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Every Tuesday night, we take some badly-needed time off from hectic pace of life to meet with some friends, share a meal, and share our lives. It's become a welcomed oasis in our week....                                                      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *In th...
Forget about Al Gore and all the alarming hype about Global Warming! The real danger is a growing epidemic right here on the ActiveRain Network. More and more of our members are turning their blogs into a Toxic Waste Dump! Rumor has it that ActiveRain will soon make the EPA's Worst Superfund Sit...
The Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife recently announced that 5 areas of the Puget Sound will reopen to recreational crab fishing.This is welcome news to those of us here in Kitsap County who drop our crab pots out on Hood Canal. This past couple of Summer seasons have been rather disappointing...
This past Saturday, my oldest son, Ben, and I drove out to the Washington Coast for the first official Razor Clam dig of the 2007 Fall Season. It takes us about 2 1/2 hours to drive out on Hwy. 3 through Shelton, past Aberdeen & Hoquiam, and then on up to Copalis Beach. Four area beaches were ope...
Tonight I have the pleasure of cooking dinner for some friends of ours. Every Tuesday evening we hook-up with two other couples, share a crust of bread, and just hang-out & relax. It's quickly become one of the highlights of our week!Dr. Dan is a local Family Practice Physician here in Silverdale...
Okay, so I went out to our mailbox the other day... I tell ya, it gets SO annoying! I mean, seriously, do the postal workers have some kind of sick contest going to see who can stuff the most junk mail into residential mailboxes? Maybe in addition to the National "DO NOT CALL" registry, we should...
Okay, so you've decided to jump into the Wide Wonderful World of Blogging. I bet about now you're probably feeling the 'Agony of Defeat' a bit more than you are the 'Thrill of Victory!' Am I right? Well, don't get discouraged, Spanky. There's a learning curve here on ActiveRain, and we all go thr...
As an avid recreational boater out on the Kitsap Peninsula, I am thrilled about the new "Olympic View Marina" development project out in Seabeck WA. While there are a number of really excellent marina resources on the eastern half of the Kitsap Peninsula, the former Seabeck Marina was the only on...
The first Razor-Clam dig of the 2007 Fall Season has just been announced by the Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. To read all of the details, go HERE.I truly enjoy all that living in the scenic Pacific Northwest has to offer. Digging for Razor-Clams is one of them.Did you know that there are m...
One of the big buzz words circulating around the blogosphere these days is 'Transparency.' Supposedly, according to net-savvy soothsayers and proponents of Web 2.0, today's consumers are demanding greater transparency in our business practices and ethics. Aspects of our trade that have long been ...

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