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I have been in the rain since November 1st of this year and must say that I thoroughly enjoy it. AR is definitely a place for industry professionals to exchange ideas and information. I have learned quite a bit of industry related information by simply reading and commenting on a wide array of bl...
Christmas is almost here! This is such a lovely time of year with all the lights and merriment. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday (yes BLR Guy, I said holiday LOL! )I am getting getting geared up for the family visits and all that food. YUMMY! I was just thinking how central to the holidays...
Could it be true? A local Atlanta television station, 11 Alive News (NBC Affiliate) is reporting that sources in the Falcons camp are reporting that Bobby Petrino is resigning as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons and taking over as head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Petrino came to the Falcon...
Today Michael Vick, the former Atlanta Falcons star quarterback was sentenced to 23 months on the federal dogfighting charges. He still faces the state charges and the NFL penalties. The NFL could at their discretion ban Vick from the NFL or they could suspend him for a period of time. Here is th...

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