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Employment Rates are on the rise - industrial vacancy rates are extremely low and more industries are looking to relocate into the area.  This is the word from the Economic Development Council as they continue to assist in the local economy of Thurston County.  I can tell you that it is mind bogg...
The 137 acre master planned community is getting closer and closer as each day passes to realizing the dream that the Briggs Family began back in 1991.  Architects NBBJ initiated the first drawings of the master planned community in 1996 and finally with road improvements and the infrastructure i...
Isn't it great when you receive 400 comments in one day on a meaningless blog?Or even better when you get 3 transactions started in one day based on a previous interaction with one individual?Have you ever wondered why when you are on vacation you receive more calls and typically do more business...
 I have gone round and round with my associates as to the best possible real estate investments.....the argument always comes down to 2 key ingredients. 1.  On the residential side they are able to leverage their property at typically a higher LTV than the commercial property.2.  On the commercia...
Straight from the mouth of Fred Meyer development directors regarding the Hawks Prairie area just north of Lacey, WA they have identified this as a "over-retailed" corridor based on demographics alone.  To give you some perspective here is an abbreviated version of the whole story - Hawks Prairie...
Do you have investors that are getting fed up with their rentals?  The constant calls from tenants asking to fix basic problems?I've got an answer!!NNN Leases - The three N's stand for Net with each one symbolizing Property Taxes, Insurance and Common Area Maintenance.Do you ever wonder who owns ...
Earlier today I wrote a blog about blogging.......the comedy being that I wasn't looking for comments.  And I ended up with more than ever.  In reference to others who were curious about their statistics and why they weren't getting more comments I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at...
I've read it all......from "not enough comment" blogs otherwise known as frustrated bloggers to "how to get X pts in X days" otherwise known as lame writers to "They stole my content" blogs otherwise known as "I need attention and credit".No matter how many times I log on I see all these blogs th...
Sure has been interesting to tune into the blogging/networking websites of real estate agents, mortgage brokers and others during the last few months.  Not only are most singing doomsday songs, but many are falling into the crowd and following the media's direction.  INCREDIBLE!!!!On the flip sid...
Recently I read a blog regarding cold calling and how it is scary or causes nervousness.  I agree with that sentiment, however I have found a way to continue cold calling even when most would give up or feel they don't do it well enough to try it.  I have often said I can't sell anything to anybo...

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