washington: Why Blog? Do you do it for you? - 11/06/07 01:58 AM
I recently read an article that stated most agents blog to market themselves within their local market.  So why do we blog on a social networking site that gives us points? 
Do the agents with more points get more marketing time?
This is likely something everyone here has thought about but the more blogs you have the more chances you have to be caught in a search engine.  The more social networks you have the more likely you are to get referrals.  The more respect you might have in a community could lead to further business as you have blogged about the state … (14 comments)

washington: 1031 "The Delayed Exchange" - 10/29/07 04:58 AM
Many people have been entering the real estate market as investors for the first time and have been exploring the benefits of tax deferral using a 1031 Exchange.  Speaking with a trusted tax advisor is key to learning the requirements, but many investors have questions about how an exchange will affect their sale and how the process actually works.  Every 1031 Exchange company operates differently, but here is a sample outline of a standard delayed exchange.
Prior to Sale:
Investor decides to sell, contracts a real estate agent, receives and accepts an offer. Add intent to do an exchange to the sales contract. … (4 comments)

washington: Olympia Washington and the Retail Debate - 10/29/07 03:24 AM
Will the ever changing Westfield Mall lose it's prized retail core status of Olympia within the next 10 years?
Short answer - YES
With new developments along the I-5 corridor approximately 10 miles North in the Hawks Prairie area, national retailers will begin making choices as to which location optimizes their visibility.  Sure West Olympia still has the population and good demographics, but Hawks Prairie is growing, has Fort Lewis troop increases and an ever rising household income.
I believe all these items combined will cause the "new downtown" of Lacey to emerge as the new retail capitol of the Olympia area.  The next … (0 comments)

washington: Are you on edge? - 10/28/07 06:58 AM
 Is it the full moon or is it the current state of the market?
 Have you found over the past few weeks you have not been "completely" yourself?  Sure you are still you and you are as good as you were 2 years ago - just as motivated, just as helpful, just as good with your clients (when they come around).  But something is different, whether at home or with associates.
It seems to me something is in the air.....other associates of mine had made mention of this.  I feel it too.....it's almost stifling.....breathing becomes a task instead of a natural habit.
Take some … (3 comments)

washington: Too many projects not enough time - 10/27/07 06:30 AM
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?  We can only hope so.
I purchased two homes in July and due to poor contractor work have been unable to finalize the "flips" until just a few days ago.  During that time I have witnessed the market lag and fall, and try to climb and lag again.....hopefully my delays are part of a larger plan.   Worst case scenario means rent until I am comfortable with an estimated selling price or sit on stagnant product waiting for the right buyer. 
Have you had similar experiences?  Where, when?  Are you still in it?
Who's got … (6 comments)




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