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Many people have been entering the real estate market as investors for the first time and have been exploring the benefits of tax deferral using a 1031 Exchange.  Speaking with a trusted tax advisor is key to learning the requirements, but many investors have questions about how an exchange will ...
Will the ever changing Westfield Mall lose it's prized retail core status of Olympia within the next 10 years?Short answer - YESWith new developments along the I-5 corridor approximately 10 miles North in the Hawks Prairie area, national retailers will begin making choices as to which location op...
 Is it the full moon or is it the current state of the market? Have you found over the past few weeks you have not been "completely" yourself?  Sure you are still you and you are as good as you were 2 years ago - just as motivated, just as helpful, just as good with your clients (when they come a...
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?  We can only hope so. I purchased two homes in July and due to poor contractor work have been unable to finalize the "flips" until just a few days ago.  During that time I have witnessed the market lag and fall, and try to climb and lag again.....
Have you found that when you answer a question honestly that you are then taken advantage of by another agent or a client and then somehow left in the cold on a deal?Recently I was working with an agent who submitted a back up offer on a piece of property that I had listed and was currently under...
As investors pulled out of the market sellers have been left holding the bag on NNN leases and other retail developments that had previously been selling in the 5-6% cap range. Now sellers are readjusting listed sales prices across the country as the amount of investors may have not changed but t...
An impressive attempt at identifying the reasons big media are focused on the negative market and constant exposure on television.This is an excerpt of an article that I read written by By Dillon Devereaux on Oct 2, 2007 in Triangle News,Advertising DollarsTraditionally, the real estate industry ...
Quick Update on Listings  FOR SALE12.75 acres at Cooper Pt. Rd. and Hwy 101 - $3,600,000 PENDING8.99 acres at 93rd and Hwy 99 - $1,728,000 PENDING39.1 acres on 93rd Avenue in Tumwater - AVAILABLE - recent price reduction $2,950,000 - will allow for 190 residential units in a clustered development...
Today I received a phone call from a prospective client who was in the pursuit of a dream job as a gas station owner.......don't laugh.......some of them do quite well.As we discussed a few of the listed stations (as most know everything in commercial real estate is for sale for the right price) ...
Through the past few months since joining Active Rain I have noticed some distinct standout performers either in writing style and/or knowledge of their market or niche.It has been impressive to see these writers dedication to continue their blogs and their routines - here are some of the most re...

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