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"The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way in which we use them."--Adriana Doyle  In a disagreement or negotiation, a great deal of energy is wasted focusing on where two parties disagree. Whether it's a tussle between a buyer and seller or husband and wife, our ...
Wednesday March 31st from 9 AM-1 PM lives will begin to change- and agents will be transformed... We'll be there.. WILL YOU? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIDyj7_yGdI Contact me (rlittlefield@kw.com)  or 217.239.7104 today to get signed up to attend.  The event will be held at The I Hotel and Co...
How are you coming along with your goals for 2010?  The month of January and the first week of February have flown by.  Did you call all the Withdrawns and Expireds tha that you could?  Are any of those FSBOs getting frustrated yet and closer to listing with you?  Have you called the 1st 1/12 of ...
While most Realtors are sitting back and taking a little time off, the ones that will be winning in 2010 are building their inventory of listings now!  They are focused on their goals for 2010 and know how many listings they need to take to achieve a certain amount of GCI, how many appointments t...
When the market shifts, so should you.  Sellers are looking for agents that are not afraid to price their properties to sell.  Show them the numbers, don't be afraid to tell them the truth however much it might hurt.  Show them what's selling and what isn't.  Show them what their competition will...
In Gary Keller's latest book, SHIFT, How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times, mind set and attitude is the #1 and most impartant chapter in the book, in my opinion. I like all the quotes included in this chapter.  Harvey Mackay, "Decide what your priorities are and how much time you'll spen...
When things aren't going the way we want them to go, we realize that we've got to change something to change something in our lives!  This is never an easy thing to do.  But do them we must!  1.  First you must change your thinking.  Are you thinking of your frustrations and what's going wrong al...
It was an exciting week in Austin at Keller William's Mega Camp 2008.  Gary Keller has just released his new book "SHIFT".  He shared the 12 tactics that top Real Estate Agents across the country are using to thrive in the shifting market.  What I took away with it was the importance of Lead Gene...
I find it interesting that so many people today are always looking for the problems in life.  Everyone has problems, it's just what we do with them that determines our happiness.  Are we responding to them or learning how to handle them?  Be ready to anticipate them and treat them as opportunitie...
Good morning everyone, Keller Williams has recently started "Power Hour" for their agents.  It's a motiving, fun packed way to get your day started and do the basics of what we all need to do to be successful in Real Estate.  Today's sifting market will separate the pretenders from the contenders...

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