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As the weather begins to warm from a cool, though not really cold winter...except for those two snowstorms in one week's time Yep, this is the second snowstorm that hit Atlanta on January 19th and lasted about a day. This is my side yard and that is a magnolia tree with snow on it on the lefthan...
We had a good turnout for the Baseball Talk 101 February Contest. I enjoyed reading all of this month's entries. The variety of takes on the relationship between Baseball and the Real Estate industry was refreshing. This variety speaks directly to the different approaches people take in their pro...
Education is a key component in any modern, progressive city's quest for excellence and progress. The city of Atlanta embraces educational diversity. As such there are numerous universities and colleges of higher learning located in the metro Atlanta area. In this post I would like to highlight t...
In addition to other wonderful things to see and do in Atlanta, Atlanta's Vibrant Theater Scene, Back To Nature : Atlanta's Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta's Historic Ansley Inn Bed and Breakfast, and Back To Nature : An Urban Tale, Atlanta's Piedmont Park, Atlanta is home to the 8 million gallon Ge...
Final approval is in! I am very happy and excited to announce a "Season Long Contest" in Baseball Talk 101. With us all geared up for a great 2008 in real estate, keep in mind that baseball's kickoff is fast approaching. Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow and away we go! Now we all have our fa...
I want to preface this post by acknowledging that this idea is being co-opted from a blog I read today by Christina Williams entitled *VOTE* Cumberland County! In this post, Christina points out just how close past elections have been and the need, and patriotic duty, for all eligible US voters t...
I have been contemplating this post for several days now. It is the unintended consequence of two posts. The first post is by Adam Waldman entitled We Are INDEPENDENT Contractors! I would urge you to check out this blog and the comments. While it does not directly pertain to healthcare, it does i...
I hope everyone enjoyed Superbowl Sunday. Whether "your" team made it or not, won or was a good game with some excellent football! That said, the 2007 Football season is history and now all eyes turn towards both March Madness and baseball's upcoming Spring Training. I would encourage ev...
Before I get going on this, I must issue a disclaimer on this blog. Yes the top Baseball talk 101 blogs for the month are highly subjective! I am choosing them, in no particular order, that move me or inspire me or highlight a specific area that may generally be overlooked. That said, let's "play...

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