home maintenance: Keep That Lawn Smiling.. - 05/26/16 01:55 AM
Lawn Care Tips  A lush lawn is not something the average homeowner thinks about before the Spring.  But once the trees start blooming and your grass isn’t quite coming in how you imagined it; time to hit your local home store.  Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your lawn while it’s still early.        First and foremost, get local advice pertaining to the growing conditions in your area.  There isn’t one fertilizer, one weed killer or one grass seed that works for every lawn.  Get customized solutions for your region. Talk to an expert at your garden center … (2 comments)

home maintenance: 8 Expensive Home Repairs.. How do you avoid them? - 12/31/15 04:03 AM
8 Expensive Home Repairs and How to Avoid Them 
        The most popular rule of thumb to save for home maintenance is 1% of the total cost of your house, annually.  That means if your home is worth $350,000, you’ll likely spend on average $3,500 a year on upkeep.  Obviously certain years you’ll spend more than others, for instance, the year you install new roofing.  Other years you’ll spend substantially less.  You can invest in a home warranty that will cover some repairs, but likely not all of them.   Some of the more expensive repairs can be avoided by simple … (1 comments)

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