My company, Glastonbury Home Staging has been offered a great opportunity to come up with a creative, interactive way for a large group of real estate agents to try their hand at staging in a fun competitive way. Ideally it would be virtual staging, something that we could maybe have teams compet...
I think all stagers here on Active Rain are very creative people. And I think most creative people love art and since most of the stagers here on the rain are women or people who love and appreciate women, I wanted to share this youtube video. Some of you may have already seen this, but, I just l...
Anyone use this new iPhone yet? My husband went to our local Apple store and came back so excited this new phone. Of, course he is a huge fan and loyal customer. We have all MACs at our house, so I wasn't surprised by his enthusiasm. He did think it would be a great tool for my business, Glastonb...
I posted a few weeks back about a large house in South Windsor, CT, my company, Glastonbury Home Staging, staged that was so big and ornate, that I thought it looked like a hotel ballroom. I had planned to show the before and after photos; but.....the before's were on our second laptop and the ha...
I had written a blog a couple of weeks back about a house that was way too country and really turned buyers off. Well my company, Glastonbury Home Staging, basically turned the house upside down and changed around bonus room, family room, and living rooms. So I put together a video show that show...
I just posted about a house I just completed staging and tried to link to my real estate show. i can see that it did not work. Can someone help me with this so I can correct it? Thanks so much.
My company Glastonbury Home Staging was hired last week to stage this beautiful colonial reproduction, located in Wethersfield, CT. It is a beautiful home and was very nicely maintained and just needed some up editing and up to date accessories. I would have like to have gone a little further and...
I am working on a redesign with a limited budget and would like to do something with the bathroom tiles. I know that there is some paint that you can use on tiles. Just wondering if any of you have done this and what the results were?  If you have painted tiles is there a product you would recomm...
    An agent whom I have teamed up successfully in the past called me recently to come and see a house she had just listed during an open house. She said this house was a beautiful four-bedroom farmhouse styled house. The property was nicely landscaped and it had a beautiful pool area. It was loc...
I was contacted by a woman from Colorado this spring. She found me on the internet, she wasn't sure but I think it may have been from Active Rain. Her dad had lived here in Connecticut and had passed away last September. She had come out her and emptied his condo and listed it with a local agent....

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