blogging: "Conquering Creative Constipation" or "Overcoming Blogger's Block" - 11/29/10 04:36 PM
"Conquering Creative Constipation"
"Overcoming Blogger's Block"

(another helpful article in the 'Blog Tips for Rain Drips' series)
If you've been blogging for any period of time, then chances are at some point you've experienced 'Blogger's Block' - that discomforting dry spell in the writing desert where your inner muse seems to take an extended hiatus, and you find yourself staring at a blank computer screen for hours on end.
Well, take heart, Bucko! This article is just what the doctor ordered!
Here you will find some practical, sure-fire methods/strategies to unplug your creative constipation, and ensure … (45 comments)

blogging: "Can Blogging really Help to Build My Business?" - 01/23/10 06:29 PM
Stuart Kaufman, noted Personal & Business Coach, who writes a column for the Washington REALTORS® News, contacted me the other day and asked if I would contribute to an upcoming article he is putting together on Blogging.
In this article, he is presenting a question on behalf of someone who is new to blogging and wants to better understand its value proposition:
“It seems like Blogging is the current rage. I took a class and know the basics, but can it really help me build my business? Is it really worth the time?”
Stuart e-mailed me 5 questions relating to Blogging … (90 comments)

blogging: "What's in Your Social Media Tool Belt?" - Developing a Social Media Strategy Part VII - 01/18/10 05:04 PM
Welcome once again to our series,
"Developing a Social Media Strategy"
So far, we've realized that "Social Media is a Conversation, not an Advertisement!"
We've answered "The 'WHY' of Social Media?" (Why it should be a vital part of your Annual Marketing Plan)
We identified that one of the key strategies is "Taking AIM" (Audience, Image/Brand, and Message)
We learned how to become a skilled blogging chef by serving up "Social Media Sushi"
We discovered the "5 Keys to Having a Killer Blog!"
And, we explored the "Top 10 Ways to Feed Your Blog."
(for what it's worth: I plan on … (38 comments)

blogging: Top 10 Ways to Feed Your Blog - Social Media Strategies Part VI - 01/11/10 06:50 PM
Welcome back to our series, "Developing a Social Media Strategy"
So far, we've realized that....
"Social Media is a Conversation, not an Advertisement!"
We've answered "The 'WHY' of Social Media?" (Why Social Media should be a part of your Annual Marketing Plan)
We identified that one of the key strategies is "Taking AIM" (Audience, Image/Brand, and Message)
How to become a skilled blogging chef by serving up "Social Media Sushi"
And, we discovered the "5 Keys to Having a Killer Blog!"
In this week's installment, we going to embark on a fun learning journey entitled,
"Blogging and The Little Shop of … (64 comments)

blogging: "Attack of the Killer Blog!" - Developing a Social Media Strategy Part V - 12/29/09 02:22 PM
Okay, so this post ushers in the 5th installment of a series entitled 'Developing a Social Media Strategy.'
Thus far, we've discovered that "Social Media is a Conversation, not an Advertisement!"
We've explored "The 'WHY' of Social Media?" (Why Social Media should be a part of your Annual Marketing Plan)
The key strategy of "Taking AIM" (Audience, Image/Brand, and Message)
And becoming a skilled chef by serving up "Social Media Sushi"
This episode is called:
"Attack of the Killer Blog!"
5 Top Secrets of a Successful Blog
Maybe you've just recently started your blogging adventure. You've heard all the … (92 comments)

blogging: "Social Media Sushi" - Developing a Social Media Strategy Part IV - 12/21/09 01:16 PM
Okay, so this post marks the 4th installment in this series on 'Developing a Social Media Strategy.'
So far, we've realized that "Social Media is a Conversation, not an Advertisement!"
We've answered "The 'WHY' of Social Media?" (Why We should Make it Part of our Annual Marketing Plan)
And, the importance of "Taking AIM" (Audience, Image/Brand, and Message)
This week, we're going to start to unwrap the various tools that are available for you to create, package, and serve up your message so that it reaches your intended audience(s).
Serving Up Social Media Sushi

Samurai Real Estate Professional
Anyone … (60 comments)

blogging: "Taking AIM" - Developing a Social Media Strategy Part III - 12/09/09 03:54 PM
"If You Aim at Nothing, You'll Hit It Every Time!"
~ Zig Ziglar ~
Okay, so the first two installments of this series helped us to better understand what Social Media is, what it isn't, and why we should consider using it to grow and promote our business:
"Social Media is a Conversation, Not an Advertisement"   
"The 'WHY' of Social Media"
In this 3rd part, I want to begin to dial things down, and become much more basic and practical. If this is covering old ground for some of you, I apologize. It's always challenging to know where to start … (86 comments)

blogging: "Learning the Balancing Act of Social Media" - Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 11/01/09 07:21 PM
"Moderation in All Things"
Terence - Roman comic dramatist (185 BC - 159 BC)

For those of you who are new to ActiveRain, Social Media, and blogging, one of the most difficult lessons to learn is the importance and discipline of balancing your online marketing efforts with your past, more traditional methods of promotion/business development.
In our industry, there is a natural tendency for people to become so caught up in the latest and greatest marketing craze, to the extent that they often neglect to continue doing those things which have worked effectively in the past.
Let's face it, accessing … (67 comments)

blogging: "Don't Throw Out the Baby with the Bath Water!" Balancing Your Marketing - 05/15/09 07:27 AM
With all the hype and hoopla about using blogging and social media to promote/grow your business, there is a tendency for many to ignore or neglect the more tradtional, time-honored methods of generating revenue.
Let's be very clear on something - blogging and social media ARE NOT the magical purple pill that will solve all your business woes or put you on the road to financial freedom. They are simply more marketing tools at your disposal that can be used in conjunction with your past methods.
Now, it could be argued that a steady, consistent habit of posting to your blog … (81 comments)

blogging: My Answers to SKCAR Panel Questions hosted by Claudia Wicks of RE BaseCamp - 04/17/09 11:42 PM

On the morning of Wednesday, April 29th, I will be participating in a panel discussion at the Seattle-King County Association of Realtors in Bellevue WA. The event is being put on by Claudia Wicks, the guiding force behind the Real Estate Base Camp.
Claudia had provided me with some questions in preparation for the panel, and I thought I would post the answers here for those of you who won't be able to attend:
What made you decide to blog?
Blogging really wasn't an intentional decision for me. I kind of 'fell' into it actually. My broker at the … (36 comments)

blogging: "Overwhelmed by the Technology Learning Curve?" Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 03/17/09 12:00 PM
Let's face it. For many of us, the learning curve for implementing emerging technologies into our business can be a rather daunting and intimidating venture. For old dogs like me, it can tend to be very frustrating and insurmountable at times. Although we recognize the value and benefits of blogging, and utilizing the wealth of social media tools available today, it's just a tad bit challenging to wade through everything that's out there!
Maybe you're relatively new to ActiveRain, and you're thinking that there is just too much stuff to absorb! You feel like you're trying to take a drink from … (130 comments)

blogging: What's Your Social Media Game Plan for 2009? - 12/28/08 03:49 AM
Getting Your 2009 'Social Media' Game On!
They say that if you 'AIM' at nothing, you'll hit it every time. This is especially true as it relates to our real estate business and the need for some consistent, intentional, and well-conceived planning. I am always amazed at how many people never take the time to honestly assess/evaluate their past year's marketing efforts, and then establish some realistic, measurable goals for the coming New Year.
Creating an effective Marketing Plan doesn't have to be overly-detailed or complicated. You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist or Spread Sheet Wizard to formulate … (53 comments)

blogging: "Does Your Blog cause 'Interruption' or create 'Interest?" - B;pg Tips for Rain Drips - 01/25/08 04:03 PM
Marketing Guru, Seth Godin, talks a lot about the woes and pitfalls of traditional 'Interruption' marketing.

 "Imagine going to your local mall. It's a nice carefree Sunday afternoon. You're just taking a leisurely walk along the various storefronts, when one of those 'island stall' carny-style hawkers approaches you, and shoves their beloved widget in your face."
"Now imagine that it's two days before Christmas, The mall is like a Japanese subway train, and you've gotten seriously behind on your list. As you push your way through the masses, this same hawker approaches you. You quickly dodge to your left, and another hawker … (32 comments)

blogging: "Monsters in the Blogosphere!" - Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 10/03/07 08:08 AM
A while back, I wrote a fun, somewhat comical, somewhat serious, piece entitled, "Armchair Quarterbacks in the Blogosphere." It was written in response to an encounter I had with someone who had commented rather maliciously to an article I published on my 'other' blog, SOUNDBITEBLOG.
If done well, conversational blogging should foster good, impassioned debate, and the healthy exchange of ideas/opinions.
Unfortunately, all too many times, people use blogs as a battleground in which to assert their egos and to showcase their obviously superior intelligence. Or, if nothing else, to dazzle us with an expanded vocabulary.
The greater blogosphere has become a breeding ground for verbal … (23 comments)

blogging: ActiveRain "Carnival of Content" Contest - 07/10/07 05:36 PM
They tell us that "Content is King!"
With over 37,000 members and growing daily, ActiveRain has become an amazingly successful and valuable network for real estate professionals. One of the best ways we can ensure the continued growth and benefits of this platform is to strive towards contributing quality content. Never before has the need and demand for good quality, original content, consumer-oriented, real estate-relevant articles been more pronounced than now.
(Wow! That was a 'mouthful!)
Hence, the ActiveRain "Carnival of Content" - a twice monthly contest to challenge, encourage and foster better and improved quality writing from among our membership.
This contest will accomplish two goals:
provide greater quality … (93 comments)

blogging: "What is a 'Strafing Run' Blogger?" - Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 06/30/07 12:23 AM
I touched on this topic once before in a previous post aptly entitled, "One Way Traffic Jams on the ActiveRain Blogway." It garnered some fairly active response (nearly 200 comments). But with over 36,000 members and growing, it's something that bears repeating.
A 'Strafing Run' was a war-time battle tactic employed by fighter and bomber pilots. It was first initiated in WWI, but was predominantly used during WWII. Pilots would descend rapidly, increasing speed, flying in low, and fire upon typically stationary targets. Once their weapons had been discharged, they would pull up into a quick ascent.
Strafing Run Bloggers. Seems like they're everywhere … (212 comments)

blogging: Armchair Quarterbacks in the Blogosphere - 06/28/07 09:17 AM
The Blogosphere has long been the breeding ground for self-proclaimed 'Armchair Quarterbacks.'
"Anyone with a blog, an expanded vocabulary, and a condescending attitude gains immediate credibility as an expert in any field, profession, or discipline."
Subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, or quote the latest market trends from the Economist or Fast Company, and your opinions carry even more weight.
Nevermind that these 'Armchair Bloggers' have never actually 'played' the game. Oh, to be sure, they've probably watched a few times from their sheltered corporate skyboxes while sipping on the lastest trendy microbrew.
But they've never actually been 'IN' the game!
To read more about "Armchair Quarterbacks in the Blogosphere" go to the full … (63 comments)

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