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I made a very serious guffaw today....a huge phopah faux pas (thank you, Jan!)....a social blunder!On my Social Network Review of Twitter that I published earlier today, I had inserted a list of ActiveRain Twitterers.' Well, I neglected to mention one of my most favorite and avid Net Twits - Miss...
Okay, so no sooner had I published my rather lengthy discourse on all things "Twitter," than I get a phone call from the RainMan himself, Jonathan Washburn....~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~Have you ever seen the movie 'The Majestic" with Jim Carey? It's definitely one of my 'Top Ten'...
One of the primary reasons I decided to embark upon this series of Social Networking Reviews was to help the general ActiveRain membership weed through the endless offering of new networks that seem to pop-up daily, and provide helpful information in order to better determine which ones pose the ...
Okay, so pour yourself a strong cup of Java, pull up your iTunes, and enjoy the next installment of the ActiveRain Community Guidelines 'EXPANDED' version!                                                     ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~  o  ~This next guideline must've been inserte...
03/28/2008 was the first one to break the story.........Rain gods, Jonathan Washburn and Bob Stewart, were sighted early tonight sucking down a few cold ones at a trendy microbrewery/restaurant in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Phone calls made to their publicity agent, Kara Weber, to confirm the sighti...
Okay, I'll be the first to admit it. I'm a TwitterBug. Yeah, that's right. A Net Twit. Or is that Nitwit? (Don't answer that!)Oh well, regardless, I am hooked on Twitter. Slightly obsessed even. But certainly not as addicted as some (you KNOW who you are!)I'm putting the proverbial 'Cart-before-t...
With the advent of Web 2.0, there's been a literal explosion of 'Social Networks,' with many of them finding a specific applications for cultivating potential business. What do you think of when you here the term "Social Network?"Wikipedia defines them as follows:A social network service uses sof...
Is it just me, or does anyone else find it rather comical that someone would write a book entitled "The Secret" and then tell everyone about it?Since the beans have been effectively spilt, can it really still be considered a 'secret?' Shouldn't the title be changed to "The Non-Secret?"....Just so...
A Harris Interactive poll revealed that out of 11 of the most popular consumer-oriented service professions, real estate agents were one whose advice was least trusted, 2nd to last place, just above Stock Brokers.Obviously, as an industry, we have a credibility issue. Or a perception problem. Or ...

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