me so many times now that I am not surprised by it but am excited and happy to share the comedy with the world.  I'm convinced your clients can sense the dollar signs in your eyes if you … (11 comments)




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