rice property management: The American Dream.... A NIGHTMARE?? - 08/07/11 11:03 AM
There are historical sleepers emerging out of their intense 5 to 20 year deep snooze.... Awakening in time to discover that completely owning their home was just an illusion!  A fading vision that stopped short of completion, it was just a DREAM, that for some, graduated to becomig a horrific nightmare! Statistics record that 1 out of every 200 homes in America will be FORE-closed upon and that every 3 months, a staggering 250,000 new families will begin one! (Mortgage Bankers Association)FORE-closure has become the new FORE-letter bad word!  At the time buyers signed the documents FORE the home, most did not have the FORE-sight ahead to see this day!  It was a FOREign word then and has become a word we'd like … (13 comments)

rice property management: These Turn OFFS Will Get You Turned DOWN! - 05/03/11 03:23 AM
It occurred again! 
An inquirer called with an elaborate saga of justification in defense of her credit report being so displeasing.  Due to her co-signing for a relative who had not honored his repayment agreement, the negatives were recorded, reducing her score to the low 500's.  She continued on about having to abruptly move before the lease term was completed because of a job relocation. 
If that was not enough, the drama continued with detailed information describing what she said was rude and inconsiderate treatment received by her former management company upon returning the keys.  She expected to get an approval nod for cleaning the unit instead of a reprimand for the early termination.
Guess how many … (18 comments)

rice property management: Tsk - The Season! - 11/25/10 09:05 AM
Being in Property Management BY ITSELF is a huge chunk to deal with especially at this time of the year.  No matter how well the tenants have been screened, it seems to NEVER FAIL that managers report a lag in payments in this season at a rate of 10 to 20% of late or NO collections!  From the rents expected to recover, some may not be seen until income tax refunds come in from rapid filing!  Tsk The Season!

Typical Rent Delaying Excuses Heard: 
Uh, you UNDERSTAND, It's CHRISTMAS!! - Interpretation:  Y'all DON'T deserve to have one! Calling to say, we will be late, but we WILL pay the late fee! - Interpretation: We overspent! Something came up, but … (38 comments)

rice property management: SO..... You Want To Rent Your House Out, Eh? - 05/15/10 11:55 AM
WHAT?  You want to RENT OUT YOUR HOME?  Really?
You have come to this conclusion because your home SAT on the market for two years and failed to sell even though you.....
Updated it Offered a 13 Month Home Warranty Lowered the price of it regularly Switched REALTORS®  3 times!! Plastered ads in ALL the neighborhood spots Held monthly open houses             

If you reduced it any more, there would be NO profit from the sale!  Since you've already lost the equity, your last ounce of hope is to attempt to salvage something... ANYTHING! The reasoning your mind tells … (56 comments)

rice property management: Don't Eat Another BAD CHECK Loss!! Come Get Your Money ON!! - 04/27/10 09:30 AM
Do you know of any small businesses in your neighborhood who have lost money due to payments not recouped from BAD checks?  This practice hurts us all.  Here is a meeting you may want to send them to while they dine on a flavorful meal from the grill!
Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 28th, at 11:30AM, Gina P. Burnett, from the Cook County State Attorney's Office will be our guest speaker at the Calumet City, Illinois' Chili's.   Her topic?  The BAD CHECK RESTITUTION PROGRAM! 
Come join host, Calumet City Chamber of Commerce from 11:30AM until 1:00PM, as we hear of these workable solutions!  At times like these... we need ALL of our … (12 comments)

rice property management: WE ARE HERE!!!!! AT RAIN CAMP!!!! - 04/19/10 07:07 AM
We are here!!!!  Rain-Camp that's where!!!  Seven of us arrived from the Rice Team.... YEA!!!!  Hey if you are here too, send me an email.... or better yet, LOOK up to the furthermost LEFT rows.... second, third and forth tiers have the Rice Agents in them....!!
 Are YOU here????

 WHY are we here????  to get information, socialize, network, catch up with buddies, give education to my agents,....... AND..... learn ways to help owners, renters, buyers, and sellers!!!!

rice property management: 4171 West 171St Place Country Club Hills, IL - 03/10/10 01:33 AM


rice property management: Being "NOSEY" Can Save Lives! - 02/28/10 06:32 AM
On a recent listing/property management appointment, a peculiar scent hit my nostrils upon entering the home.  This was the second visit at this home with the first one completed weeks before.  I came prepared to take the photographs needed to activate the virtual tour on our website.  The outdoor air was clear and crisp after a previous snowfall which aided to my keenness and sensitivity of smell.
The warm greeting by the owners who were in expectation of getting the home marketed, helped me to know they were ready to start the proceedings after having been given months to ponder their decision.  Me?  I looked forward to the challenge, for this particular home was … (34 comments)

rice property management: 186 Lester, Park Forest, IL - 02/15/10 01:29 AM

rice property management: Can YOU See What I See? - 01/11/10 06:28 PM
Have you stopped to consider a view contrary to yours that may have angered you?  Just HOW can one THINK like that, you may have murmured inwardly....  Man is full of opinions, thoughts and ideas that are being openly expressed now more than ever!!  Name a media outlet, and you'll find an abundance of talk!

Freedom of speech does not mean that what spills out of the mouth is to be accepted freely!
Wisdom warns us to be watchful of what's heard and place a guard over what's entering into the heart.... for out of it flows the issues of life! 
Anger can … (38 comments)

rice property management: 809 Union - University Park, IL 3 Bedroom House For Rent - 01/11/10 07:17 AM

3 Bedroom Rental - $1350.00 Monthly -  809 Union, University Park, Illinois


Beautifully updated home in University Park, Illinois neighborhood.  3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, deck, 2 car attached garage, central air, range, refrigerator, hardwood flooring throughout, & full finished basement.  University Park, Illinois, formerly known as Park Forest South, is home of Governor's State University.
For more information contact us:
RICE Property Management & Realty, LLC.16262 PRInCE Drive - South Holland, IL 60473708-862-RICE(7423) - Office877-862-RICE(7423) - Toll Free708-596-RICE(7423) - Voice Mailrpm@862RICE.com  - Emailwww.862RICE.com - Website708-862-3888 - Fax Line

rice property management: What NOT To Bring Into The NEW Year... B L A M E !! - 12/30/09 08:08 PM
Blame points a finger, finds fault, and searches to criticize someone or something for having differing methods or ideas.  The one doing the blaming usually has no mercy toward the accused. 
And, just WHO is to BLAME? 
The President we y'all elected - it's HIS fault! NO - It was the PAST president's fault! The Republicans - THEY are the ones! (Just ask the Democrats)                         NOPE!  It was the Democrats! (Just ask the Republicans)                        Wall Street - It's their fault!  Nah! - Main Street! Sub-Prime Mortgages - those greedy lenders are responsible! Those REALTORS®!  They are to blame!  Nope - … (39 comments)

rice property management: Calumet City Chamber of Commerce Annual Christmas Party 2009 - 12/17/09 07:03 AM
The Luther East Eagle High School Choir of Lansing, Illinois performed Holiday songs at the Annual Calumet City Chamber's Christmas Party & Installation held December 8Th.
New President of the Chamber beginning the 2010 year is Yolanda Lott, who currently holds a position as Branch Manager of Bank Financial in Calumet City, Illinois.
Ms. Lott, who graciously accepted her appointment, acknowledged out-going president, Kay Cooper Boyda, and the efforts done by Chamber Directors and membership.
 Board members and Directors were sworn in to fulfil another year. 
Cindi Hall, newest member - Zoom Clean Car Wash, Diane Rice, Rice Property Management & Realty, Archie Graham of … (20 comments)

rice property management: Calumet City Chamber of Commerce Co-Hosts Christmas For Kids - 12/07/09 10:13 AM
Christmas For Kids, an annual event hosted by the Calumet City Chamber of Commerce, joined with the Calumet City Resource Center at 202 155Th Place in Calumet City, Illinois, yesterday, December 6, 2009 to be on hand to bless a few needy families.
The Resource Center, is open 5 days a week to receive donations and distribute clothing, food, and helpful items given by the general public and other charities.
If you know of a needy family living in Calumet City, Illinois, please have them call the center to get information at 708-891-9339. 

Cheerful volunteers were on hand to serve … (6 comments)

rice property management: Property Management - The Illinois 5 Day Notice - 11/24/09 07:07 PM
In Illinois, the 5-day notice can be served to the occupying tenant or to a member of the residing family aged 13 or older. 
Placing the notice under the door can be contested in court.  The notice does not have to be served on the premises.  It can also be handed out at a job, or anywhere the tenant can be found.  We usually track the date, time, and name of the person to whom the writ was served in the event we will be called in to verify.
The attorney we use for evictions does not recommend posting the 5-day notice unless it's done by the … (16 comments)

rice property management: Want To PASS Your Inspection? No Problem.... Just SLIDE ME $300.00! - 11/17/09 03:39 PM
As property managers, we have the privilege of undergoing the required city inspections that need to be conducted prior to tenant occupancy. This, of course is for the purpose of providing safe code-enforced housing for our great tenants!!
On one such inspection, at a South Suburban location, in Illinois, my husband, who does the  majority of these appointments, FLUNKED the test!  It was the most meticulous  he had ever undergone!
Not only did the house not pass, the write-ups he received were outrageous!  To appease the intense scrutiny of the code enforcer, we'd have to practically do a total REHAB!!  Mr. Rice was not very happy for he knew this was ridiculous - … (18 comments)

rice property management: 3710 Village Drive, Hazel Crest, IL - 11/15/09 06:25 PM

rice property management: Why Does The Real Estate Industry Look DOWN On Property Managers? - 11/13/09 04:01 AM
It's sad to be aware that the same industry that doles out REALTOR® licenses is the very one from which frowns upon it's own members!!!  We hear what you say about us Property Managers.... "OH, you deal on the low end!!!"  Why has such degradation become synonymous with practitioners managing property???
We come from the same beginnings to get our professional orientation, and must abide by and do the exact required continuing education, pay the same amount of dues, and still get rejected by YOU as though we are the scum of the earth!!!
Are not we servicing the SAME client??  Do not MOST buyers have their beginnings as a renter?  Do we … (31 comments)

rice property management: First Time Home Buyer's $8,000 Credit - Extended Until AFTER Income Tax Day! - 11/07/09 03:42 AM
If your search to purchase a home for the first time had you in a flabbergasted state to hastily make a choice from what's available on the market... guess what?  GOOD NEWS!!  The deadline date for qualifying for the tax credit awarded to home buyers has been prolonged!
Agents and buyers can both cease from holding their breath... a bit, for Congress has extended AND expanded the tax credit for qualifying buyers.  The official last day for filing (income) taxes with the IRS is April 15Th, 2010.  The official last day to have a written binding purchase contract for a home is April 30Th, 2010.  As … (19 comments)

rice property management: Realtor Exposed & Inappropriately Dressed - Don't Let This Happen To You! - 11/04/09 07:01 AM
My last showing appointment last night, was with one of our investors who purchases rental property for us to manage. 
He was so excited about this single family home because it passed every item on his check list:
It was the "RICE" Price - ONLY $39,900.00!! It was the "RICE" Size (3 bdrm 1 & 1/2 Ba) It was the "RICE" Location (quiet) It was the "RICE" Type (all brick) With flashlight in hand, my client had arrived 30 minutes EARLY in his eagerness to case out the neighborhood, visibly inspect the roof, and walk around rear of the vacant potential investment.
We have gone … (36 comments)