washington: The 500 Point Question! - 07/03/08 04:08 AM
As many of you know, I am a crabbing enthusiast. One of my favorite pastimes in the Summer months is to take my beloved boat, a 16ft. C-Dory, out onto Hood Canal, and drop off my crab pots.
We motor over to Pleasant Harbor, just south of Brinnon, where we snag a slice of pizza, and sit out on the deck, soaking up some rays, killing a couple hours til our pots are full with the delictable Dungeness bounty!
For the first 5 people who can tell me what the current 'Per Day' catch limits are in the State of Washington, … (42 comments)

washington: "Late Crabbing Season Re-Opens!" - Life on the Kitsap Peninsula - 10/29/07 04:34 AM
The Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife recently announced that 5 areas of the Puget Sound will reopen to recreational crab fishing.
This is welcome news to those of us here in Kitsap County who drop our crab pots out on Hood Canal. This past couple of Summer seasons have been rather disappointing, to say the least. So this reopening affords us a few more opportunities to feed our freezers!
Starting at sunrise November 1st, Marine Area 6 (eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca), Area 9 (Admiralty Inlet), Area 10 (Seattle/Bremerton), Area 11 (Tacoma/Vashon), and Area 12 (Hood Canal) will all reopen for sport crabbing.
Unlike … (6 comments)

washington: "Razor Clammin' on Copalis Beach WA" - Life in scenic Washington State - 10/29/07 04:17 AM
This past Saturday, my oldest son, Ben, and I drove out to the Washington Coast for the first official Razor Clam dig of the 2007 Fall Season. It takes us about 2 1/2 hours to drive out on Hwy. 3 through Shelton, past Aberdeen & Hoquiam, and then on up to Copalis Beach. Four area beaches were opened to harvesting, including Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks. I prefer Copalis because you can drive your vehicle right onto the beach, park it, and walk a short distance down to the surf.
To learn more about Razor Clamming on the Washington State coast, … (2 comments)

washington: "Hood Canal Sunset" Life on the Kitsap Peninsula - 10/13/07 05:55 PM
The recent post by the Bloggin' Bolen Brothers inspired me to share this recent shot of Hood Canal, one of the many popular waterways of the Puget Sound, here amidst the breathtaking scenery known as Washington State.
You really owe it to yourself to read Gary Bolen's article. it's one of the better posts I've come across lately. I can especially empathize with one of his statements:
"Sometimes the wind rushing through your hair helps one forget that it's gray."
(To enjoy the full article, go HERE)
The pictures that Gary shared within his article brought back many of my own personal memories of Lake Tahoe.
Growing up in … (9 comments)

washington: Kitsap County WA Market Report for September 2007 - 09/10/07 07:17 AM
Real Estate Market Report/Conditions in Kitsap County WA for 09/02/2007
The following is a quick analysis of the combined single-family home and condo market within Kitsap County, Washington for September 2007, provided by Rich Jacobson of Windermere Real Estate, in Silverdale, WA (excludes Bainbridge Island).
Properties currently active on the market: 2158Properties closed in the last 180 days: 1749Average Sales Price: $312,461Average List Price: $342,534Ratio of List Price to Sales Price: 96%Average Days on Market: 87Sales Pending this Week: 45Current Market Conditions: The highest ratio of List Price vs. Sale Price was 101% for Area 141 (South Kitsap West of Hwy. 16).  The lowest ratio was … (5 comments)

washington: State of the Crab Address - 09/06/07 06:10 AM
With all of the Presidential hopefuls filling the airwaves with endless political pontifications, I thought I would share some much more valued and pressing information regarding the recent crab fishing season here in the Puget Sound of Western Washington.
So, without any further adieu or gilding of the lily, I give you The State of the Crab Address!
(another fun, yet informative local article courtesy of Sparky from SOUNDBITEBLOG)

washington: Leaving My Wife for a Crab - Life on the Kitsap Peninsula WA - 09/02/07 06:20 AM
Yes, it's true. I can't deny it. I love crabs. And not just any ole' crabs, mind you. But Dungeness Crabs. The delicious 'mouth-watering' variety that is plentiful here in the scenic Pacific Northwest.
When the crabbing season rolls around here on the Puget Sound WA, you can typically find me out cruising the deep, clear waters of Hood Canal in my trusty C-Dory, in search of the illusive 'Dungie.'
But the question I have to ask myself is this, "Would I ever leave my wife for a Crab?"
To find out the answer to this puzzling question, go to Crabbing in … (38 comments)

washington: Remodeled 'Turn-of-the-Century' Charmer in Tranquil Country Setting - 09/01/07 04:21 AM

washington: Beautiful 'Like-New' Craftsman-Style Home in rural Port Orchard WA - 08/09/07 06:47 AM

washington: The Secret of Offering Less - 07/24/07 10:43 AM
I don't know about you, but in our area, the housing market has been cooling off. Inventories are up, prices are coming down. Basic Supply and Demand 101, right?
Well, as is typical in such market conditions, we find that Buyers tend to drag their feet. They become increasingly more bold and brazen. Since price reductions are more commonplace, many Sellers are desperate to sell. Buyers naturally are only too happy to accomodate them with an equally desperate offer.
As a Buyer, how can you increase the chances of having greater success in submitting a lower offer? What is the Secret to Offering Less?
To find out the answer, … (10 comments)

washington: "Countdown to Crabbing!" - 06/25/07 06:21 AM
Well, as hard as it may be to believe, even real estate professionals need an occasional day off, for time to relax and re-energize.
As much as I truly enjoy my chosen vocation as a licensed real estate agent with Windermere Real Estate, in Silverdale, here on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in scenic Washington State, there are times when I need a reprieve from the stress, a moment to escape, to find solace amidst the majestic splendor of the Pacific Northwest.
And by far, one of my favorites ways to accomplish this is by taking my boat out crabbing on Hood Canal.
Perhaps it's the calming affect of being on … (4 comments)

washington: Kitsap County Regional Library Loses Levy - 05/21/07 05:49 PM
Local voters here in Kitsap County drove their collective 'Chevy to the Levy' this past Tuesday, but the levy turned up dry as the initiative to increase the tax rate failed by more than 5,000 votes (55 percent of those casting ballots voted no).
Kitsap Regional Library officials and supporters watched in shock and disbelief as the election results were revealed Tuesday evening. Director Jill Jean suggested that the failed measure was a public backlash towards other recent tax increases and the rising cost of gasoline.
But some have suggested otherwise....
To read the rest of the article in its entirety, go to SOUNDBITEBLOG.
(opens up into … (2 comments)

washington: Kitsap County WA Market Report for March 2007 - 03/13/07 07:46 AM
Kitsap County WA Market Conditions: March 2007
Real Estate Market Conditions for Kitsap County WA for 03/01/2007
The following is a quick snapshot of the combined single-family home and condo market within Kitsap County, Washington, provided by Rich Jacobson of Windermere Real Estate, in Silverdale, WA.
Properties currently active on the market: 1393  Properties closed in the last 180 days: 1490 Average Sales Price: $299,731 Average List Price: $304,882 Ratio of List Price to Sales Price: 98% Average Days on Market: 80 days Sales Pending this Week: 74Current Market Conditions: Although the market has slowed in some respects, there continues to be very brisk activity in select … (22 comments)

washington: "Big Apple Diner" - Local Business on the Kitsap Peninsula - 01/26/07 06:49 AM
Take one step inside, and you're transported back to a simpler place in time!
The Big Apple Diner near Kitsap Lake in Bremerton WA is a fun 50's style diner, complete with checkered floors, padded booths, soda fountain, and a Jukebox!
Whether its Big Burgers, fries, and a thick shake, or their popular Breakfast menu, the eating is good! 
For more information of this great local restaurant, go to SoundBiteBlog
Rich Jacobson, Your Professional Real Estate Agent on the Kitsap Peninsula

washington: "Can an Old Dog learn New Tricks?" or "Is Time really OF the Essence?" - 01/23/07 01:22 AM
Okay, so I guess I should qualify myself here first. I suppose many would consider me to be an old dog. I'm not exactly sure when it happened. It was somewhere in between finding it increasingly more difficult to tie my shoes, and, receiving mail solicitations from AARP. Or maybe it was when my youngest son asked me if we had TV when I was a boy?
Either way, I am the first to admit that I'm no Spring Chicken, or, at least, a Chicken with no Spring (You get the picture). Although, I am taking Ballroom Dancing lessons with my … (10 comments)

washington: "Picket Fence Dream Come True!" on Mountain View - 01/17/07 06:10 PM
Drive to the end of the quiet country road, and you'll find this home situated on a serene, pastoral 1.63 acre lot. This charming remodeled vintage farmhouse starts with a long white picket fence, ending at a gate that opens to a cobblestone path, and leading up to the steps of a wondeful place to call home!
Inside it's equally tranquil and inviting....
Gather around the Kitchen to catch up on the days events....
Or catch up on some relaxing reading as the natural light soothes your soul....
Your White Picket Fence Dream, priced at $ 319,500
For more details on this home, go here
Rich Jacobson, Your Professional Real Estate Agent in Silverdale WA
Visit SoundBiteBlog, … (10 comments)

washington: The Gorman Condos on Kitsap Lake - 01/17/07 05:26 PM
Affordability and Value await you at the Gorman Condos situated along Kitsap Lake near Bremerton WA.
Recently converted to condominiums, each unit has been completely remodeled and tastefully appointed.
This was no rushed cosmetic facelift, but an extensive renovation with careful attention to detail.
The Gorman Condos have many features and materials you would normally find at more expensively priced units:
Granite counters, custom cabintery, wainscoating, tile surrounds, updated color schemes, and much more....
You're only minutes away from downtown Bremerton where revitalization is in full swing! Dine at the new Anthony's location on the waterfront. Treat yourself to an indulgent dessert at Cold Stone. Walk amidst the waterfront sculptures … (4 comments)

washington: "Help! We Don't Like Our Agent!" - 01/17/07 04:37 AM
Okay, so let's breach a topic that most people, especially real estate agents, would rather just ignore.  Let's say that you're a Buyer. You and your wife have been working with Agent Smith for a couple weeks now, and things just aren't clicking. He's an okay guy, but he's got the personality of a bent trash can. He's not very attentive and he seems to miss some of the most basic details.
What do you do? What CAN you do?
To find out your options, read more at SoundBiteBlog (this will open in a new window).
Rich Jacobson, Your Professional Real Estate Agent in the West Sound WA

washington: "Discount Tire Company" - Local Business on the Kitsap Peninsula - 01/11/07 07:26 PM
Is there EVER a good time for a flat tire? It's happened to all of us at some time or another. And it always seems to happen at the most inopportune time and place, right? You're cruisin' around out in the middle of absolute NOWHERE and "POP!" your tire blows! (This is when you discover that your spare is also flat or is missing altogether)
After walking several miles in the blazing Sahara, you find the closest local gas station, "Jimmy Joe Bob's Friendly Gas & Repair." Jimmy turns out to be a 300 pound WWF reject who is anything BUT … (12 comments)

washington: "Here's the Beef on Little Beef!" - 01/09/07 05:27 PM
Expansive Hood Canal & Olympic Mountain View Cedar Home, situated on nicely landscaped 1.30AC.
Welcome to 11591 Seabeck Hwy. in picturesque Seabeck Washington, alongside Little Beef Creek & Harbor.
With over 3850+sq.ft., the vaulted ceiling-to-floor windows capture every angle of Northwest scenery.
Generous Hardwood floors and cedar woodwork throughout. Spacious Master Suite w/ French Doors that open to the wrap-a-round Deck.
Large Island Kitchen w/Custom Counters/Cabinets.
Huge Lower Level w/Rec Room, and complete Mother-in-Law Unit w/ full kitchen and adjoining bedroom. 
Oversized Detached 2-Car Garage w/ shop area and Upper Level Office.
Add to all of this your own private waterfront on Little Beef Harbor. Row your … (8 comments)

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