crabbing: The Hood Canal WA - Wordless Wednesday from Kitsap County WA - 07/05/11 07:49 PM
Part of my 4th of July weekend was spent crabbing on the Hood Canal, part of the Puget Sound waterways.

This picture was taken right at the entrance to Pleasant Harbor, over on the east side of the Hood Canal (Olympic Peninsula) near Brinnon WA.

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Rich Jacobson is a licensed real estate professional with Windermere Real Estate, providing knowledgeable empowerment and relentless representation for his clients of residential properties and vacant land throughout all of Kitsap County WA and portions of … (3 comments)

crabbing: Wordless Wednesday on the Kitsap Peninsula Washington - 06/14/11 09:55 PM
Sunset Approaches on the Hood Canal in Washington State

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Rich Jacobson is a licensed real estate professional with Windermere Real Estate, providing knowledgeable empowerment and relentless representation for his clients of residential properties and vacant land throughout all of Kitsap County WA and portions of Pierce, Mason, and Jefferson Counties. You can also find him at, SoundBiteBLog, and Crabbing in the Hood, or e-mail:


crabbing: Hood Canal WA Crab Pots Crooks Condemned - 08/25/09 05:59 PM
One of the perils of recreational crabbing here in the Puget Sound WA is exposing yourself and your crabbing gear to potential thievery.
Okay, so maybe it’s not quite as perilous as the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch,” but it certainly is extremely annoying and frustrating!
We went out onto Hood Canal last Saturday afternoon to retrieve our crab pots, only to find 3 out of the 4 missing. The remaining pot had been picked clean.
There are instances (usually during the weekdays) when we don’t have a lot of time, and simply drop off our crab pots, leaving them out overnight. On the weekends, when we’re not … (22 comments)

crabbing: "Wholesale Sports" - Local Business in Kitsap County WA - 06/10/09 01:16 PM
As you know from my past articles, I am a huge crabbing enthusiast. Here in the waters of Puget Sound, the prized Dungeness Crab is plentiful, and can be easily caught with the proper gear.
In years past, we had several local options on where you could purchase your crabbing gear supplies.
Unfortunately, several of these suppliers have either gone out of business or are in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings.
With the opening of recreational crabbing season soon to come to the Hood Canal and other waterways of the Puget Sound, where can a guy/gal buy their crabbing gear … (6 comments)

crabbing: "World's Deadliest Catch!" - ActiveRain Style - 10/08/08 11:50 AM
Okay, so we were never actually in any kind of perilous predicament, or in danger of losing our lives, ....but we did catch a lot of crabs!!! It was the last day of the crabbing season, Labor Day Weekend, on the scenic Hood Canal in the Western Puget Sound of Washington State. The capable crew of Bob Stewart, Jonathan Washburn, my oldest son, Ben, and Yours Truly, set sail for a three-hour tour.... uh, wait a minute...that's a different tale! We spent a good part of the afternoon motoring around the Hood Canal to where our crab pots were submerged, about … (22 comments)

crabbing: "Feelin' Crabby?" - Life on the Kitsap Peninsula WA - 08/16/08 11:43 PM
One of my favorites things I enjoy about living on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula here in scenic Washington State, is taking my boat out crabbing on the Hood Canal, part of the extensive inland waterways of Puget Sound. The Hood Canal is a long, deep, narrow strip of water wedged in between the Kitsap Peninsula and the picturesque Olympic Peninsula. The Olympic Mountain range rises up rather dramatically from the edge of the water. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.! 
To learn more about recreational crabbing out on the Hood Canal WA, go to Crabbing in the Hood.
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crabbing: The 500 Point Question! - 07/03/08 04:08 AM
As many of you know, I am a crabbing enthusiast. One of my favorite pastimes in the Summer months is to take my beloved boat, a 16ft. C-Dory, out onto Hood Canal, and drop off my crab pots.
We motor over to Pleasant Harbor, just south of Brinnon, where we snag a slice of pizza, and sit out on the deck, soaking up some rays, killing a couple hours til our pots are full with the delictable Dungeness bounty!
For the first 5 people who can tell me what the current 'Per Day' catch limits are in the State of Washington, … (42 comments)

crabbing: "When the Market gets Tough, the Tough go Crabbin!" - Life in Kitsap County WA - 11/28/07 05:06 PM
Okay, so after a really enjoyable Listing Appointment earlier in the morning, my oldest son, Ben, and his buddy, Josh, finally talked me into taking the boat out today for some late season Crabbing.
We only live about 10 minutes from the public boat launch at Miami Beach on Hood Canal WA, and one of the prime Crabbing spots in the Puget Sound.
Call me a 'Wimp' or a 'Wussie' or whatever non-hacker term you wish, but I'm the first one to admit that I'm a 'Fair Weather' Crabber.
Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the playful pursuit of pulling up these 'snap-happy' bottom-dwelling crustaceans. There … (24 comments)

crabbing: State of the Crab Address - 09/06/07 06:10 AM
With all of the Presidential hopefuls filling the airwaves with endless political pontifications, I thought I would share some much more valued and pressing information regarding the recent crab fishing season here in the Puget Sound of Western Washington.
So, without any further adieu or gilding of the lily, I give you The State of the Crab Address!
(another fun, yet informative local article courtesy of Sparky from SOUNDBITEBLOG)

crabbing: "Countdown to Crabbing!" - 06/25/07 06:21 AM
Well, as hard as it may be to believe, even real estate professionals need an occasional day off, for time to relax and re-energize.
As much as I truly enjoy my chosen vocation as a licensed real estate agent with Windermere Real Estate, in Silverdale, here on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in scenic Washington State, there are times when I need a reprieve from the stress, a moment to escape, to find solace amidst the majestic splendor of the Pacific Northwest.
And by far, one of my favorites ways to accomplish this is by taking my boat out crabbing on Hood Canal.
Perhaps it's the calming affect of being on … (4 comments)

crabbing: "Real Estate is for the Crabs!" - 01/29/07 07:23 PM
What does Real Estate and Crabbing have in common? Is it that both are tough to crack?
There are many benefits to living here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Anyone who knows me will tell you that one of my favorite pastimes is going out crabbing on Hood Canal during the summer.
Lately, my career in real estate has been particularly challenging. It seems like every one of my transactions is going sideways.
So why is this like catching crabs? Just visit SoundBiteBlog to find out! (opens up in seperate window)
Rich Jacobson, Your Professional Real Estate Agent and Crab Catcher on the Kitsap Peninsula

crabbing: "The Perfect Utility Boat" - Life on the Kitsap Pensinsula - 12/06/06 09:10 AM
When we first moved to the Kitsap Peninsula, it became quickly evident, being surrounded by the waterways of the Puget Sound and Hood Canal, that our family was going to need a boat.
Read all about the perfect utility boat, the C-Dory, but going to SOUNDBITEBLOG. (opens up in a separate window) 
Rich Jacobson, Your Professional Real Estate Agent and Proud C-Dory Owner

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