illinois: MY FIRST EMAIL CLOSING!! - 04/04/12 05:28 AM
The above closing has been set as follows:
4/5/12 at Remote/Email
Closing Agent: 
Illinois Attorney At Law, PC
Remote/Email directly with the attorney for the buyer
Well now, we just did a video closing a few months back which was a first for me.  Before you know it, there will be SMART PHONE CLOSING!! Just go to your instant messaging, text a code, and WHAMO! - pick up your loot from the nearest ATM machine!

"Where the RIGHT … (11 comments)

illinois: Don't Eat Another BAD CHECK Loss!! Come Get Your Money ON!! - 04/27/10 09:30 AM
Do you know of any small businesses in your neighborhood who have lost money due to payments not recouped from BAD checks?  This practice hurts us all.  Here is a meeting you may want to send them to while they dine on a flavorful meal from the grill!
Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 28th, at 11:30AM, Gina P. Burnett, from the Cook County State Attorney's Office will be our guest speaker at the Calumet City, Illinois' Chili's.   Her topic?  The BAD CHECK RESTITUTION PROGRAM! 
Come join host, Calumet City Chamber of Commerce from 11:30AM until 1:00PM, as we hear of these workable solutions!  At times like these... we need ALL of our … (12 comments)

illinois: Glimpses At RainCamp - 04/19/10 09:46 AM

Would you like a "Zestimate" about the home you are attempting to sell or buy without doing a CMA?  
That's the good news Sara shared right here at Rain Camp..... amongst other things......

Finally caught up with...... CRAIG SCHILLER!!

The AWESOME Trio..... that ROCKS RAINS!!!

Alan May from CHICAGO!!!!
More to come..............

illinois: WE ARE HERE!!!!! AT RAIN CAMP!!!! - 04/19/10 07:07 AM
We are here!!!!  Rain-Camp that's where!!!  Seven of us arrived from the Rice Team.... YEA!!!!  Hey if you are here too, send me an email.... or better yet, LOOK up to the furthermost LEFT rows.... second, third and forth tiers have the Rice Agents in them....!!
 Are YOU here????

 WHY are we here????  to get information, socialize, network, catch up with buddies, give education to my agents,....... AND..... learn ways to help owners, renters, buyers, and sellers!!!!

illinois: Can YOU See What I See? - 01/11/10 06:28 PM
Have you stopped to consider a view contrary to yours that may have angered you?  Just HOW can one THINK like that, you may have murmured inwardly....  Man is full of opinions, thoughts and ideas that are being openly expressed now more than ever!!  Name a media outlet, and you'll find an abundance of talk!

Freedom of speech does not mean that what spills out of the mouth is to be accepted freely!
Wisdom warns us to be watchful of what's heard and place a guard over what's entering into the heart.... for out of it flows the issues of life! 
Anger can … (38 comments)

illinois: Using Schools As A Resource - A few Useful Tips - 10/08/09 03:35 PM
Doug Hamilton, Superintendent of School District 151, in South Suburban, Illinois was our guest speaker at the South Holland Business Association Luncheon, September 24th, 2009.
The topic:  "Schools,  An Untapped Market"  was presented by Mr. Hamilton with such simplicity, that businesses who who were in attendance must have all been thinking the same thing.... "why hadn't we tapped onto this before?"  "Use US as a resource", he reiterated repeatedly!  We listened as the Superintendent, (who remembered when South Holland was mostly made up of onion fields)  insisted we view schools as the biggest business in our neighborhood, sharing that … (7 comments)

illinois: WHY Does Your Picture Have Those Marks On It? - 09/19/09 06:41 PM

My driver's license expired in March.  I was required to renew in person to undergo vision screening, and get an updated photograph.   
My mind was pre-programmed to expect a criminal-looking photograph that would be my official identification for the next four to eight years! -------------------------->

Those who are acquainted with me, are accustomed to my routine of walking into a crowd, charging the atmosphere, revving up the audience until laughter flows, and no difference was made with my visit to the Secretary of State facility in Illinois. 
After handing over my old license, paying the renewal fee, and successfully passing the administered eye examination, time finally came to have my picture taken! 
When my name … (10 comments)

illinois: Village of Riverdale Joint Meeting With The Riverdale Landlords Association - 09/16/09 11:57 PM

Police Chief, Hollis Dorrough Jr.  addresses landlords at June 2009 meeting while Joe Hodges, Landlord President (left) looks on.
Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 5:30PM, the Riverdale Chamber of Commerce & The Riverdale Landlords' Association will have a joint meeting at the Riverdale Village Hall at 157 West 144Th Street in Riverdale, Illinois.  Refreshments will be served.  The village inspections of business & multi-family dwellings will be on the agenda.  For further information, contact Chamber Secretary, Adelle Swanson at Phone: 708-841-3311 or Email:  

Landlords listen attentively at one of the meetings which are held … (6 comments)

illinois: South Holland, IL Business - 03/23/09 07:58 PM
Friday, March 20th, 2009,a Business Expo was held at the Community Center in South Holland, Illinois.  Local businesses participated, and guest speakers lectured and gave counsel on how to thrive in a tight economy. I attended the event which was from 8:30 AM until 1:00PM.  Free lunch was catered by PK's of University Park for participants.
Here are a few pictures from it.
Diane Rice, a Property Manager & Real Estate Broker servicing the South Suburban Illinois & Northwest Indiana Communities can be reached at 708-862-RICE (7423). Web:

illinois: Squatter Moves In Rental House Without Security Deposit!! - 03/09/09 11:19 AM

We had not been notified in advance, and had not received a security deposit, rental payment, tenant application, or a current credit report!
So.... when the alarmed tenant called with a report of a squatter who took up residency in the lower quarters of their rental house we knew exactly what to do and this would NOT be tolerated!   It was not necessary to revert to the rental policy manual!  This uninvited intruder, sneakily moved in sometime during the night!  This was a PEST!  
I quickly did a Google search and came up with:
Safe Squatter Control - A site that has a gadget called a "Squatter Guard"* - They have a product called "Shake Away" … (21 comments)

illinois: Are You To Be A First Time Home Buyer? A $8000 Tax Credit Is Available For You! - 03/08/09 03:23 PM
Today, the TIME  changed in the major continents of the world to observe the daylight savings time tradition.  We adjusted our clocks here in Illinois, right along with others and lost one whole hour of time!  Can it be recaptured?  NO!  In the fall we gain an hour when the time falls back, however, the things we needed to do in March cannot wait until October! 
The good news is that you do not have to lose again... And you do not have to wait any longer! Now is an excellent time to trade in your rental for ownership!  You may have waited a lengthy endurance for this day to arrive and may be … (8 comments)

illinois: Rent To Own In Illinois & Indiana - 11/18/07 11:20 AM
   Cozy-up this winter! Choose your hibernating spot from amongst these choices: 
        Dolton, IL   4 bdrm/2 bath:  $1300/Month           Gary, IN 3 bdrm/2 bath:  $775.00/Month
       Markham, IL  4 bdrm/3 bath:  $1700/Month            Chicago, IL  2 bdrm/1 bath:  $995.00/Month 
      Homewood, IL  4 bdrm/3 bath:  $1895/Month         Dolton, IL  3 bdrm/2 bath:  $1300/Month
Come spend the winter in one of these homes, or select the condominium! They are all awaiting the arrival of "YOU"!  Rent while preparing to own!  If you, or someone you know has been working to improve your or their credit scores, you or they may not have to wait any longer!  Give us a call, or have them … (18 comments)

illinois: 155 East 163rd Street, South Holland, IL 60473 - 10/18/07 03:32 PM
 The Villas of South Holland....
 Imagine peace, quietness, and serenity.... all packaged up in one locale.....
  Undisturbed tranquility.... your get-a-way for every day of your life! 
 A community designed with YOU in mind.... tucked away, hidden, private, yet inviting....
   Simple allure...                                                  Beckons to you..... "Come in"
  Scenery surrounds.... whether outdoors....               Or in....
Your new address.... remember it... "155"  for ones "55" and beyond!" Architect's Special on 163rd Street!  This three bedroom, three bath, (one with whirlpool tub), fully handicap accessible townhouse boasts of many amenities.  Call … (12 comments)

illinois: 14224 Ingleside - Dolton, IL 60419 - 10/14/07 07:15 PM
3 Bedroom 2 bath Brick Rent to Own Home in Dolton Illinois. 
Home has Central Air, finished basement, and hardwood floors.  Rent while preparing to own!  Upgrades were done in 2006.  2 Car detached garage, enclosed fenced in private patio and nice back yard.  Tenants supply appliances.  Security System. $1300/Month
Walk to park and minutes from expressway.  More information at:

illinois: Crime-Free Housing Comes to Riverdale Illinois - 10/12/07 01:35 PM
Owners of property located in Riverdale Illinois attended the first mandatory training class required for the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program adopted by the Village of Riverdale earlier this year.  The training, held at Park School, October 6, 2007, was filled with approximately 100 owners who traveled from various locations to learn strategies taught by Officers of the Riverdale Police Department, headed by Community Support Officer, James Beatty. 
The Crime Free Housing program was developed in 1992 by the Mesa, Arizona Police Department. Over 1700 communities in 44 states and 4 Canadian provinces have been trained in CFH. The information contained in the seminar is a compilation … (16 comments)

illinois: Low Interest Loans For Business Owners in Illinois - 10/11/07 03:59 PM
Debbie Meyers-Martin, the Economic Development Coordinator from the Office of the Illinois State Treasurer's Office was the speaker at the Calumet City Chamber of Commerce meeting and luncheon held Wednesday, October 10, 2007, in Tom's Restaurant - Calumet City, Illinois. 
Ms. Meyers-Martin handed out literature and spoke on the low-interest rate loans for Illinois business owners, which are designed to ultimately create new jobs through the State's "Employ Illinois" program.  More information can be found on the website of State Treasurer, Alexi Giannoulias.  
A "Child Care Program" under "Employ Illinois" is also available for qualifying projects that generate new DCFS-licensed child care spaces.  This could be … (14 comments)

illinois: GET OFF THAT BOAT WITH MY RENT MONEY! - 09/18/07 04:52 PM
It's the 6th of the Month. We gave you 5 days of grace to get your rent in, and it's NOT HERE! Here comes the excuses..... Did your grandmother die again? Or is it your car this time? Of course, that's got to be it! You were not able to make it to work because your car broke down right? WRONG!
You've used excuse #258, #440, and #197.... I know them all.... It's NONE of those! You were on that boat again! Thought you'd win this time for sure didn't you? Well, you didn't..... and you didn't win the Lottery either! … (20 comments)

illinois: Your FIRST Crib! - 09/16/07 06:11 AM
So..... You're flying the coop?  Your wings have grown, you have discovered it's time to spread them and you are determined to find new horizons for yourself! You are loaded with ideas of how you'd like to make your own mark and get on with living your life singularly..... Besides....
There is just not enough room left in the nest, and you have learned the essentials of surviving on your own. You have a good paying job, a savings account, some wheels, and you have bought and paid for your own sound system and big screen plasma!  Nothing to do next … (27 comments)

illinois: GOOD Tenants for Owners in Illinois and Indiana - 08/12/07 03:40 PM
We, at Rice Property Management & Realty are honored to release good tenants to occupy homes of property owners who have entrusted their investments with us.  These very good tenants are trustworthy, reliable, accountable, and have become good stewards while renting our homes and apartments.  Our endeavor is to fill every vacancy with lessees as such in our Indiana and Illinois service areas.  These good tenants possess the qualities to become homeowners themselves if they so choose.  We have had much success!  
With numerous accounts of horror stories in circulation, an indefinite amount of property owners have become wary and a large amount are terrified of taking a risk with their investments.  Determined instead to … (8 comments)

illinois: New Eviction Procedures for Illinois - 08/07/07 12:52 PM
We received this fax a few days ago from our Attorney whom we use for evictions:
After a week or two of rampant rumors, the Sheriff of Cook County, Thomas Dart, has published new rules concerning enforcement of entered Orders for Possession, On July 30. 2007 the Sheriff announced by publication that commencing August 6, 2007, the Sheriff 's office will no longer provide moving crews.
While the procedure is somewhat confused and convoluted In the Sheriffs documentation, it appears that the new procedure will parallel that which has been in effect for commercial evictions in Cook County and both commercial … (8 comments)

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