activerain community support: "Monsters in the Blogosphere!" - Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 10/03/07 08:08 AM
A while back, I wrote a fun, somewhat comical, somewhat serious, piece entitled, "Armchair Quarterbacks in the Blogosphere." It was written in response to an encounter I had with someone who had commented rather maliciously to an article I published on my 'other' blog, SOUNDBITEBLOG.
If done well, conversational blogging should foster good, impassioned debate, and the healthy exchange of ideas/opinions.
Unfortunately, all too many times, people use blogs as a battleground in which to assert their egos and to showcase their obviously superior intelligence. Or, if nothing else, to dazzle us with an expanded vocabulary.
The greater blogosphere has become a breeding ground for verbal … (23 comments)

activerain community support: "What is a 'Strafing Run' Blogger?" - Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 06/30/07 12:23 AM
I touched on this topic once before in a previous post aptly entitled, "One Way Traffic Jams on the ActiveRain Blogway." It garnered some fairly active response (nearly 200 comments). But with over 36,000 members and growing, it's something that bears repeating.
A 'Strafing Run' was a war-time battle tactic employed by fighter and bomber pilots. It was first initiated in WWI, but was predominantly used during WWII. Pilots would descend rapidly, increasing speed, flying in low, and fire upon typically stationary targets. Once their weapons had been discharged, they would pull up into a quick ascent.
Strafing Run Bloggers. Seems like they're everywhere … (212 comments)

activerain community support: Playing Fair in the Blogbox: "The Core Rules of Netiquette" - Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 06/15/07 08:33 PM
Rules???  We don't need no 'stinkin' rules!
The more I write and publish to my blog here on ActiveRain and on SOUNDBITEBLOG, the more I realize there are no hard & fast rules for blogging, but simply opinions, preferences, and common sense social netiquette.

So let's start with Proper Netiquette, or, "Playing Fair in the Blogging Sandbox."
According to Wikipedia, "Netiquette is a catch-all term for the conventions of politeness and respect recognized on Usenet, in mailing lists, in live chat systems, and on other electronic forums such as Internet message boards. These conventions address the relationship between personal behavior … (136 comments)

activerain community support: Listening to Broken Records: "Yet ANOTHER post about AR Profiles" - 06/13/07 03:53 AM
Okay, so here's the unofficial disclaimer:
If you've been a member of ActiveRain for more than a month, please ignore the following post. You've most likely been down this path before,  ad nauseum. Please kindly move on to the next article. Thank you!
But if you're a relatively new member, then by all means, do proceed!
Perhaps some of the most valuable time you'll spend in your first weeks in the Rain will be developing a 'complete' and effective Profile Page. In other words, put the "PRO" into Profile!
Much has been written on this topic before. Here's a few examples:
George Tallabas - "The Power of … (59 comments)

activerain community support: "How many Hooks do You put in the Water?" - 06/05/07 04:59 AM
Whenever I visit my Dad down in San Luis Obispo CA, we go out on the coast to Morro Bay. From there, we rent a charter boat and go deep sea fishing. It's a full day of male bonding at its best. We leave before dawn and return to port in the late afternoon, hopefully with full catch of ling cod, snapper, and sea bass. The fishing rigs we use have multiple lures/hooks - sometimes 3 to 5 per line. When the fish are really biting, it's not uncommon for someone to pull up their line with a fish on every hook. Everyone … (117 comments)

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