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The agonizing death of the subprime market this past July/August has seen the demise of many big and small lenders. The Bank of America bailout of the nation's largest lender, Countrywide (CFC), by virtue of a 15% equity interest acquisition has allowed this wounded giant to continue. The financi...
This legislation passed the House floor last night. Here is the link to HR 3815 It will have a dramatic effect on many aspects of our industry. Most in this industry only want to do what is best for our clients. I personally...
On another AR group that I belong to I came across an interesting Blog that I couldn't not let pass without some comment. We are all concerned with rising fuel prices and the need to explore, develop and promote renewable energy sources.I feel it is very importa...
As of midnight last night free agency for baseball began. Jorge Posada signed to a 4 year $52 million deal just ahead of the deadline...that was a close one!!! Still no word on A-Rod. Andy Pettitte has already declined the $16 million dollar option with the Yankees...wait, where did Clemens go???...
Wow...all that stress to get those delicious nuts away from that pesky cat! After an afternoon of hard work our squirrel friend retired to his secret hideaway to some much needed relaxation and stress relief. Thoughts of sneaky kitty melted away from our squirrel friend's mind as his buddy helped...
I recently relocated to Atlanta from south Florida where I had lived for several years. Interestingly enough, a few miles from my home outside Ft. Myers there was a local winery. I visited this winery on a couple of occassion and purchasing a couple of cases mostly to share with out of town visit...
This post is in response to Mike Norvell Senior's post Acorn Attack! on You've Got To Be Kidding! If you have not seen his blog you should check it out; it is too funny! I know my little dogs have had a couple of run-ins with the furry tailed rodents! Squirrels are definitely determined and bold ...
With the issues the Braves had surrounding pitching during the 2007 season it looms large that a proven starter could once again rejoin the Atlanta Braves. Glavine did file for free agency and though he has dismissed it as "procedural" it is hopefully indicative that he is seriously considering r...

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