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Check out my latest video about the Nashville suburbs!
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I get asked this question often and in this video I go over some of my "favorite" suburbs and neighborhoods around Nashville. My list of suburbs is totally biased and based upon where I live and sell the most.
These are the areas where most of my clients have chosen to live. The vast majority of my clients work either in Nashville, Brentwood (Maryland Farms), Franklin (Cool Springs), or Smyrna and Murfreesboro.
Again this is just my totally impartial list of best places … (2 comments)

nashville real estate: Nashville TN - After the storms last night. - 01/30/13 09:57 AM
I saw on the news that the National Weather Service said that 3 different tornadoes touched down in Tennessee last night.  In Nashville, the meterologists were saying it was more likely staight line winds.  Another report today said the wind gusts reached 105 miles per hour last night in Murfreesboro TN.  I snapped a couple of pictures today of the damage and downed trees in the East Nashville/Inglewood area.  




nashville real estate: South Nashville Home - Great Nashville Location. - 09/17/12 03:50 AM
Perfect Starter Home … (2 comments)

nashville real estate: Nashville Short Sale - SOLD!!! - 07/25/11 09:43 AM
This Nashville Short Sale took longer than normal but we got it closed.  This is an FHA short sale where the initial appraisal came in way too high at $180,000.  We marketed the house and had quite a few showings but no offers.  When the intial four month HUD preforeclosure program approval expired, Citi agreed to extend the program approval and ordered a new appraisal.  This new appraisal came in at $140,000 and we subsequently re-listed the property for $129,000.  Finally after 173 total days on the market, we closed this Nashville Short Sale at $129,300.  My sellers are happy as … (1 comments)

nashville real estate: Nashville Short Sale -1432 Goodnight Court - 07/13/11 04:14 PM
Like brand new with over 3200 sq ft … (1 comments)

nashville real estate: Avoid Foreclosure with a Nashville Short Sale - 03/26/11 04:01 PM

nashville real estate: Nashville Short Sale - Attention Investors. - 03/26/11 02:01 PM
This new Nashville Short Sale listing sold for $115,000 just three years ago.  It's a diamond in the rough but the potential is there to make a really nice profit, priced at only $44,900. 
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nashville real estate: The Importance of a Home Office - 09/28/10 04:53 PM
Trends and fads come and go, especially in real estate.  I remember when buyers just had to have a bay window SOMEWHERE in the house.  Over the past few years, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances have been must-haves.  Other fads that faded or never really caught on were "morning rooms", which I felt were just additional kitchen space or a mini-dining room.  I've never really seen much demand for a central vaccuum system either.  It would be nice to have but not a dealbreaker by any means.
Nowadays with the advent of the internet and being able to perform a … (17 comments)

nashville real estate: The Real Estate Market of 2006 is gone. - 09/21/10 03:40 PM
Besides doing short sales and helping buyers find the perfect home, I do a lot of loss mitigation work for various lenders.  How this works is that when the mortgage company/lender cannot get in touch with a homeowner, I will often times receive an order from the lender to go out and try to make contact with the homeowner.  Sometimes the lender just wants me to get the homeowner on the phone if possible.  Other times, I am asked to pick up items for a modification in process or take the final modification papers to the homeowner and notarize their signature. 

nashville real estate: Nashville TN Flood Victim Help with We Are Home Program - 09/19/10 11:58 AM
Those of us in the Nashville area remember the floods from May that displaced and destroyed the homes of many of our neighbors.  There are still a substantial number of flood victims who are not yet back in their homes.  To assist those homeowners rebuild and repair their homes, Metro Nashville has an assistance program by the name of We Are Home to help those affected.
The We Are Home program provides low or no interest loans, grants, and volunteer construction work to flood victims.  The We Are Home program uses private donations as well as federal funds to cover the … (1 comments)

nashville real estate: Antioch TN Real Estate - Hickory Hollow Mall to Evolve - 09/14/10 03:34 PM
As a native Nashvillian, I grew up in the south Nashville-Melrose area.  I have lived in Inglewood and two different neighborhoods in Antioch.  Living in Antioch in the 1990s, I remember when Hickory Hollow Mall was bustling and running at full capacity.  JCPenney, Dillard's, and Castner Knott were all there.  Circuit City and Toys R Us were just across the parking lot.  Especially during Christmas time, you could not get down Hickory Hollow Parkway at a faster pace than a snail's crawl because of the shoppers and their traffic.  The 1990s were the boom years.  Then slowly Hickory Hollow Mall began … (0 comments)

nashville real estate: Extreme Makeover coming to Antioch TN - 09/11/10 04:30 PM
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is coming to Antioch TN.  Ty Pennington and the crew will be helped by Hardaway Construction and LP Building Products (of LP Field fame - where the Tennessee Titans play).  Lighthouse Christian School in Antioch is the site for the makeover.  Those of us in the Nashville area remember in May when the floods pushed a portable at the school off it's foundation and it was shown floating down I-24 on the evening news.   The preschool at Lighthouse Christian was also destroyed in the flooding.  
For anyone who wants to help with a donation of … (0 comments)

nashville real estate: The Friday Night Social Life of a Real Estate Broker - 09/10/10 11:47 AM
I remember when I was in my teens and 20s (no really I do) and how excited I would be during this time of year.  I love football - high school, college, and pro.  I used to look so forward to the pep rallys on Friday before our school's football games.  Even when it was not football season, I loved going roller skating.  I could not wait to get off from my job at Lee's Chicken (now Mrs. Winners for you folks in the South), rush home, get a shower, and head out to the skating rink with my friends.,  My … (4 comments)

nashville real estate: Nashville Short Sale - Be Prepared to Submit Info Multiple Times - 09/09/10 04:26 PM
Once my Nashville short sale clients come to the decision to do a short sale, the majority of them often believe that the struggle with the mortgage company is about over.  In many cases, it is just beginning.  Just like the modification department, the short sale department is normally understaffed and poorly organized.  Often times many of the short sale negotiators and employees working in the short sale department are new employees.  The proper processes are often not in place or fully operational in the short sale department. 
I caution my Nashville short sale clients to NOT be surprised if we are asked … (0 comments)

nashville real estate: Nashville Short Sales - What is a Forbearance? - 09/07/10 03:35 PM
When I receive calls from potential Nashville short sale clients, I always go over the different alternatives to a short sale first to make sure that a Nashville short sale is the best option for the client.  A deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, also know as a friendly foreclosure, is only an option if you only have one loan/lien on your property. Almost all of my clients have applied for or maybe even tried a loan modification without much success.  Similar to a temporary loan modification is a repayment plan where the owner pays the regular monthly mortgage payment plus a portion of … (2 comments)

nashville real estate: Nashville Short Sales - Foreclosures Do Still Happen - 09/05/10 04:47 PM
As I have described short sales before, they are a race against foreclosure.  The vast majority of my Nashville short sale clients are already behind on their mortgage payments at the time they contact me about doing a short sale.  A little over half of my Nashville short sale clients are already in some stage of foreclosure at the time we place the property on the market.  I think a lot of people are under the impression that when you apply for a short sale, the foreclosure process stops.  This could not be further from the truth.  The majority of the … (0 comments)

nashville real estate: Nashville Short Sales - Check the Smell. - 09/04/10 02:59 PM
Curb appeal and de-cluttering are very important aspects when selling your property.  Most people interested in real estate know through the various home improvement/home selling/home buying shows how important neutral colors are when you put your property up for sale.  Some people even rent a storage unit to hold excess furniture and personal items. Other sellers have a yard sale or donate items to charity.  
With all of the frenzied activity around preparing your home for a Nashville short sale, one thing is sometimes overlooked - the smell.  People become so familiar with their own homes and their unique smells … (1 comments)

nashville real estate: Nashville Short Sales - Curb Appeal Still Matters - 09/02/10 04:52 PM
One thing that I always tell my Nashville short sale clients is that their property is just like every other property on the market - it just requires a third party approval.  Nashville short sales should be marketed as extensively as a "regular" (non-distressed) sale.  The property should be decluttered and cleaned.  Any deferred maintenance items should be repaired and unfinished projects completed.  The property should show as well as possible within the owner's means.  Sellers should make the property as available as possible for showings. 
Nashville short sale sellers should also pay attention to the curb appeal.  The sellers should … (0 comments)

nashville real estate: Nashville Short Sales - Include the Details on Your Hardship Letter - 08/30/10 04:33 PM
Anyone facing a Nashville short sale knows how difficult just coming to the decision to do a short sale is.  Most of my Nashville short sale clients have already applied for a modification or alternative payment schedule and have been turned down or simply given up after faxing the same piece of paper every 3 days for the past two months. Most of my short sale clients have bared their souls and practically submitted a DNA sample to their lender over the past 12 months in efforts to keep their homes.  It is gut-wrenching when you finally realize that all of … (0 comments)

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