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What advice can be offered when a national insurance broker like Aon is predicting 10 percent across the board increases in health insurance premiums? The advice is NOT sit-back, auto-renew and wait for a Public Option.  Because there is a very honest chance the Public Option never materializes. ...
  Voting is now open for the 2009 Best Wordpress Blog Design! Click Here to vote for  Follow the link and scroll down (nominees are in alphabetical order) to find the Ryan Hanley radio button. Everyone here very much appreciates your support of the Albany Insurance Professional b...
Paul Sullivan of the New York Times  in April of 2009 wrote an article in theWealth Matters section titled "Never Mind your 401(k). How's Your Insurance?"Mr. Sullivan starts his article with a very simple yet powerful sentence,"Insurance is the least sexy asset in most portfolios."  Why is this s...
This new legislation states "Businesses that do not offer health coverage to their workers would pay an 8 percent payroll tax to help subsidize coverage ..."  And by "subsidize" they mean make you pay for the Public Plan.  For the full Article please follow this link to my outside blog: http://ww...
I blog in two different communities, The AR Community and The Internet Community.  I love the traffic generated by AR.  The feedback and camaraderie from fellow members is great. But I felt I was missing something. I really wanted to spice up my writing space and be able to speak to an audience o...
Last year health insurance premiums in the State of New York increased ~ 13%, drastically outpacing inflation which generally speaking was between 3-4%.  So as a business owner, how do you retain top talent (or at least decent talent) if you can't provide at least minimal health benefits?  If you...
I was recently introduced to the President of iZoca, a new networking site located convienently at  We all probably use numerous networking sites all established for different purposes.  But with the busy schedules that most of us keep its extremely hard to keep up with them all.  ...
This is the first time I have ever Re-Blogged another contributor's post but I felt that Sandy really hit home on some key often overlooked business advice.At a social function recently, someone came up to me and asked if I was feeling alright---that I seemed concerned or distracted by something....
I am often approached by business owners throughout the Capital Region for advice on how to ease the cost of workers compensation (WC) insurance, particularly in this economic downturn.  My advice is always the same; the best way to save is by taking the time to set up a proper workers compensati...
I am a firm believer in the ActiveRain community despite the fact that I am not a real estate agent.  As an insurance professional and fellow salesperson I would like to think that I do add value to the community.  However, as I'm sure many of you have thought to yourself it can be hard to wrap y...

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