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My family celebrated my birthday recently, and so my oldest son, Ben Jacobson, made this fondant cake to commemorate the event. Knowing my love for sushi, he created an assortment of nigri and maki rolls using Swedish Fish, Fruit Roll-ups, Rice Crispies & Marshmallows, and donuts. There's a bowl...
Okay, so this post ushers in the 5th installment of a series entitled 'Developing a Social Media Strategy.' Thus far, we've discovered that "Social Media is a Conversation, not an Advertisement!" We've explored "The 'WHY' of Social Media?" (Why Social Media should be a part of your Annual Marketi...
I experienced a ‘First‘ in my real estate career the other day. In my 10+ years as a professional agent, an appraisal for one of my listings here in Kitsap County WA came in ‘under‘ value. In other words, an appraiser was sent out to determine if the home they were buying was worth what they had ...
Okay, so this post marks the 4th installment in this series on 'Developing a Social Media Strategy.' So far, we've realized that "Social Media is a Conversation, not an Advertisement!" We've answered "The 'WHY' of Social Media?" (Why We should Make it Part of our Annual Marketing Plan) And, the i...
Take a moment and watch this video, and perhaps you and your family can start a new Christmas tradition!...       ~     o     ~     o     ~     o     ~     o     ~     o     ~ Rich Jacobson is a licensed real estate professional providing knowledgeable empowerment and relentless representation fo...
The Oscar Mayer Weenie Wagon came through Silverdale WA yesterday. Does anyone remember the Oscar Mayer whistles we used to have as kids? Boy, am I dating myself or what? ~     o     ~     o     ~     o     ~     o     ~     o     ~ Rich Jacobson is a licensed real estate professional providing ...
While I personally prefer the more personal FTF connections of live REBC experiences, logistics and budgets don't always allow for such events. Here is another viable alternative made possible by the Ketchup King! We're Back!Introducing the 2nd Edition of Virtual Real Estate BarCamp. Our first ev...
"If You Aim at Nothing, You'll Hit It Every Time!" ~ Zig Ziglar ~ Okay, so the first two installments of this series helped us to better understand what Social Media is, what it isn't, and why we should consider using it to grow and promote our business: "Social Media is a Conversation, Not an Ad...
I posted an article on SOUNDBITEBLOG yesterday about getting 2 invitations to a private sneak peek taste of Fujiyama Japanese Steak House & Bar, a new restaurant here in Silverdale WA. Who says blogging doesn't work? ~     o     ~     o     ~     o     ~     o     ~     o     ~ Rich Jacobson is ...
A great complimentary post to my new series on Developing a Social Media Strategy...I often say that social media can be overwhelming if you don't have a plan.  However, sometimes without specifics, this might not make sense.  So instead of blogging about the theory of planning, I am just going t...

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