dryer vent: Consumers in San Anselmo Learn why Dryer Vent Repair and Cleaning is Essential - 08/28/09 09:17 AM
Appliance repair service is usually the answer when appliances are not functioning properly.  The clothes dryer is an exception to the rule; dryer vent repair and cleaning cures most clothes dryer ailments
San Anselmo, CA - Appliance repair service, though often necessary, can be very expensive.  The appliance repairman is usually the first person called when appliances fail to operate properly.  Rhonda Nole, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, a dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation specialist explained why clothes dryers are an exception.  "Air flow is the most important function of a clothes dryer," said Rhonda.  "The dryer vent system … (0 comments)

dryer vent: Clothes Dryer Repair and Dryer Vent Repair Tips from the Wizard of Marin County - 08/28/09 09:15 AM
Appliance repair service is usually the answer when appliances are not functioning properly.  The clothes dryer is an exception to the rule.  In most cases, if your dryer is not working right, there is an airflow problem.  Calling a dryer repairman to correct the problem can be very expensive.  A dryer vent cleaning service is the right choice to make when the dryer is malfunctioning.
Lint is the evil culprit when there is an airflow problem; lint clogged dryer vents cause over 15,000 dryer fires each year.  Lint builds up in several areas including inside the dryer, in the dryer … (0 comments)

dryer vent: Dryer Fire Prevention Tips in Addition to Dryer Vent Cleaning - 05/23/09 07:23 AM
A lot of articles have been published about dryer vent cleaning and fire prevention.  Besides dryer vent cleaning, there is another issue to take into consideration; storage in the laundry area.
Your laundry room is not just a place to wash your clothes, but also often a place for storing a number of things including cleaning supplies, grocery bags, tools and anything else that seems to belong there. If your dryer is in your garage, you may even have some flammable materials and other garage-type items stored nearby. While this may seem to be a perfect place to store things, … (0 comments)

dryer vent: Dryer Exhaust Inspection - Serious Fire Hazard in Greenbrae, CA; Dryer Vent Cleaning not the Issue - 05/23/09 07:20 AM
Though failure to clean dryer vents is the number one cause of clothes dryer fires, Rhonda Nole explains other threats
Greenbrae, CA - Rhonda Nole is the owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, a dryer vent cleaning and dryer exhaust specialist in the Greater North Bay, California area.  Rhonda recently inspected a dryer vent system and she was happy to see that it was properly installed and met all UL safety standards.  A complete cleaning was all that was needed for the system to work efficiently; however, the area was not free from fire hazards.
In a recent interview, Rhonda … (3 comments)

dryer vent: Q & A about Dryer Vent Cleaning and Lint Build-up According to Marin County, California Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair Specialist - 04/13/09 07:34 AM
Dryer vent cleaning is the removal of lint build-up, starting in the dryer drum itself, leading to the exhaust ducts and the dryer vent attached to the outside of your home.  Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about dryer vent cleaning:
Q:  Honestly, do I really need to concern myself with dryer vent cleaning?
A:  Yes!  One of the leading causes of house fires is the clothes dryer!  Most dryer fires happen as the result of improper maintenance, mainly, failure to clean the dryer vents and exhaust ducts.
Q:  How often is dryer vent cleaning recommended?
A:  … (0 comments)


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