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In my last article, I shared about 'Interruption' marketing, and how it's annoying today's net-savvy consumers.In my recent posts, I've encouraged our members to Balance Your Blog, Bring Back the Love, and posting Quality Content.This time, I simply want to share a few of my own personal observat...
Marketing Guru, Seth Godin, talks a lot about the woes and pitfalls of traditional 'Interruption' marketing.  "Imagine going to your local mall. It's a nice carefree Sunday afternoon. You're just taking a leisurely walk along the various storefronts, when one of those 'island stall' carny-style h...
Okay, so we're working through the guidelines, and one of the areas that we are most definitely going to revise/clarify BIG TIME is in regards to what constitutes SPAM. (Can I get a loud, collective 'AMEN!" from the ActiveRain Choir?) Just so we are all on the same page here: The first point of o...
Many of us have a story of how our involvement here on ActiveRain has positively impacted and changed our lives - both professionally and personally.Are you passionate about ActiveRain? Has it influenced your life and business for the better?Well then, here is the chance to raise up your voice, a...
Okay, so yesterday was one of several scheduled 'openings' by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife for Razor Clamming along the Washington State coast. It afforded a perfect opportunity for some heartfelt 'Male Bonding' among some of the staff of ActiveRain.Present was Yours Truly, Bob St...
As I roam the Rainscape these days, I'm noticing a lot more property listings being posted to our Network. And I mean, A lot! That's not necessarily a bad thing. As a professional real estate agent myself, it's nice having one more viable domain to promote my listings. But I think if you asked th...
(For Your listeing pleasure while you read)Okay, so in one of my recent posts, I gave everyone a homework assignment (and you thought you'd seen the last of homework!).Well, today, I thought it would be fun to challenge everyone once again to "Bring Back the Love," and to "Reach Out in the Rain!"...
Renovated Home near McCormick Woods for only $239,950!Situated on a near 1/2 acre lot near McCormick Woods & Country Club, this 3BR Home boasts Hardwood Floors, generous Kitchen Cabinetry, Breakfast Bar, All Newer Appliances, High-tech Electronic Fireplace, Large Level Backyard Lawn, Side Patio, ...
I think one of the best ways to measure if your blog writing is effective, are the nature of the comments that result. When it gets to the point that the conversations within the comments becomes more thought-provoking, engaging, and stimulating than your original article, you know you've struck ...
The following comment recently appeared on a post written by one of our members. The commenter was obviously upset over the nature of the article, feeling it was inappropriate for our network.  "The bigger question is... WHO CARES?  Why are you posting #$%^&&% recipes on a real estate blogging pl...

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