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Well, here's something that doesn't happen every day. The Top Scoring Member of ActiveRain recently changed hands. After holding onto the coveted point throne for what seemed like 'forever,' Sharon Simms, of RE/MAX Metro, St. Petersburg FL, has relinquished her position to veteran Lenn Harley, Br...
In his book, "Purple Cow," Seth Godin makes the following statement:"People are getting harder to reach by 'permission' marketing. Just because you have someone's e-mail address or phone number doesn't mean they want to hear from you."~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~As real estate profession...
One of our most cherished members, Celeste "Sally" (WooHoo!) Cheeseman, who currently shares the AR Top Spot with Randy Prothero in our 50th State, Hawaii, sent Yours Truly a Hawaiian Care Package this past week.ActiveRain Co-founder, Matt Heaton, and his wife, Lydia, had just recently returned f...
Well, it's been a while since I was conned asked to contribute a "Week-in-Review" for the Rain. But when Neal "The Real Deal" Bloom begged asked me for my help, how could I tell him to take a hike refuse?So, in continuing this valued and longstanding tradition, I give you, this past week's "Activ...
I went to the local Hallmark store here in Silverdale the other day (yes, I actually planned ahead this time!), but unfortunately, they didn't have a card that fit me.Hard to believe it, I know. I mean, seriously, they have every conceivable card imaginable. The obvious ones - cards for Mom, card...
Sparky (aka Yours Truly) and Buckwheat (aka Mark Flanders) of SOUNDBITEBLOG fame, have both received the prestigious Magnificent 7 Award from Larry Cragun of RealEstateUndressed!Every year, Larry scours the Blogosphere, looking for the best of the best in consumer-oriented real estate articles. E...
One of the primary hallmarks of the ActiveRain Community has been the wonderfully warm and nurturing nature of our membership. For many of us, the prospect of learning how to blog was daunting enough, but to be able to do so in a non-threatening and encouraging environment like ActiveRain is incr...
(For Your listening pleasure while you read,... Billy Joel's "A Matter of Trust")~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ When you joined ActiveRain, do you remember clicking on a little box where you agreed to abide by the Community Guidelines?(Are you kidding? No one ever actually READS that stuff, ...
One of the new features here on ActiveRain is 'Disabled Comments,' the ability of the blog author to 'disable' any commenting on their post."Comments have been disabled by the author"I've encountered a couple of these 'disabled' articles recently. In both instances, the writing was excellent! It ...
It's no secret.... The genius of this platform? ....It's in the points! Seriously,... forget about all the great information, the social networking, and all the potential business it generates. We Want Points!  Just put a bunch of "Type A" personalities in the same virtual room, tell them they're...

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