appraisal: Would you like to be an appraiser? - 11/01/12 01:37 AM
I am not sure if this means better days are ahead for appraisers.  A recent article on the website entitled "AMCs: Prepare for Appraisal System to Change, Fees to Rise" ( ) highlighted the changes coming to the appraisal industry.
I was asked the other day by someone working at a home I was appraising, "How can I get into the appraisal business?" I told her, you'd make more money WITHOUT an appraiser's license since you won't be bound to the same liability I am! Get a sales license with a broker, and work in other areas of the industry (sales, management, … (2 comments)

appraisal: Florida Realtors Appraisal Council Update - 04/10/12 12:02 AM
I received this email today with some very interesting topics!  Particularly, the need for reviews of appraisals made in Florida, to be performed by Florida licensed/certified appraisers.  
That is VERY good news for our industry here!   What are your opinions?  Should those reviewing appraisals made in Florida be certified or licensed in Florida?  Or does it matter?
Good morning Appraisers!
The Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board held their regular meeting in Orlando April 2 and 3, 2012. This was the first meeting for newly appointed Certified Residential member Matthew Simmons. Matt is a REALTOR® and the Residential … (6 comments)

appraisal: I LOVE Siri - my new personal assistant!! - 12/05/11 02:00 AM
I recently upgraded my iPhone to the 4S and love it. I also discovered the voice recognition software in the device, for things like sending text messages, asking for searches, etc. "Siri" is the personal assistant with the new OS - and she does a great job with web searches and even some fun banter with conversations!I read an article which talked about blogging using this new system. You simply create a new email, dictate the sections, and send. I thought - why not use this for my text addendum? This morning, I dictated my 1st 2 page addendum. I took each … (5 comments)

appraisal: Mortgage Fraud The Easy Way - 11/23/11 12:19 AM
I love Rachel Dollar and the Mortgage Fraud Blog!  It is amazing to see the lengths people will go to steal and defraud!
This latest article drives home the point I often hear in appraisal forums and continuing education classes that, "mortgage fraud would be impossible without a complicit, corrupt appraiser".   And this is true. Note the story in this weeks "Perp Walk" newsletter:   He admittedly purchased, along with others, a residential property but failed to disclose to the mortgage lender that US Appraisal had handled the appraisal.   Mortgage Fraud Blog - Appraiser Admits Role in Mortgage Fraud … (3 comments)

appraisal: See any of your clients on this list? - 09/09/11 03:58 AM
A recent article indicating that FHFA is taking action against some lending institutions, should get you thinking.  Are any of these lenders listed in the article below YOUR clients (present or past)?   And if some examinations of the appraisals done in the portfolios should make their way to any you have done, do you have a well documented workfile to withstand an investigation?
  Questions that should make us revisit our workfile policies, storage of files, and appraisal practices.   FHFA Sues 17 Banks to Recoup Mortgage Losses
The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced Sept. 2 that it filed suit … (5 comments)

appraisal: Photographing an ENTIRE subdivision - 03/04/11 05:01 AM
I recently started a new practice for doing field reviews.  When I am in the neighborhood, I may not yet have discovered better comps to use and I don’t want to have to drive back by the homes for new photos.   So here is a solution:
You could individually photograph the entire neighborhood as you drive, but then you have to remember where you were, which house was which, etc!

OR – you could use the video setting on your camera, and just video the entire drive!   I recently took video of a whole neighborhood, commenting along the way … (15 comments)

appraisal: Client files bankruptcy - and I get PILES of mail! - 12/13/10 07:10 AM
A couple of years ago, a prominent lender here in Florida filed bankruptcy and owed me for ONE appraisal fee.   Needless to say, I did not collect that fee, and basically just chalked it up to a loss.  I was certain the homeowner for whom I had performed the appraisal, was far more inconvenienced than my $350 – so I did not pursue them either for payment.  I just filed it under bad client debt. Yet here I am two years later, getting letter after letter in the mail for every move this bankruptcy case makes!  Today, I got a full … (4 comments)

appraisal: Do Appraisers Help With Mortgage Fraud? - 11/11/10 06:20 AM
Today's Florida Realtor News highlighted a story about a couple of mortgage brokers who were charged with fraud.
On paragrpah stated "Although 16 named individuals took part in varying roles in the complex network - and all are charged in the indictment with conspiracy to defraud - the premise actually was simple, the government filing shows"
So you know, appraisers had to be part of this in order for these loans to have gone through.   I recently finished a forensic review of an appraisal, where the stated value was $118,000 above the sale price.  The home was not listed in … (0 comments)

appraisal: Appraisals coming in Low? This could be why - 05/13/10 03:22 AM
I read a really interesting article today from
You can read the whole article at - but here are the highlights:
The single biggest liability threat to both residential and commercial appraisers is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  The FDIC held a conference last week in Chicago for law firms interested in representing the FDIC.  What came out of that conference made me very anxious for appraisers, but it's much more than just a threat to individual appraisers.  What the FDIC is doing hampers the ability of the appraisal profession to deliver accurate valuations going forward.  The … (8 comments)

appraisal: What you don't know about your neighbor's home COULD hurt you - 10/31/08 05:22 AM
I recently completed an inspection for an appraisal of a home in my county.  The home was a typical block ranch with needed updates to the flooring, painting, etc.  But the home itself was pretty typical of the area.
The neighbor's home had a fence around it and all seemed just fine to me at the inspection.  All the homes had similar appeal to the area, etc.
Then I pulled the satellite maps from the county assessor's office:

So do you think this would have any impact on the value of YOUR home if you lived next door?  The … (1 comments)

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