integrity: Post-Closing Surprises - A Real Estate Rant - 08/27/19 11:37 AM
During the tale-end of a recent transaction, my Buyers and I conducted our final walk-thru. Aside from a few staging items, the house looked to be in fairly good shape. Until we got to the garage....
Much to our dismay, there was an abundance of sundry items - a size-able inventory of leftover paint, numerous boxes of assorted worthless knickknacks, remnants of scrap wood and drywall, a medicine chest, a box of stick-on vinyl tiles, several used mirrors, a sliding shower door, and a pallet.
Normally, it's customary/helpful for Sellers to leave a small collection of the most recent paint that has been used. Unfortunately, … (4 comments)

integrity: Who are the Heroes? - 07/14/19 05:21 PM
Maybe it's just me, but it seems as though our current culture is faced with a very stated, pronounced shortage of heroes these days. About the only heroes we encounter are the ones relentlessly filling up the big screen, ad nauseam. So perhaps heroes aren't real? Maybe they're only a fantasy conjured up in our minds, or the subject of comic book figures brought to life by costly Hollywood blockbusters?
How do we define a hero? What actions or behaviors constitute heroism? Are such accolades reserved only for wartime service? Devoted first-responders?
Webster's offers the following:
he-ro (noun) 1. a person who is admired or … (15 comments)

integrity: Rants, Rights, and Reputations - Lessons in Online Behavior - 05/23/11 05:11 PM

If you've been navigating the Internet for any length of time, at some point, you'll no doubt encounter a flame war, some fisking, or a good old fashioned comment stream smackdown.

At times, it's difficult not to allow our emotions to get the best of us and get caught up in the fray. However, as real estate professionals, and people whose livelihood/business is heavily dependent upon the nature of our online presence, the manner in which we respond to such situations needs to be tempered by calm civility, and a high concern for ethical integrity. And ultimately, by the … (172 comments)

integrity: What's the Cost of Your Integrity? - 05/10/09 01:05 PM
There is a Bible story in the Old Testament that never fails to amaze me, no matter how many times I read it.It's the account of Esau selling his birthright to his brother Jacob for a bowl of soup (Genesis 25:19-34).To understand the full weight of this story, you really need to understand the extreme value and importance the Jewish people ascribed to the firstborn son. It was a position of great privilege, prestige, and status. It afforded a double portion of the Father's inheritance. And, prior to the Levitical Era, assigned the responsibility of family Priesthood.And so it is with … (89 comments)

integrity: "The Dark Side of Real Estate" - 02/03/07 10:02 AM
In any job that involves the transfer of money, there is always an opportunity and temptation to be swayed by the "Dark Side of the Force." Many times we feel we can bend the rules, however slightly, to justify the means to an end. We try to convince ourselves that we are genuinely serving our clients greater good. We argue, "I'm only trying to get the deal to close," as our tainted hand slowly slithers under the table....
Does our Hero triumph over Evil? Or does he succumb to the Dark Side of the Real Estate Force?
Go to SoundBiteBlog to find out how this thrilling episode ends!
(opens up … (7 comments)

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