rva realtors: Back-to-Work - 10/06/16 02:08 AM
After such a busy and record-breaking summer, we are excited to get "back-to-work" so to speak as the fall season so often motivates us to do! Our team meeting at Caturra - Grove Avenue was fun and productive!
We are pleased to welcome all the new members of our team with their unique talents as we grow into our full potential! But as hard as we work, we always make time to have fun - Happy Birthday to of one of our original team members, Enrique Mendez of Design By E!

rva realtors: Well Maintained 2-story Colonial in Williamsburg For Sale - 09/09/16 01:50 AM


rva realtors: Who Doesn't Like a Little Assistance? - 08/11/16 01:06 AM
How Downpayment Assistance Programs can help you and why you should act NOW! The VHDA is  changing the rules come September 7, 2016 when it comes to downpayment assistance programs.  Assistance for both FHA and traditional loans are being REDUCED.  However, you still have time to apply before the deadline!  Don't miss out on potentially thousands of dollars in purchase power by not taking advantage of these programs NOW! 

How Downpayment Assistance Can Help You Foot the Bill for a Home
By Cathie Ericson of Realtor.com
House-hunting bummer: You’ve found the perfect home, and you’ll have no trouble covering your monthly mortgage and bills—but … (0 comments)

rva realtors: Do Yourself and Your Client and Favor... - 05/31/16 01:55 AM
Pre-Inspection Home Dissection        When I first became a real estate agent, I would write offers left and right— hungry to get my clients the house they wanted.  But with experience I learned how to work smarter, not harder.  The first year I was an agent I would say that I wrote offers on about 8 to 10 houses that got released because of the inspection findings.  It was that year I put together a guide on things to look for when walking through a home.  There are always going to be issues you can’t catch on your own, … (0 comments)

rva realtors: Investment Properties... Yay or Nay? - 05/26/16 01:44 AM
Are Investment Properties For You? At Clocktower Realty Group, we handle a lot of investment properties.  In fact, it's how I got my start in Real Estate! We love the opportunities that investing Real Estate can bring.  Its effect the neighborhood, the block, and the property itself is really an investment back into the city. We've worked with lots of investors who rely on us to find properties with a high return value and long-term growth.  If you're a seasoned investor, or just looking to get started, here's some tips on making a smart investment that works for you!

Want To Be … (0 comments)

rva realtors: Basement Renovations..Do they Pay off? - 05/26/16 01:41 AM
        How Basement Renovations Can Pay Off   Straight from Realtor.com comes great tips on what to do with a basement that has potential! It not only adds SO much value to your home, it creates another living space to enjoy for years to come!
  8 Basement Renovations That Really Pay Off!
By: Margaret Heidenry
Sure, walking down rickety stairs and gazing into a dark, dank cellar might put you off the idea of dropping wads of cash to hang out there. For motivation to clear away the cobwebs, consider the fact that updating a basement could net you a 72.8% return … (0 comments)

rva realtors: JUST LISTED! Home For Sale in Chesdin Landing in Chesterfield, VA - 05/05/16 06:40 AM
Gorgeous Home in Chesdin Landing Subdivision 

rva realtors: Home SOLD in Petersburg, VA!!!!!! - 03/08/16 04:22 AM
Lovely Updated Ranch in Petersburg 

rva realtors: Most Common Homeowner Tax Breaks - 02/11/16 01:23 AM
5 Of The Most Common Homeowner Tax Breaks 
Mortgage Interest
Like most things that accrue interest, they can be taxed. In this case, that tax actually works in your favor as a tax break. I think this one of the most important tax breaks that most homeowners can take advantage of because it applies to the majority of people. Your bank should be sending you a statement that you can plug in into your tax return. This tax break applies to a second mortgage such as refinancing, equity loans and lines of credit as long as they are under $100,000. 
Have you ever … (0 comments)

rva realtors: What 2016 Looks like for Homebuyers - 01/28/16 02:33 AM
2016 Outlook for Homebuyers      For first time home buyers, the market is primed and ready in 2016.  However, just like last year, mortgage rates are rising along with home prices.  While both aren’t expected to go up as rapidly as they did last year, new lending guidelines can make it harder to obtain certain loans for first time buyers.  So, during this time of year take extra care when filing your taxes if you plan on purchasing a home loan and strike while the iron is hot.  Don’t wait for rising prices to get into your new home!   … (1 comments)

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