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The cell phone vibrated, jolting my mind from its current preoccupation. We were in the car, riding the ferry over to Seattle, another doctor visit for my daughter. I looked down at the display. 'Unknown' stared back at me. I really didn't feel like talking to anyone at the moment, especially to ...
My first legitimate job as a teenager was slinging pizza down at "Potter's," a local 'Mom & Pop' pizza joint in Livermore, California (I don't count the brief stint as the Clean-up Guy at Baskin-Robbins).I remember it as being a really rowdy, fun place to eat, filled with laughter and good times....
Back on Jaunary 14th, Mark Flanders and I launched SoundBiteBlog. Today, we were honored to have our first guest blogger, fellow Rainer, Ed Rybczynski, of Rybczynski Consulting, LLC.Ed's true story is a very sobering journey down a dark and difficult path. It's the real-life account of a successf...
It doesn't usually take all that long, from the time you buy your first boat, and enjoy the all-too brief thrill of ownership, to quickly realize what an utterly 'stupid' and 'idiotic' purchasing decision you've made!The learning curve of safe boat operation is a painful and costly succession of ...
First, I apologize for the delay in getting this out. Even with the really cool template that my esteemed colleague provided, it's taken much more time than I had anticipated. And then, somewhere in the middle, I had to meet with clients and actually SELL something. So go figure!Let me just say t...
In any job that involves the transfer of money, there is always an opportunity and temptation to be swayed by the "Dark Side of the Force." Many times we feel we can bend the rules, however slightly, to justify the means to an end. We try to convince ourselves that we are genuinely serving our cl...

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