real estate: Video Made Easy! - The Flip Video Recorder - 05/14/10 07:24 AM
Remember the horror movie, “The Blair Witch Project?”
While shooting a documentary, three student filmmakers mysteriously disappear in the woods of rural Maryland. A year later, their documentary footage is found.
Most people hate it or love it. Either it scares you so bad you pee your pants, or it leaves you nauseous with a splitting headache! Regardless, The Blair Witch Project only cost a meager $35K to produce, but grossed nearly $250M! Proving that even the most amateurish, low budget productions can achieve tremendous success.
One of the fastest growing social networks on the Internet is YouTube. The popularity of … (91 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Market Report for Poulsbo WA - March 2009 - 03/28/09 02:09 PM
Here is the real estate market report for NWMLS Area 166 - Poulsbo WA - as of March 23, 2009.

Current Active Listings:     162
Sold in Past 6 months:     67
Average Sales Price:         $338,319
Average List Price:            $348,983
Ratio of LP vs. SP:           97%
Days on Market:              86
Pending this week:           5
One of the hot developments in Poulsbo WA has been Quadrant Home's Stendahl Ridge.
I was honored to sell the very first home in this neighborhood. They've sold nearly twenty homes already this year which is truly amazing for new construction! They have prices starting at $235,900 … (7 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Market Report for Silverdale WA - March 2009 - 03/26/09 10:29 AM
Here is the real estate market report for NWMLS Area 147 - Silverdale WA - as of March 23, 2009.

Current Active Listings:     93
Sold in Past 6 months:    62
Average Sales Price:        $ 266,640
Average List Price:           $ 278,414
Ratio of LP vs. SP:           96%
Days on Market:              107
Pending this week:          8
The recent economic downturn has had its affect on local retail business. Two Big Box stores - Linens & Things and Circuit City have recently closed their doors. But at the same time, Lowe's has opened a new location directly behind Costco, and Kitsap Credit … (3 comments)

real estate: "You've Just Sponsored a Community! - Now What?" - 08/08/08 04:16 AM
Okay, so if you're like many of your fellow ActiveRain members, you've recently been caught up in the Localism Land Rush, and have successfully acquired sponsorship of one or more communities within your market area.
After all the celebrative fireworks and fanfare, perhaps you're left scratching your head and asking yourself, ....Now what?
As a licensed real estate professional here on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in scenic Washington State, I was fortunate enough to have secured the town of Silverdale WA, an unincorporated community situated along the shores of Dyes Inlet, home to the Kitsap Mall and nearby Bangor Submarine Base.

real estate: "Real Estate and the 2nd Coming" - 01/08/08 06:04 PM
Okay, let me start off by saying that I mean no disrespect here. I am just as anxious for the 2nd Coming to happen as the next card-carrying evangelical fundamentalist (Come quickly, Lord Jesus!). But it seems that lately, we've had just as many people attempting to forecast the future of real estate as we do those who've attempted to predict the date and time for the return of the Son of Man.
"But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven,nor the Son, but the Father only."
 ~  Matthew 24:36  ~ 
In both instances, it's simply a best guess. No … (23 comments)

real estate: "Razor-Clams and Real Estate" - Life on the Kitsap Peninsula WA - 10/17/07 06:20 AM
The first Razor-Clam dig of the 2007 Fall Season has just been announced by the Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. To read all of the details, go HERE.
I truly enjoy all that living in the scenic Pacific Northwest has to offer. Digging for Razor-Clams is one of them.
Did you know that there are many similarities between digging for Razor Clams and Real Estate?
Have I piqued your interest? If so, then DIG a little further! (opens up into a separate window for ease of viewing)
another fun, quality article from Sparky of SOUNDBITEBLOG

real estate: "Real Estate is for the Crabs!" - 01/29/07 07:23 PM
What does Real Estate and Crabbing have in common? Is it that both are tough to crack?
There are many benefits to living here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Anyone who knows me will tell you that one of my favorite pastimes is going out crabbing on Hood Canal during the summer.
Lately, my career in real estate has been particularly challenging. It seems like every one of my transactions is going sideways.
So why is this like catching crabs? Just visit SoundBiteBlog to find out! (opens up in seperate window)
Rich Jacobson, Your Professional Real Estate Agent and Crab Catcher on the Kitsap Peninsula

real estate: Kitsap County WA Market Conditions - 11/17/06 10:09 AM
Real Estate Market Conditions for Kitsap County WA  The following is a quick snapshot of the combined single-family home and condo market within Kitsap County, Washington, provided by Rich Jacobson of Windermere Real Estate, in Silverdale, WA.
Properties currently active on the market: 1542  Properties closed in the last 180 days: 1420 Average Sales Price: $301,682Average List Price: $305,561 Ratio of List Price to Sales Price: 99% Average Days on Market: 61 days Sales Pending this Week: 53 
For more helpful information and resources concerning real estate and living in Kitsap County, Washington, access my comprehensive website,
Rich Jacobson, Your Kitsap County Real Estate Agent
P.S. The … (10 comments)

real estate: Best Ballpark Venues: A Day Game at Wrigley - 09/27/06 07:43 PM
I’ll be the first one to admit that I am not the World’s Most Avid Baseball Fan. My son, Luke, would vie for that award, or maybe Brian Brady.
However, I do enjoy going to the game, sitting in the stands, downing a dog (or two!), and sippin’ on a tall, ice cold fresh lemonade. 
Of all the ballparks I have been to, by far my most favorite is Wrigley Field in Chicago, home of the Cubbies! (I know, I heard somewhere that there was another team in Chicago, and that they won some kind of special game or something? But their … (8 comments)

real estate: Investing in Real Estate - 09/18/06 06:03 AM
Real estate investments have soared over the past several years. According to the National Association of Realtors, about one in three homes purchased last year was for investment purposes. If youre looking to feather your retirement nest, rental real estate not only should appreciate in value, it also provides an additional source of monthly income. If your 401(k) or other retirement plans are held in stocks and bonds, rental real estate is also a good way to diversify your investment portfolio.If youre thinking about taking the jump and investing in rental real estate, here are a few things to consider.Figuring out … (3 comments)

real estate: Opening Night and Home Inspections - 09/16/06 10:11 AM
Last night, before a sell-out audience, we performed the opening night of our community theatre production of "Footloose." My 15-year old son, Elliot, and I are in the cast together. It's been a total blast so far and I'm looking forward to our 4-week run.
Afterwards, we went out to Applebees to celebrate. The "older" cast members quietly sequestered to our own section. Conversations ensued, and of course, the topic eventually ended up at real estate (my kids constantly give me a hard time for always "talking shop" and weaving real estate into nearly every discussion - what can I say? I love what I do!)
So, anyway, our wardrobe … (2 comments)

real estate: "Why I love being a real estate professional!" - 08/30/06 05:14 AM
I got a "Thank You" note card in the mail yesterday from one of my clients, a young Navy family, first-time home buyers. The card read as follows:
"Rich, We just wanted to say thank you. For everything you did, and not letting us give up. We really love this house and area. Thanks for not just being a realtor, but being a friend. Thank you so much!"  Keith, June, and Corey
This is the reason why I love being a realtor!

real estate: "You get what you pay for!" - 08/30/06 05:12 AM
I was watching a special news report on one of our local stations the other night, one of those supposedly "consumer-beware" investigative journalism pieces, designed to create splash, controversy, and drive up ratings.
Their topic was "Real Estate Commissions."
While the reporter who wrote the story claimed that it offered a very fair and balanced viewpoint (she told me that her sister was a real estate agent), the majority of the information that she shared was extremely biased towards what is known as "Limited-Service" agencies. She portrayed traditional "full-service" agents in a very negative light, and made the basic premise that anyone paying full commission for selling their house was an … (36 comments)

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