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Just over a month to go until registered voters in the United States elect a new president. Presidential elections are often met with mixed emotions. Elections definitely energize the general public. Big elections can get those who might normally pay no attention to politics to sit up and take no...
On one of my many adventures around the internet today, I came across many things. I was regaled with all the news of the markets. I read pundits on both sides pontificating about moving forward with the debates tomorrow at my alma mater, Ole Miss. I even wrote a post on the importance of letting...
As we near the end of September, and the end of summer, many people would like to maintain that body they fought to attain before summer arrived. It is easier for people to allow their eating habits and workout habits to fall by the wayside as we can disguise it a bit better with winter clothes. ...
Last night I went to a sneak preview of the new DreamWorks movie, Eagle Eye. The movie actually opens this weekend and if you are in the mood for a fast paced suspense thriller, this is the movie for you! This movie gives a frightening look at the pervasiveness of technology in our lives. This i...
For new homeowners it can be very frustrating when something breaks down. In most instances, a new homeowner is a former renter who is used to just calling the front office for maintenance issues. Though it may take several hours to several days for the necessary repairs to be made, the process o...
Near the end of this past August, I wrote a post entitled The Pollinators. In that post I used pictures I had taken to highlight the bees and wasps that have helped to make my garden so successful. When I was taking those pictures for that post, I took note of some of the other inhabitants of my ...
I spend quite a lot of time reading and commenting in the greater blogosphere (a.k.a. outside Active Rain). These blogs can provide perspectives that we in the real estate industry may not always hear. It would be an unwise mistake to assume that the presentation of consumers by the print and tel...
In a strong showing of confidence in the European money markets and to calm fears of liquidity issues, six European Central Banks have injected $110 billion to fund the US dollar. In the past two days the Bank of Japan has infused about 5.5 trillion yen or just over $52 billion to both lessen the...
As my garden has been producing an abundance of veggies this summer, I have begun stewing and freezing dozens of tomatoes over the past week or so for use in sauces and other recipes this winter. This is really an easy process and a way to enjoy some of that summer freshness throughout the long,...
You remember dressing up for Halloween? When I was a young child, I used to love Halloween. From the haunted hayrides to the haunted houses, Halloween was awesome. The urgings of patience from mom when I wanted a huge pumpkin in the middle of September. Then there was the costumes and the candy! ...

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