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Real Estate Appraiser - is Richard Ferris. I am a Florida state certified real estate appraiser serving clients in Lake county, Orange county, Osceola county, Polk county, Seminole county, and parts of Volusia county. My blog concerns local market activities, general thoughts on my real estate world, and technology tips to be more productive as a paperless office.
A recent article indicating that FHFA is taking action against some lending institutions, should get you thinking.  Are any of these lenders listed in the article below YOUR clients (present or past)?   And if some examinations of the appraisals done in the portfolios should make their way to any...
Great discussion on this blog about the differences (and expectations) between BPOs and Appraisals. Someone questioned on this article "who regulates appraisers?" I DO, as do other appraisers and our state licensing board.  When have you ever heard of a Broker or agent losing their license over a...
I read an interesting blog article today ( which talked about the impact of the Dodd-Frank act.   One paragraph which stood out to me was : There is an implied pressure on any provider (in any industry) whenever that field is dominated by so few players. Witness the LSI's an...
EXCELLENT article on the need for personal branding!   I have multiple brands for multiple businesses.  The $7-8 per year for each domain is WELL worth it!   Even if you have your own site with your MLS - why give someone such a long URL to reach you? is to...
A recent report from the Florida Realtors site today, reported Orlando as one of the top 11 ‘combacks’ for 2011!!   I also heard the ads on the radio, sponsored by the Orlando Realtor’s association – about how NOW is a great time to buy I would have to agree with them too!  Judging from the recen...
If you have ever wondered if big corporations are playing fair… SO have to watch this clip from CBS’ 60 Minutes.       All one can say is…..WOW.   Now, after you pick your jaw off the floor – GET EMPOWERED!   If you are facing forec...
  This is a great bit of advice for appraisers these days too!  Especially in light of the newly enacted Dodd Frank "C&R" fee issues!  I have witnessed (and sadly participated in) some of the 'viral bashing' here. It is very easy to complain about the negatives.  It is much more difficult to isol...
I recently started a new practice for doing field reviews.  When I am in the neighborhood, I may not yet have discovered better comps to use and I don’t want to have to drive back by the homes for new photos.   So here is a solution: You could individually photograph the entire neighborhood as yo...
I just finished reviewing a condominium appraisal in Davenport, Florida from October of 2005.  Another appraiser who over inflated the value by $50,000!   When you have to go 6+ miles for comps, and ignore 222 closed sales within a 5 mile radius…you are REALLY working hard to hit that sales pric...
Jim Rohn is one of my favorite motivational speakers.  His quote, "I have found a way to work full time on my job, while working part time on my fortune" has always stuck with me. As real estate professionals, we can call it a "business" if we want, but if we have to show up every day to feed the...

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