technology: Digital Signatures Celebrated on Earth Day! - 04/22/11 03:51 AM
If you're here much, you know that I'm a tech junkie and that I love green initiatives, which is why I'm so heavily involved at OKCMAR. Perhaps you've seen my constant (and probably sometimes annoying) push for digital signature legislation over the past couple of years. Whether you have or not, today is an extra-special Earth Day, because up until last week, Oklahoma was the only state in which digital signatures could not be used on real estate contracts. Thanks to some great legislators and a lot of hard work and long hours from many of our local Realtors and affiliates, … (2 comments)

technology: Gen Y - Why You May Not Be Connecting - 08/11/09 11:13 AM
I just read a gem of an article about how GenYers view their online relationships. I frequently find myself in discussions about the long-term upsides and downsides of social media, so I found this particular article useful from both standpoints.
But what we, as Realtors, MUST understand is the way that social media is interpreted by the next generation of home buyers. Like it or not, buyers in their early twenties prefer to communicate in ways that are far different from what you may be used to.
Text messaging is a great example of this. I personally prefer texting over voicemails … (68 comments)

technology: This is for the Agents Still on the Fence... Wake Up! - 12/31/08 03:12 AM
In my local market, I'm amazed daily by the number of agents who just don't see where our business is headed.  Many don't see it because they just simply haven't kept up, while many others simply choose not to care.
I always wonder, do they really think that the changes going on in our industry are temporary, or are they just naive enough to think that someday they'll be able to catch up?
Technology is moving at such an amazing pace that it won't be long before those who aren't keeping up now will be unable to catch up.  They'll simply … (13 comments)

technology: Wish Your Camera Was Wi-Fi Ready? - 11/19/08 03:41 PM
I know it makes me a geek, but I get excited about new technology, and in today's world things are moving at a very rapid pace, so I get excited a lot!
I don't know about you, but I send pictures from my phone all the time.  I post photos to the various social networking sites I'm active on, I send pics to family and friends for a laugh, and I often post pictures and information about a new listing before I've even left the listing appointment, giving my new clients IMMEDIATE marketing exposure. 
But I've often pondered how cool it … (9 comments)

technology: Video is where it's at... but HOW? - 01/07/08 12:45 PM
I've been brainstorming a lot lately about the right way to bring video into both my localism posts and my listings, and today I stumbled across a very cool piece on Joel Burslam's blog, which brings a trendy, edgy approach to a localism-esque video.
In my opinion, the featured REALTOR® did a fantastic job of summing up the highlights of the neighborhood, while subtly positioning herself as the area expert and advertising herself.
The purpose of my posting it here is two-fold.  First, I wanted to share the video with all of my AR family who might also experience a spark of creativity as a result of seeing … (13 comments)

technology: The Challenge - Finding a Way to Balance Technology and Real Life - 12/07/07 06:44 AM
Hi, my name is Ryan, and I'm a tech-junkie. I think most guys are. I seem to take it to the extreme at times though. Even my CPA thinks so... every year when he sees the deductions I list, he jokes about how I spend more on "new toys" than any other category of write-offs.
What can I say...? I love the stuff. I love learning new things and playing with new gadgets. What I love even more though is the efficiency that many of my "toys" allow me. I know, without a doubt, that I'm far more efficient than 99% … (8 comments)

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