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I was responding to some frustrating formatting issues being experienced by community member, Mark Hendry of C21 Pro Realty Group in Blue Ridge GA. He was trying to import a blog article he had drafted on a desktop application, Dreamweaver, and was having problems getting it to upload onto his Ac...
This morning over on TechCrunch, Erik Schonfeld reminds us that today is "Data Privacy Day 2009" and exhorts subscribers on the inherent dangers of disclosing one's private information in exchange for participation in social media. As a Community Builder here on ActiveRain, one of the constant is...
Experiences that Transform Every once in a great while, you encounter/experience something that revolutionizes/challenges your thinking, and transforms/changes the way in which you approach business/marketing. My involvement here on ActiveRain has been one such experience. The REBarCamp is anothe...
Localism 'Under Construction' Proceed with Patience Unless you just joined ActiveRain recently, you've obviously noticed a lot of changes. Needless to say, our gifted and tireless Development Staff has been working at neck-breaking speed over the past several months, on everything from re-structu...
I want everyone to please extend a very warm welcome to a new member of our community.... Please welcome Caroline Allison of I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Caroline during the recent NAR Convention in Orlando. She was sitting on the sofa in the Lennon Room of the Hard Rock LIV...
Paul Chaney is one of the few Social Media Gurus who actually KNOWS what he's talking about! He WROTE the book on Real Estate Blogging. Seriously, he actually wrote the book, "Realty Blogging."I'm about to do something I rarely ever do, that's use this blog post to promote a product. The reason I...
My morning today at AR Headquarters began with a Starbuck's Tall 'Shot-in-the-Dark' and a apple fritter. As usual, Claire was already at her desk. I powered up my Mac, and started to shovel my way out from under the normal avalanche of emails. 'TechCrunch's Latest' was at the top of the stack, so...
Old school TV. Growing up, I used to love coming home after school, grab a PBJ and milk, and watch all my favorite afternoon shows on our black & white RCA. One such show was 'Password.' One member of each team was given a word, and they had to try to give clues, using other words, to get the oth...
Going through our ActiveRain Help Desk Tickets tonight, I came across the following inquiry: Can you tell me what's wrong with my profile? Or is your search function broken? Something just isn't right!  I am ranked 10th in my city, and 14th in the county, yet when I type my name in the Search box...
Solving the Mystery of the UnClaimed Listing Router Click Recently, one of our members posed the following question regarding ActiveRain's Listing Router: "If a 'click' that is generated from a consumer-initiated search using the Listing Router isn't claimed or routed to one of our members, what ...

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