garden: What To Do With All The Extra - 06/17/09 01:42 AM


garden: Squash Blossom - 05/28/09 01:11 AM


garden: Wildflower - 05/20/09 08:37 AM


garden: Container Gardening - Strawberries! - 05/13/09 11:52 AM


garden: Early Garden Image - 05/06/09 07:16 AM


garden: Time To Plant The Garden! - 04/19/09 10:18 AM
Yesterday was a beautiful day in Knoxville with temperatures in the mid 70's. I, with the help of friends and family, took advantage of this and put numerous plants into the ground for this year's vegetable garden. While some veggies, most notably eggplant, are not quite ready for planting, many varieties of numerous other garden favorites, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. made their way into the compost rich east Tennessee soil. Either click the title below or the photo to read the complete post:
Time To Plant The Garden!

garden: New Garden, New Home - 04/08/09 07:45 AM
After a lot of thought I have decided to chronicle my garden this year on my Knoxville Local Expert blog on the Neighborhood Expert Online network. I felt that moving this series to my local blog was a better fit than AR. I intend on posting small lead-ins on AR to the full posts so those who have enjoyed my past garden posts will still be able to read them by following the link to my local blog.

I apologize in advance to those who may be put off by this move but I feel it is the best thing … (7 comments)

garden: Just The Beginning... - 04/08/09 06:43 AM


garden: The Garden Is Started - 03/14/09 10:20 AM
I am so anxious for this year's garden that when we had two exceptionally nice days this week, I had to make my move. With last weekend seeing the signs of spring approach thanks to warming temperatures, I searched for someone to till my garden. Last year, one of my neighbors used his full size tractor to plow the new garden space. This year however, the garden had to be tilled using a small tiller as I had built a permanent structure, including the chicken pen and wildflower garden after that initial plowing.
Happily I found Stephen Hicks from his Craig's … (27 comments)

garden: The Garden Goes Dormant - 11/03/08 03:02 AM
Last week we got our first really cold weather, including a couple of frosts. Luckily, I had been harvesting much of the remaining summer veggies. In fact the day of the first frost, I harvested the remaining eggplants and bell peppers. Large or small, they all were harvested as the only other option was to leave them to the succumb to the chill of fall.
I have enjoyed my garden tremendously this summer. It is not time to say goodbye just yet as the cooler weather veggies are doing quite well and enjoying their preferred climate. The cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, leaf … (17 comments)

garden: It's Peanuts - 11/01/08 12:18 PM

A few months back, I took a few raw peanuts, still in the shell and decided to add them where I had grown decorative corn earlier in the season. I had never grown peanuts and I was only investing four or five peanuts to anyway. I figured that if I had grown beans and peas, eggplants and cantaloupes successfully that I should give peanuts a try. Branching out of my comfort zone can be a good thing.
So back in mid to late August, after harvesting the last of the decorative corn, I set to my task. Compared with the … (22 comments)

garden: Visitors To The Garden! - 09/20/08 06:22 AM
Near the end of this past August, I wrote a post entitled The Pollinators. In that post I used pictures I had taken to highlight the bees and wasps that have helped to make my garden so successful. When I was taking those pictures for that post, I took note of some of the other inhabitants of my garden.
The garden is pretty well secured from larger animals like deer and raccoons, and the smaller animals like rabbits and chipmunks. Other visitors however make their way through the two foot high chicken wire that is attached to the vinyl lattice encircling … (18 comments)

garden: Freezing For The Winter Months - 09/17/08 05:02 AM

As my garden has been producing an abundance of veggies this summer, I have begun stewing and freezing dozens of tomatoes over the past week or so for use in sauces and other recipes this winter. This is really an easy process and a way to enjoy some of that summer freshness throughout the long, cold winter months. I have been concentrating on tomatoes, as they continue to be quite abundant and are a wonderful source of vitamins C, A, calcium, potassium, and enhance iron absorption; which is especially important for women and vegetarians. Heating tomatoes, whether stewing or using … (28 comments)

garden: A Garden In Transition - 09/12/08 08:51 AM
Throughout this past summer (can it really be September?) I have reconnected with the Earth through my wonderful garden. From the earliest planning stages that began shortly after getting settled in Knoxville, through the construction and planting phases, the veggie and wildflower garden has been a true labor of love. Many of you, my readers, shared in my happiness and excitement about my garden and my baby chicks.

Well my friends, as you have seen in some of my pictures, the garden has yielded an abudance of organically grown veggies. I have enjoyed the garden's bounty stir fried, deep fried, … (15 comments)

garden: A Garden Slideshow! Thanks Roxio! - 08/25/08 08:48 AM
Earlier today, I did another post on my garden. That post featured the pollinators who make the garden's bounty possible. As you can probably tell from my posts, I really love to take photos of my garden. Photos provide a visual record of the changes that have taken place. From the humble beginnings when there was barely more than dirt and hope to the beauty of tomato plants and wildflowers that tower over me!
I had been noticing Jimmy McCall's use of the slideshow features on his blog lately and thought that would be a fun thing to use for my … (18 comments)

garden: The Pollinators - 08/25/08 07:20 AM

I take great pride, along with tasty veggies and beautiful flowers, in my garden. It was not an easy creation. At first there was only a patch of grass in a perfect spot. Laying it out and constructing it was quite a bit of work, and much appreciation goes out to Danny Thornton and my family for all their help. The garden since its initial construction has been very low maintenance. The majority of my exertion comes from gathering the delicious veggies and beautiful flowers. My efforts alone could never have yielded such fantastic results. Much of the credit goes … (3 comments)

garden: Zucchini Casserole, Vegetarian and Tasty! - 08/21/08 09:11 AM
As many of you know from my posts on my garden, I am an avid gardener. I also have posted a few of the tasty dishes I have made with the bounty from my garden. Well, here is another of those yummy dishes! This very easy to make dish was made with zucchini and onions fresh from my garden! Be sure to notice that partial zucchini in the photo. That is the remaining 1/3 of one gigantic zucchini. For reference, the three zucchinis it is leaning on are whole and would, if combined, possibly provide as much as that one when … (22 comments)

garden: A Veggie Garden...With Wildflowers! - 08/06/08 01:39 PM

One of the great pleasure I have been enjoying since moving to Knoxville, Tennessee from Atlanta, Georgia is the space to have a large garden...and chickens! Being an avid gardener I find the outdoors to be a place a tranquility and connection. To me, there is little that compares to getting my hands deep into the rich Earth to grow just about anything. I enjoy watching as my plants grow and mature. And when they produce their first bounty, well that is the good stuff. Just check out that eggplant above. It was the most beautiful shades of purple and … (22 comments)

garden: A Garden's First Bounty! - 07/03/08 09:33 AM

The Garden Is In!
A Veggie Garden Update...With Chickens!
As many of you know from earlier posts, I am quite an avid gardener! Well today was the first in what will definitely be many takes from my garden. There were at least twice as many cucumbers as the ones you see in the photo above! From the varying shades of green to the alternately bright and deep yellow of the squash, the photo does present the vibrant colors of nature. This is only what was ready today as the plants are laden with veggies. From the grape tomatoes growing in … (50 comments)

garden: A Veggie Garden Update...With Chickens! - 06/19/08 03:25 AM
Back on May 22, 2008 I wrote a post called The Garden Is In! where I detailed my newly planted garden. Well today is just three days shy of one month since that post and I figured I would post an update. The landscape fabric has been a great tool in controlling grass and weed growth. Very rarely do I pull any weeds. Watering is also kept to a minimum because we luckily are not in a drought. In fact there is morning dew on the plants when I go out to check them each morning while having coffee! The plants … (32 comments)

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