soundbiteblog: "Blogging for Food" - Another Wordless Wednesday on the Kitsap Peninsula WA - 12/09/09 10:40 AM

I posted an article on SOUNDBITEBLOG yesterday about getting 2 invitations to a private sneak peek taste of Fujiyama Japanese Steak House & Bar, a new restaurant here in Silverdale WA. Who says blogging doesn't work?
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Rich Jacobson is a licensed real estate professional providing knowledgeable empowerment and relentless representation for his clients of residential properties and vacant land throughout all of Kitsap County WA and portions of Pierce, Mason, and Jefferson Counties. You can also find him at, SOUNDBITEBLOG, Crabbing in the Hood, Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail:  … (11 comments)

soundbiteblog: "The 3 Powerful "P's" of Conversational Blogging" - Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 02/25/09 09:37 AM
Okay, so you're sitting there, late at night, staring at your computer screen with that blank, zombie-like expression, wondering "What in the World am I going to write about?
Well, don't get discouraged, Sports Fans. We've all made that incredibly scary first jump into the great expanse known as the Blogosphere. You're probably feeling pretty vulnerable about now, aren't ya? I mean, you're putting yourself out there, for all to see! What if they don't like me? What if I don't get any comments? Will they laugh at me? Will someone flag my post for Stupidity? (thank goodness that isn't a category for flagging!)

soundbiteblog: Kitsap County WA Real Estate Market Report for December 2007 - 12/07/07 04:51 AM
Real Estate Market Report/Conditions in Kitsap County WA for 12/06/2007
The following is a brief analysis of the combined single-family home and condo market within Kitsap County, Washington for December 2007, provided by Rich Jacobson of Windermere Real Estate, in Silverdale, WA (Data for Bainbridge Island WA is included below)
Properties currently active on the market: 1989 Properties closed in the last 180 days: 1561 Average Sales Price: $335,174 Average List Price: $342,303 Ratio of List Price to Sales Price: 98% Average Days on Market: 88 Sales Pending this Week: 35 Current Market Conditions: Area 141 (South Kitsap West of Hwy. 16) still has the highest ratio … (7 comments)

soundbiteblog: "Congrats, TR & Arwen!" - 1st Time Home Buyers on the Kitsap Peninsula WA - 11/05/07 10:20 AM
There was great cause for celebration here last week on the Kitsap County Peninsula in scenic Washington State!
1st Time Home Buyers, TR & Arwen, closed on their home in Port Orchard!
This was one of the most fun and rewarding transactions I've had the privilege of being involved in for quite some time!
TR & Arwen came over from Hawaii, under orders courtesy of the U.S. Navy. TR just recently made Chief Petty Officer, so it's been a very eventful month for both of them!
To read more about the home-buying adventures of TR & Arwen, go to SOUNDBITEBLOG.

soundbiteblog: "When the Going gets Tough, Sellers get Going!" - Today's Sellers in Kitsap County WA - 11/01/07 05:40 AM
These are very challenging times for Home Sellers, not only here on the Kitsap Peninsula in scenic Washington State, but in housing markets throughout the country. Inventory levels of available homes are at an all-time high. Many homes have been languishing on the market for what seems like an eternity, with little or no activity. Mortgage loan underwriters have tightened their requirements, making it much more difficult for hopeful buyers to qualify. And with all the global uncertainties, from the war in Iraq, to the price of crude oil, consumer confidence is faltering, keeping many potential buyers sitting on the fence.
Tough times demand that tough questions be asked, and tough actions be taken. … (3 comments)

soundbiteblog: "Late Crabbing Season Re-Opens!" - Life on the Kitsap Peninsula - 10/29/07 04:34 AM
The Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife recently announced that 5 areas of the Puget Sound will reopen to recreational crab fishing.
This is welcome news to those of us here in Kitsap County who drop our crab pots out on Hood Canal. This past couple of Summer seasons have been rather disappointing, to say the least. So this reopening affords us a few more opportunities to feed our freezers!
Starting at sunrise November 1st, Marine Area 6 (eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca), Area 9 (Admiralty Inlet), Area 10 (Seattle/Bremerton), Area 11 (Tacoma/Vashon), and Area 12 (Hood Canal) will all reopen for sport crabbing.
Unlike … (6 comments)

soundbiteblog: "Razor Clammin' on Copalis Beach WA" - Life in scenic Washington State - 10/29/07 04:17 AM
This past Saturday, my oldest son, Ben, and I drove out to the Washington Coast for the first official Razor Clam dig of the 2007 Fall Season. It takes us about 2 1/2 hours to drive out on Hwy. 3 through Shelton, past Aberdeen & Hoquiam, and then on up to Copalis Beach. Four area beaches were opened to harvesting, including Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks. I prefer Copalis because you can drive your vehicle right onto the beach, park it, and walk a short distance down to the surf.
To learn more about Razor Clamming on the Washington State coast, … (2 comments)

soundbiteblog: Roxanne, Glamour Shots, and Casper the Ghost - Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 10/11/07 07:04 PM
In the movie, "Roxanne," Steve Martin plays the part of a small town fire chief who writes a bunch of mushy love letters for one of his fellow firefighters. The recipient of the letters, played by Daryl Hannah, is captivated by the words, but when she finally meets the fireman face-to-face, she quickly realizes the two don't match.
I remember when I first started my career in real estate back in Lawrence, Kansas. I was with a Realty Executives franchise (Realty Executives/Hedges Real Estate) that was owned by a good friend, Bryan Hedges.
Back then, real estate was all about the Agent. People would spend … (73 comments)

soundbiteblog: Central Kitsap Junior High Football on the Kitsap Peninsula WA - 10/11/07 06:56 AM
 Central Kitsap Jr. High JV Football Team demolishes a stunned Ridgetop Jr. High
Today was Game 3 of the season for the CKJH Cubs JV Football squad. Our opponent, Ridgetop Jr. High, has historically 'spanked' us quite handily over the past 5 or so years. So going into today's game, our boys were viewing this game as perhaps the most challenging of the season.
Present to view the rival showdown was none other than my two "Better-Halves" - my lovely wife, Janice, and my fellow SoundBiteBlog partner and ActiveRainer, Mark Flanders.
Ridgetop tried to set the tone early by attempting a short t-less kick-off. Their strategy paid-off … (4 comments)

soundbiteblog: "Monsters in the Blogosphere!" - Blog Tips for Rain Drips - 10/03/07 08:08 AM
A while back, I wrote a fun, somewhat comical, somewhat serious, piece entitled, "Armchair Quarterbacks in the Blogosphere." It was written in response to an encounter I had with someone who had commented rather maliciously to an article I published on my 'other' blog, SOUNDBITEBLOG.
If done well, conversational blogging should foster good, impassioned debate, and the healthy exchange of ideas/opinions.
Unfortunately, all too many times, people use blogs as a battleground in which to assert their egos and to showcase their obviously superior intelligence. Or, if nothing else, to dazzle us with an expanded vocabulary.
The greater blogosphere has become a breeding ground for verbal … (23 comments)

soundbiteblog: Stunning Hood Canal/Cascade Mtn. View Home - 09/29/07 07:35 AM

soundbiteblog: "Is a Contingent Offer in the Hand worth Two in the Bush?" - 09/28/07 12:07 PM
A while back, I wrote an article entitled, "Putting the Cart before the Horse: Making a Contingent Offer." It was written specifically to advise Buyers on the pro's & cons of writing a contingent offer. This time, I thought I would offer up some helpful counsel for Sellers on how to respond to contingent offers.
According to Webster's Online Dictionary, the word 'contingent' has several meanings. Can you guess which one is most applicable to real estate?
1 : likely but not certain to happen : POSSIBLE2 : not logically necessary; especially : EMPIRICAL3 a : happening by chance or unforeseen causes b : subject … (8 comments)

soundbiteblog: C-STOCK's "Damn Yankees!" - a DAMN good show in Kitsap County WA - 09/19/07 09:09 AM
This past weekend saw the opening 'Homerun" performances of C-STOCK's (Central Stage Theatre of County Kitsap) musical comedy, "Damn Yankees!" here on the Kitsap Peninsula, in Silverdale, WA.
My two sons, Luke and Elliot, and I audtioned back last July and all three of us made the cast! It's been a huge time commitment and tons of work, but we've had a blast hanging out together!
Yesterday, our local newspaper, The Kitsap Sun, published a review by their entertainment critic, Michael Moore (there's no relation to the film maker, but he's just as obnoxious). You can read his review here.
In light of Mr. Moore's wonderfully insightful remarks, … (6 comments)

soundbiteblog: Kitsap County WA Market Report for September 2007 - 09/10/07 07:17 AM
Real Estate Market Report/Conditions in Kitsap County WA for 09/02/2007
The following is a quick analysis of the combined single-family home and condo market within Kitsap County, Washington for September 2007, provided by Rich Jacobson of Windermere Real Estate, in Silverdale, WA (excludes Bainbridge Island).
Properties currently active on the market: 2158Properties closed in the last 180 days: 1749Average Sales Price: $312,461Average List Price: $342,534Ratio of List Price to Sales Price: 96%Average Days on Market: 87Sales Pending this Week: 45Current Market Conditions: The highest ratio of List Price vs. Sale Price was 101% for Area 141 (South Kitsap West of Hwy. 16).  The lowest ratio was … (5 comments)

soundbiteblog: Stunning 2005-Built Craftsman View Home - 09/10/07 07:02 AM

soundbiteblog: State of the Crab Address - 09/06/07 06:10 AM
With all of the Presidential hopefuls filling the airwaves with endless political pontifications, I thought I would share some much more valued and pressing information regarding the recent crab fishing season here in the Puget Sound of Western Washington.
So, without any further adieu or gilding of the lily, I give you The State of the Crab Address!
(another fun, yet informative local article courtesy of Sparky from SOUNDBITEBLOG)

soundbiteblog: Leaving My Wife for a Crab - Life on the Kitsap Peninsula WA - 09/02/07 06:20 AM
Yes, it's true. I can't deny it. I love crabs. And not just any ole' crabs, mind you. But Dungeness Crabs. The delicious 'mouth-watering' variety that is plentiful here in the scenic Pacific Northwest.
When the crabbing season rolls around here on the Puget Sound WA, you can typically find me out cruising the deep, clear waters of Hood Canal in my trusty C-Dory, in search of the illusive 'Dungie.'
But the question I have to ask myself is this, "Would I ever leave my wife for a Crab?"
To find out the answer to this puzzling question, go to Crabbing in … (38 comments)

soundbiteblog: Remodeled 'Turn-of-the-Century' Charmer in Tranquil Country Setting - 09/01/07 04:21 AM

soundbiteblog: "How do You respond to a Low Offer?" Advice for Sellers on the Kitsap Peninsula WA - 08/23/07 03:20 PM
Okay, so it sounds like a loaded question, right? As a Seller, how do you respond to a low offer?
Why, with an outburst of laughter, of course, how else?
Well, think again. In today's slowing market, as it is here on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State, with more and more houses listed for sale, competing for the same diminishing pool of Buyers, now is a good time for Sellers to re-think their strategy for responding to low offers.
To read more about these practical strategies, click through to SOUNDBITEBLOG (opens up into a separate window for ease of viewing)
Another fun, yet helpful article by Sparky

soundbiteblog: Condo-Mints in Kitsap County WA? - 08/17/07 04:42 PM
A recent article in our local newspaper, the Kitsap Sun, written by Josh Farley, highlighted the apparent surge of growth in the condo market here on the Kitsap Peninsula WA. In the article, Mr. Farley reports that median condo prices in Kitsap County have soared dramatically from $186,450 a year ago up to $320,075, a 72% increase (according to numbers from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service).
To what do we attribute such explosive escalation of local condo prices? Will these prices continue to be sustained?
Inquiring minds want to know!!! If you want the answers to these and other 'provocative' questions, simply click through to SOUNDBITEBLOG (opens up … (6 comments)

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