real estate: Our Team Tradition During Christmas Time.. - 12/20/16 09:30 AM
'Tis the season to give back! 
Every Christmas, we at Clocktower, have made it a tradition to give back to someone in need. This year we came together to buy gifts for a family that may not otherwise be able to afford celebrating Christmas . This can be especially tough when parents who are going through a hard time are unable to provide for their kids. We consider it an honor to be able to do this and hope we have made a difference in someone's life.
I have been very passionate about being involved in different projects outside of the Real Estate … (2 comments)

real estate: Keep That Lawn Smiling.. - 05/26/16 01:55 AM
Lawn Care Tips  A lush lawn is not something the average homeowner thinks about before the Spring.  But once the trees start blooming and your grass isn’t quite coming in how you imagined it; time to hit your local home store.  Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your lawn while it’s still early.        First and foremost, get local advice pertaining to the growing conditions in your area.  There isn’t one fertilizer, one weed killer or one grass seed that works for every lawn.  Get customized solutions for your region. Talk to an expert at your garden center … (2 comments)

real estate: 3 Marketing Tips to Jump Start your Business! - 01/21/16 12:13 AM

3 Great Marketing Tips For Your Business
 Get On The InternetIt’s one thing to have a website but it’s an entirely different thing to be on social media sites. Most people check their online networks several times a day, mainly because they are so accessible through our mobile devices. A lot of people will try to focus on only one type of social media but what they don’t realize is that sometimes it pays off to belong to more than one. Does this mean more work for you? Not necessarily, some social networks will let you post to more than one simultaneously.  Quality … (3 comments)

real estate: Feeling Blue this Winter? - 01/20/16 11:54 PM
Brighten Up Your Home For The Winter      Don’t want to delay on improving your home just because the weather outside is frightful?  There are a few indoor projects to consider that will brighten your home while improving its value.  Whether your trying to flip your house or are just an avid DIYer that can’t sit still, here are some awesome things to do while stuck inside from the cold.      Paint Everyone knows that painting is one of the best and inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home.  What’s not widely known is that not every window in your … (0 comments)

real estate: Grant Funds Are Here! - 01/20/16 11:50 PM
Grant Funds are Back! Take a look at all the great options that are available! … (0 comments)

real estate: My Charity of the Month - 01/20/16 11:29 PM
Charity of the Month - Henrico PAL 
My Charity of the Month for January will be the Henrico Police Athletic League (PAL)!  This is a non-profit organization run by volunteers to provide educational, athletic and social programs to foster positive relationships between officers and youth.  They offer summer camps, mentorship, and even have basketball, dance and chess teams!  This is a cause that’s close to me because my dad was the Sheriff of Mathews County for many years.  This is a great organization that provides a great service to the community.  Started in 2007, it is still young and growing and … (0 comments)

real estate: Think of Investing in your Future - 01/18/16 09:59 PM
Saving for the Future? Think of Investing in Real Estate 
It’s true what they say, investing in Real Estate is not for everyone. It’s not a quick get rich scheme, instead it is something that requires time, patience and most importantly planning. What is funny about this logic is that it is not much different than investing in other investments and it could yield a very high return if done right. Real estate is a tangible good as opposed to other type of investment portfolios so its value doesn’t decrease as quickly as some other riskier ventures, but it does depend … (1 comments)

real estate: Welcome Active Rain Members! - 01/18/16 09:56 PM
Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog, I’ve had so many success stories and I have learned so much through my journey of being a Real Estate Agent that I would like to take sometime to talk about my best business practices. I love helping people and making sure that they get exactly what they want when it comes to Real Estate and Housing.
You will find all kinds of tips, tricks, real estate trends and advice in my blog. I spend a lot of time finding information for my clients about getting the greatest possible rates, finding the best contractors … (5 comments)

real estate: 70K PRICE DROP!! APARTMENT COMPLEX RICHMOND, VA - 01/18/16 04:09 AM

Lovely Updated Ranch in Petersburg  

real estate: 8 Expensive Home Repairs.. How do you avoid them? - 12/31/15 04:03 AM
8 Expensive Home Repairs and How to Avoid Them 
        The most popular rule of thumb to save for home maintenance is 1% of the total cost of your house, annually.  That means if your home is worth $350,000, you’ll likely spend on average $3,500 a year on upkeep.  Obviously certain years you’ll spend more than others, for instance, the year you install new roofing.  Other years you’ll spend substantially less.  You can invest in a home warranty that will cover some repairs, but likely not all of them.   Some of the more expensive repairs can be avoided by simple … (1 comments)

real estate: What is a Good Investment, What is a Bad Investment? - 12/30/15 09:43 PM
Good Investment, Bad Investment             Some people want to buy a house that is already perfect for them, meets all their needs and they don’t have to do anything at all to improve it besides paint a wall or two.  But for most people, the best quality in a home is potential.  They’d like to mold it into something spectacular in hopes their investment will bring them a sparkling return.  That’s making money work for you.  However, some people get side stepped into thinking any old improvement will get their money back, but it is not so. I’ve put … (13 comments)

real estate: What are the 10 top New Year's Resolutions? Find out... - 12/29/15 01:11 AM
Wishing you a bright and prosperous New Year!Top 10 New Year's resolutions: 1. Lose weight 2. Getting organized 3. Spend less, save more 4. Enjoy life to the fullest 5. Staying fit and healthy 6. Learn something exciting 7. Quit smoking 8. Help others in their dreams 9. Fall in love 10. Spend more time with family  … (3 comments)

real estate: Common Home Inspection Misconceptions - 12/28/15 03:31 AM
Common Home Inspection Misconceptions      1.  Thinking that passing code means inspected— Contractors may know of all your local codes, but just because new construction on your home, an addition or otherwise, passes code doesn’t mean you should make assumptions on its quality.  In one example, an inspector discovered missing support beams in the crawl space of a new home to make room for duct work and it had already started sinking.  An inspection will give you an idea of the quality construction that’s been undertaken and could save you from future financial pitfalls.   2.  Choosing cost over experience— … (6 comments)

real estate: Navigating Home Inspection Contigencies - 12/21/15 05:24 AM
How to Navigate Home Inspection Contingencies 
     I have often talked about the importance of a home inspection for many reasons.  As a buyer, to make sure there aren’t any major hidden problems with your purchase, on foreclosed homes to find out what will or will not pass inspection and even affect your loan terms, or as an investment property in order to accurately tally the foreseen cost vs. profit margin.  Here’s an article by Benny L. Cass that speaks from the seller’s point of view and I think it makes a lot of really good points.  It not only … (12 comments)

real estate: Organize Your Leads - 12/21/15 01:30 AM
As a Realtor it Helps to Organize Your Leads         As a Realtor, it is part of my daily, weekly and monthly routine to stay organized and set goals.  Staying organized can not only help you get more leads, but differentiate the serious ones from the casual ones.  I personally, keep a record of all of my leads in different categories.  This helps to prioritize those in most need of my services.  While they aren’t exactly categorized in this manner, a recent article by Randall Kaplan sums up why staying organized is so important for a realtor!    
What … (2 comments)

real estate: Great Renovation Project in Petersburg VA - 12/03/15 03:59 AM
Great Home to Renovate in Petersburg, VA!   

real estate: What Fees Buyers Need to be Aware of When Buying a Home - 11/25/15 12:25 AM
In this video I explain to buyers what are some of the fees involved when purchasing a home, this way they will know about how much they will need when shopping around to buy.

real estate: Sold in a Flash! - 11/23/15 09:57 PM
THIS HOME SOLD IN A FLASH! On the market for one day!
Nestled in Henrico County is this lovely split foyer home at 315 Buffalo Rd. Before entering you will find beautiful landscaping and a fully paved driveway with space for several cars. Entering the home you will find a beautiful chandelier and hardwood stairways for access to the upstairs or downstairs areas. Upstairs is a spacious family room with hardwood floors and great natural lighting that opens into the dining area. The dining space also has hardwood floors throughout and patio sliding doors with direct access to the outside deck. The … (0 comments)

real estate: Introdution to Me: Rhonda Howlett - 11/16/15 03:36 AM

Rhonda Howlett is a Real Estate Agent in Richmond, VA and works with Keller Williams Realty. She's started this YouTube Channel to teach all the knowledge that she has gained from being one of the top Realtors in the area for both seller and buyers.

Rhonda Howlett, Your History... In the Making... (Clocktower Realty Group)

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