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I've spent a lot of time in the past twenty years marketing.  I've golfed.  Had dinner meetings.  I've hosted luncheons.  I've put together speaker venues.  I realize that I am a farmer.  While on my charter boat, I ran nearly 1,000 charters with a ton of customers.  On the boat, I saw a lot of i...
Yes, I was thinking of this after a crappy weekend...there is no "woe is me" in me.  In the past two weeks, the brakes on my truck went ($1,800), the brakes on my wife's car went and is still in the shop, and the engine on my boat went.  All three had to get replaced in a great windfall to the me...
This should be something that we think about.  It's Friday and I'm in my office thinking about life.  Do I "live to work"?  Like most of us, I HAVE to work in order to make money, provide for my family, etc. If I were independently wealthy, I wouldn't be blogging right now.  Well, maybe not about...
I believe everything now.  I mean, the final balance on the savings account listed $79,454.  I think that needing $16,900 to close...that they had plenty of reserves.  Sure, they did have plenty of reserves, but "could you please explain the $340.00 deposit on 2-6-13?"  Really?  You need that dep...
Yes, it's great when your hard work really pays off.  We just cleared our third purchase this week...all of them were set to close with one week to spare!  I just love sharing news like that! So, if you're having issues with your current lenders, give us a try here at Benchmark Mortgage in Plymo...
I truly love this time of year.  For years now, spring has meant getting my boat out from under wraps and loaded again with all of my safety gear and FISHING GEAR FOR THE BLACK ROSE!!!  It's exciting.  People are chomping at the bit to put fish in their freezer.  I'll never forget a phone call fr...


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