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It appears that the entire industry believes that the HVCC has been passed as originally written and adopted by all major lending entities and regulators.  News is - it hasn't.  But I receive almost daily another invitation to join a new group or network or AMC to allow me to continue working as ...
It's time for lenders to step up and solve this problem.  Yesterday's headlines stated foreclosures up 121%.  Two more banks have been taken over by the FDIC.  And still lenders take the hard line on delinquent borrowers as evidenced in the increasing foreclosure rate.  No individual with outstan...
Ask any appraiser who owns the business and the largest problem faced is collecting past due payments for appraisals.  This usually supersedes finding comps, satisfying underwriters, and keeping adequate work-flow.  After 25 years in this business, I'm still fascinated that the same people who wi...
As I've participated in the process as the most recent banking disaster has unfolded over the past 18 months, it seems that the major problem is lack of common sense.  Presently, even well-qualified borrowers are having difficulties securing financing.  Nearly all appraisals are being reviewed at...
The annual Alpenfest has opened in Gaylord today with activities through Saturday.  A great deal is the Alpenfest Badge - for the cost of $3, it entitles you to free meals each day of the festival.  All are locally sponsored by businesses and organizations.  Rides and entertainment continue throu...
It seems all appraisals in today's market are reviewed in some way or another.  However, I do have some question as to the selection and use of the review appraiser.  First, as a Certified General, I take offense to someone merely licensed, located in a different market location, and having no tr...
Manufactured homes have various connotations depending on the local market.  In some areas, they are looked down upon and ridiculed while other locations may have more manufactured homes than stick-built.  The proper terminology is "manufactured" - not mobile or trailer.  When listing a manufactu...
I've read several posts about the 4th and its meaning to us.  While reading them, a conversation with a mortgage loan associateabout a month or so comes to mind.  Now the fact that she's a mortgage loan associate has nothing to do with the overall exchange - so if you are one, this is not an atta...
The worst victimI have seen thus far of a foreclosure was last fall.  I called the Realtor for access and he said he had the key in the office.  I went out and the home was immaculate.  In speaking to the Realtor upon returning the key, he told me the owners turned the key over to him.  They had ...

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